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Understanding Life and Death

The School of Life
The Unity of the Spirit World
The Value of Hope
Overcoming the Fear of Death
Our two Births
Three Stages of Life
Human Flight
Crossing the Finish Line
The Value of Righteousness
Face to Face with Death
Wisdom and Foolishness
How to go to Heaven
The Value of Living for Others
The Family and Spirit World
Religions and Nations in the Spirit World
God's Call to World Leaders

The Life of Jesus as Seen from God's Will, and God's Warning to the Present Age, the Period of the Last Days

Jesus' Love on the Cross, and Its Legacy
The Merit of the Thief on the Right
Jesus' Death Gave Christianity Only a Spiritual Foundation
Jesus' Three-Day Suffering Course
Even on the Cross, Jesus Was Concerned for Heaven and Loved His Enemies
Meaning of the Bread and Wine that Jesus Shared with Us

Call for religious unity by Reverend Sun Myung Moon