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Life in Spirit World

1. Section 1: To True Parents and Unification Church Members

1. The Letter to True Parents

(Dr. Lee began with praying "True Parents! I wish that you can be consoled from my letter.")

True Parents! I would like to give my best regard to You. I wish that I could get your love and forgiveness because of my impiety of my earthly life. I cannot but feel very sorry to True Parents because prior to True Parent, I came here to the spiritual world.

I know very well the continuous desperate efforts of True Parents to fulfil the 3.6 million couple international blessing successfully. In this spiritual world, our members are also working very hard to witness people. However, even though we make efforts very hard to restore the spiritual world, the fundamental things can be resolved only when True Parents come. I feel very sorry for that because it would be a trouble to True Parents.

Since blessing in the spiritual world will be conducted by True Father, many people are waiting for you. Now, we are giving a lecture that the door of the hell will be opened and the hell will be liberated. However, even though we try to do our best, it cannot be compared with True Father's efforts. We wish that our small effort can reduce your burden.

True Parents!
When I lived in the physical world, some intellectuals often asked me about the spiritual world, but I could not answer about it. Whenever academic seminars were held, there were people who asked about the spiritual world. But I could not give a clear answer. The problem regarding the spiritual world was like to a riddle, which could not be solved by myself. Accordingly, without systematizing the doctrine of the spiritual world, I came to come here. Therefore, the reason why I try to tell about the spiritual world in detail is: firstly, I want to solve all questions of earthly people. Secondly, I want to help the lives of members on earth. Thirdly, even though this is a very small portion, I want to reduce True Parents' trouble. Fourthly, I feel guilty consciousness because I came to the spiritual world prior to True Father.

True Father!
So far, humble your son, Sang Heun has looked around various areas of the spiritual world. As long as it is possible, I want to search for all around the spiritual world. Now, I am going to send what I have surveyed in the spiritual world. If it has some mistakes, please blame me and correct it. It is my sincere heart that I want to help members by revealing the secret of the spiritual world This is because I wish that as knowing the spiritual world, people living in the physical world would not commit sin, and without sin, come to the spiritual world. By doing so, I wish that True Father's burden would be reduced when True Father comes to that world. Moreover, that is also because God is poor.

True Father!
I would like to deeply appreciate for sending me to this blessed place, and giving the name of "Blessed Man". After finishing my earthly life with your grace and blessing, I came to the spiritual world. So, I will desperately devote myself to liberate the Hell in this eternal world

True Father and True Mother!
We as blessing couple are asking for your forgiveness because we are living comfortable lives in the spiritual world. We would like to offer full bow in front of True Parents. May True Parents live long lives!

August 21, 1997 Sang Heun

2. To Beloved Members of the Unification Church

"I would like to offer this letter to our beloved members."

Dear members! What shall I write first? Nobody can escape the spiritual world. It is the way of heavenly law which everybody has to go. I am very missing our members of Unification Church since I came to this spiritual world. I am really concerned about how to make all members not violate heavenly law in the physical world, so that they would be able to pass the spiritual world.

Once you violate the law of the spiritual world, you cannot solve it easily, and you have to pay the price of indemnity through a suffering life in the spiritual world. Beloved members of the Unification Church! How hard time have you have so far? I wish that when you come to this eternal world, you can have happy lives. I wish that you would not try to escape the momentary hard time. If you are doing so, you will get the eternal lives.

If you violate heavenly law, your descendants have to pay indemnity in stead of you. When True Parents put in order the spiritual world, your wrong behaviour would make True Parents' heart painful.

Dear members of the Unification Church! My name is Sang Heun Lee, who wrote Unification Thought. I am going to send you what I surveyed in the spiritual world. Please read it carefully, and make your earthly lives successfully. By doing so, let's console the painful heart of True Parents, and pray that True Parents may have long lives.

Please read my message very carefully. You should check your daily lives everyday by True Parents' speech. This is my advice as your senior member to help you to fulfil your responsibility successfully on earth. May God bless all of you!

August 21, 1997 From Sang Heun.

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