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Life in Spirit World

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Section 1: To True Parents and Unification Church Members

1. The Letter to True Parents
2. To Beloved Members of the Unification Church

Section 2a: Earthly Life and Life in the Spiritual World

1. Meeting at the Seung Hwa Ceremony of Sang Heun Lee
2. Memorial service at his home with his family members
3. Spiritual World and its Life
4. Original heaven and hell in the Spirit World.
5. The middle realms of Spirit World.
6. Life on earth viewed from Spirit World

Section 2b: Earthly Life and Life in the Spiritual World

7. Life of earth and spirit people.
8. Earth bound people and Spirit people have a different viewpoint.
9. The fundamental meaning of Love
10. The activity of spirit selves through persons on earth
11. Image of God's love

Section 3: Life of the Spirit World Viewed from the Principle

1. Subject and Object
2. Three-Object-Purpose
3. Fallen Nature
4. The Four Position Foundation (True Parents)
5. The Ideal of Heaven
6. Formation of Four Position Foundation and Dual Characteristics (Ideal of Unity in Love)
7. Universal Prime Energy, Give and Take Action, and Principle of Relativity Reviewed by Principle of Dual Characteristics.
8. Human Structure Based on Subject and Object Relationship
9. Medium of Love
11. Original Love
12. Principle of Relativity in the view of Original Love
13. Dominion of Universe and the Value of Mankind
14. Dominion of Universe and God's True Love
15. Perfected Man holds the value of God
16. Cain and Abel in the view of Principle of Reciprocity
17. Kingdom of Heaven
18. Established Place of Kingdom of Heaven

Section 4: People Whom I Met In The Spiritual World

1. Jesus Christ
2. The Holy Mother Mary
3. Joseph
4. Buddha
5. Confucius
6. Mohammed
7. Swedenborg
8. Sundassing
9. Socrates
10. Adam
11. Eve
12. Noah
13. Abraham and Isaac
14. Judas Iscariot
15. John the Baptist
16. Kim Il Sung
17. Realm of Unification Spiritual World