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Messages from former American presidents (36 Presidents)

1) George Washington (1789-1797)

First President of the United States

I, George Washington, am deeply moved to learn through Mr. Sang Hun Lee the identity of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, learn about Rev. Moon's accomplishments and philosophy, and come to a realization that he has appeared as the Messiah. I was introduced to poignant content, including the course of Rev. Moon's turbulent life and suffering that led to his ascension to the position of the True Parent of humankind, his bloody battle with Satan to discover the Divine Principle, his providential victories, and the circumstances of God as he oversaw the historical time periods that existed in parallel from ages past. In particular, I came to the realization that the Messiah is giving unlimited love to the people of the United States, and is offering the most profound sincerity and dedication in order to guide humankind to the philosophy of peace. Yet the people of America are greatly lacking in sincerity and dedication in attending the Messiah. I realize that the American people are blessed by the mere fact that the Messiah is present on American soil. Yet, they appear unable to realize this deeply. I am deeply distressed over this.

The government and people of the United States should accept the philosophy and teachings of the Messiah. They must realize this is a blessing God has given to America. For what purpose did America become the strongest nation in the world? You should remember that when your ancestors founded America, they began by attending God, recognizing him as being the highest pinnacle. But what is your situation now? America must repent. Examine the direction in which you should be going, and the reality of where you are going. Will God guide you to the path of eternal blessing? Only if the people of America repent and receive guidance in the teachings of the Messiah will America become God's eternal Eden.

George Washington; June 9, 2002

2) John Adams (1797-1801)

Second President of the United States

I met a most precious person here in the world after death. That person is Mr. Sang Hun Lee, an invaluable person of noble character, who is worthy of great trust. When I first met this man, it was not through a motivation of faith. We were in a place piled with books, and each of us was looking for some books when we happened to bump into each other. This was the beginning of our relationship. He greeted me as we were arranging a large number of books. He said, "I am not in a hurry, so you can go ahead. He said he would take his time in arranging the books. I felt attracted to this gentle and humble man. In the process of our discussing a number of different subjects, I came to hear the Divine Principle and Unification Thought. Mr. Lee told me that his life had changed through numerous dimensions as he lived steeped in the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He had left his position as a medical doctor and lived absorbed in the words of Rev. Moon and the Divine Principle before coming here. When America was founded, God was truly with us. This is quite apparent in the nation's founding spirit. Now, though, I begin to think that God may turn away from America. I hope that the people of America will quickly realize that they are committing a great error. As I learn the Divine Principle, Unification Thought, and the philosophy of peace of Rev. Sun Myung Moon here, my earnest hope is that America will return to the form of Eden, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that God has desired to see. For this, it is necessary that the people of America follow the teachings of Rev. Moon. I earnestly hope that leaders in all aspects of American life will not waste a single day in accepting the global philosophy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and that God will not leave America.

John Adams;
June 9, 2002

3) Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

Third President of the United States; Author of the Declaration of Independence

A great saint, the Messiah, has been born in the calm country of Korea, so I shall speak from my heart with the desire that the bright light from the East shine on all people. The founding spirit of America is second to that of no other country in the world. I take pride in that. Yet in this place, the world after death, I am quite envious of the people of Korea, a calm and quiet country. Where is there any peace or happiness for the people of America, vexed by philosophical and racial struggle, and by numerous incidents of terror? The Messiah, the True Parent of humankind, brings the philosophy of peace for the sake of the world. See what happens when the leaders of America accept these teachings. See what happens when America no longer seeks after only her pride as the strongest country externally but makes an unbiased examination of herself to see what she has done for peace in the world.

People of America, rise again. Return to the nation's founding spirit. Follow the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah to all people, who has appeared in Korea. There is no inconsistency between our founding spirit and his teachings. Well-known presidents and kings from history are excited by the greatness of his philosophy of peace.

America, rise again. Make America the land of God's new truth and new hope. That is the mission America is called to fulfill in this age.

Thomas Jefferson;
June 10, 2002

4) James Madison (1809-1817)

Fourth President of the United States; Father of the U.S. Constitution
I earnestly hope America will not lose its status as an eternally powerful country.

I waited a long time for an opportunity for Madison's message to be conveyed to earth. I believe that since America's founding, many countries have recognized its position and self-respect as a rich and powerful country. Today, however, the people of America have almost forgotten America's founding, spirit. Was the Constitution established just to maintain a single country? The Constitution must be obeyed for as long its people shall live. But when people leave their lives on earth, they must all come here, the spirit world, without exception, in accordance with the way of Heaven. So, even on earth, people must obey the way of Heaven. There is something that people must fulfill for the sake of their eternal lives in the spirit world. All the people of America must follow the teachings in the Unification Thought and Divine Principle of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is the returning Lord in this age and the Messiah. I earnestly hope that the people of America will be active participants in and cooperate with the unification movement, which deals with both heaven and earth, and carefully study the Divine Principle and Unification Thought so that America will not lose its status as an eternally powerful country. This is my final conclusion as one who has studied Divine Principle and Unification Thought several times here.

James Madison;
June 8, 2002

5) James Monroe (1817-1825)

Fifth President of the United States
Study the Divine Principle and Unification Thought diligently.

While people are living on earth, fame, power, and wealth probably seem very important. Most people have lived as if their earthly lives would last forever, and continue to live so now. I, James Monroe, have experienced a time of indescribable inspiration here. I have learned through a new expression of truth called Divine Principle that God is the parent of all of us, and that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has appeared on earth as the Messiah after a history of restoration through indemnity involving many complicated circumstances, and is extending the hand of salvation to humanity. To realize that the Messiah is giving tremendous grace to people on earth makes me feel jealous toward them. From another viewpoint, I also cannot help feeling disappointed with them. People on earth seem to know almost nothing about life in the spirit world. It makes no difference whether one is the president of a country, a person of low birth, or a beggar. We are all God's children. What use is fame or power in a relationship between a parent and his children, and how can there be rich and poor people among brothers and sisters? Most people of America live comfortably, so they cannot experience the poverty and hunger of other people, and they most likely have not thought about life in the spirit world. You must study about your life in the afterlife, and take an interest in this. Study the Divine Principle and Unification Thought of Rev. Sun Myung Moon carefully. I request this earnestly as a person who was once responsible for the people of America and as one who has come here before you.

James Monroe;
June 12, 2002

6) John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)

Sixth President of the United States; Son of President John Adams, the second President
The American people must return to the founding spirit of America.

As one of those who have been responsible for the people of America, I would like to impress upon them that life on earth is very brief. It is an overly common phenomenon that people, during their lives on earth, are not concerned with their lives in the next world. It seems that there are not many people who truly understand that people were created to live on earth for just a fleeting moment and then come here, the spirit world, to live eternally. Compared to the eternal spirit world, life on earth is extremely short. During your lives on earth, you must thoroughly prepare yourselves to live eternally here in the spirit world. Fame, power and property must not be the standard of values for people living on earth. Fame during your life on earth will not bring you special treatment here. Your life here in the spirit world will be determined by your standard of values during your life on earth. I have a request to make to you who are on earth. I would like you to study about Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is carrying out the Unification Movement on earth, and follow his teachings. If you study the Divine Principle carefully, you will come to a conclusion about how you must live your life. I make this request because I once loved America as the person who was responsible for that nation. Her people must return to the founding spirit of America.

John Quincy Adams;
June 13, 2002

7) Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

Seventh President of the United States

I am convinced that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a prophet, the Messiah, the returning Lord, and True Parent of humankind sent by God. His teachings, the Divine Principle and Unification Thought, and his accomplishments are sufficient proof of this. His teachings are the only path for humankind to follow in this age. Moreover, when I see how God has guided the history of the providence of restoration, I firmly believe that Rev. Moon is the Savior of all humankind who is leading the Completed Testament Era. I earnestly request that the people of America receive the thorough ideological guidance of Rev. Moon's truth and attend him. He is the true leader of all humankind. God is the True Parent of humankind, so all people are brothers and sisters. This is a universal truth of this age that will begin based on true families. The people of America will be able to have a vision for their nation's future only when they follow his teachings.

I have come to realize with certainty that a life of wealth and fame on earth is of no use in any place or in any situation here. You must consider what you would do if you were to come here now, rather than in the distant future. If I had taught people about the world where the soul lives while I was president, then I probably could have been treated as a president here as well. Through the Divine Principle, I have come to realize the greatness of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I am deeply moved. I have repented and cried tears like a waterfall. I have also realized that I was an ignorant leader. I have bitterly repented for failing to awaken the American people to the reality of our eternal life. Even belatedly, I would like to convey this information to them. On several occasions God has appeared here as jubilant rays of light or as a dazzling rainbow. In these mysterious and emotional experiences, all of us were deeply moved by God and greeted him with applause. We repented of our past in tears and participated in the Divine Principle seminar.

People of America! Life on earth is a fleeting moment. I hope you will start now to prepare yourselves for life in the eternal world. Do not forget even for a second the fact that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah, the True Parent and a true teacher for humankind, and follow his guidance faithfully.

Andrew Jackson;
June 16, 2002

8) Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)

Eighth President of the United States
People on earth must receive the Messiah's direct guidance.

I candidly accept that I failed to accomplish my responsibility as the father of the nation when I was on earth. I also confess that I did not even comprehend my own existence on earth. Until now I have lived here in the spirit world experiencing numerous mental struggles and much agony over these responsibilities. How could I have lived in such ignorance as to not realize that God's eternal aspect resides within human nature and that there exists another world that is vast and eternal? God, who is our parent and who wants to live together with us for eternity, has always existed and has constantly given us his silent instructions and guidance. Words cannot describe how ashamed I am or how much I reproach myself for completely neglecting this fact. I came to know these things for a certainty through the Divine Principle.

I want to be sure to take this opportunity to tell the people on earth one thing. That is that the spirit world where every person must live forever exists for a certainty. Those who do not prepare themselves on earth for life in this world are certain to face suffering and pain here. I hope that you will come here after having walked the correct path on earth. The quickest way to do so is to receive the instructions of the Messiah, who is on earth. The Messiah in this age is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He was sent by God. Please never forget this point.

Martin Van Buren;
June 17, 2002

9) William Henry Harrison (1841)

Ninth President of the United States; Died after one month in office
Divine Principle taught me the true meaning and value of life and its direction.

Anyone who, within his lifetime, is able to know God and his ideal is the most fortunate of all people. Human beings should live their lives in a state of understanding the true value of life, but most people do not know this. I, Harrison, have deeply understood the true standard of value for life after having studied the Divine Principle in this place. The Divine Principle is a precious message to the people in this age that was revealed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He is the Messiah sent by God, the Savior, True Parent, and a great prophet for humanity.

He is the true son of God whom all humanity, not only Americans, must attend and follow. It would be impossible for me to explain all these things, and even if I did you would not understand. You should study the Divine Principle. If you do, you will come to realize clearly the fundamentals of life and the direction it must go. While you are on earth, prepare for the world where you must live for eternity. To do this, you must study the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, receive his instructions and inherit the lineage of God.

William Harrison; June 18, 2002

10) John Tyler (1841-1845)

Tenth President of the United States; Succeeded to the presidency upon the death of President Harrison
Thank you for revealing Heaven's secrets.

It was intended that every aspect of human life on earth be directly related to God, but people have lived in ignorance of this fundamental truth. I have never denied God's existence, but the message that "God is the parent of humankind" is one that I truly had never even imagined. The instant that the Divine Principle lecturer spoke the words, "God is the parent of humankind," a dazzling ray of light shone into the lecture room from somewhere above. It calmed all of our hearts and fascinated us. We welcomed this with applause, yet at the same time we wept many tears.

God enveloped us in this resplendent light, and said in a loud voice,

"I am the almighty Jehovah, God, and your parent."

Then he said in a soft and clear but deeply sorrowful voice,

"I am your parent."

After speaking these words he again moved around the lecture room in the ray of light, and then departed. Everyone in the lecture room felt reverence toward what had happened, and we spent a few moments in silent meditation. I am truly grateful to Rev. Sun Myung Moon on earth, the Messiah, Savior, and True Parent of humankind.

How hard you must have worked in order to reveal such amazing truths. True Parents, you have revealed the secrets of Heaven and the deep and difficult providence of suffering that was hidden behind a veil. Please lead not just the people of America but all humankind to the truth of the Divine Principle.

John Tyler; June 20, 2002

11) James Polk (1845-1849)

Eleventh President of the United States
The True Parents of humankind have appeared and are guiding us.

In the course of a person's life, the time spent on earth is only a short moment. Yet when people are alive on earth, they think that their momentary earthly life will last forever. I attended the Divine Principle seminar here in the spirit world in a considerably good environment, being treated well in an atmosphere of piety. This is a place where only intellectuals and presidents, kings and others of considerable stature are present. Here I have received instruction in Divine Principle, Unification Thought, the life course of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, God's situation, as well as the creation of human beings, the fall and the providence of restoration.

People of America, do you think you know what kind of places heaven and hell are? As long as you are in your physical bodies, you most likely cannot even imagine. If there is one earnest message that I would give to the people on earth, it would be that Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is on earth, is working based on the theme, "God is the parent of humankind," and that he is the Messiah, the True Parent of all humankind who has appeared to guide us. You must never forget this fact. You must carefully study the True Parents' philosophy and truth. These are the conclusions I have reached in the spirit world.

James Polk; June 25, 2002

12) Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)

Twelfth President of the United States
We are all strongly resolved to be absolutely obedient to the teachings of the true teacher.

All of our desires, hopes, and joys are almost useless after we have shed our physical bodies. The revelation that God our creator is the parent of humankind is an incredible event that is of greater value than the spiritual and physical worlds put together. I do not think there has ever been a more precious, magnificent, and shocking event in all of human history. I was once the president and leader of a great nation. But that has no meaning here. After losing my physical body, I thought deeply and wept many tears here while reflecting on the value of my brief earthly life.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as the Savior of humankind, the Messiah and True Parent has brought a new light of hope not only to the people of America but also to the entire human race. So let us all make a strong determination to live in absolute obedience to the teachings of the true teacher. I earnestly ask that the people of America follow the guidance of True Parents absolutely.

Zachary Taylor; July 31, 2002

13) Millard Fillmore (1850-1853)

Thirteenth President of the United States; Succeeded to the presidency upon the death of President Taylor
Only the Divine Principle can preserve America's continued development.

Though my time is short, I am exceedingly grateful. I have waited a long time for an opportunity such as this. I, Millard Fillmore, as president of a nation and as a man with great love for the people of America, convey the following with a sincere heart.

Even here in the spirit world, I am respected and treated properly as a president of the United States. However, I must let you who are on earth know my very real pain that, from the aspect of the perfection of character, the position of president is not sufficient to receive the best treatment here. Before I encountered the Divine Principle, no one here referred to me by the title of President or acknowledged this title. Since my contact with the Divine Principle, though, I have been treated like a mid-level executive. But I am stricken with awe. Until now I lived without realizing that human beings possessed such nobility; I lived in a distant plane, not sensing the fundamental values of human life. But now that I understand the basic truths, I feel very apologetic toward the people of America. I realize acutely that I failed to lead them properly. It seems clear that no one can become a true human being without awakening to the truth.

First, I call out earnestly to the American people. How can I record all the inspirations, excitement, and regrets that I have experienced here? I can only summarize these as follows. The citizens of America must come to a clear understanding as to the identity of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is on earth, and, moreover, in America. Moreover, I urgently ask them to study his philosophy and truth in detail, and come to embody it themselves. I have confirmed here that God's fundamental thought, all his secrets and the origins of his creation of the universe are being revealed through the Divine Principle. I discovered that it is the Divine Principle that recognizes my position as president. As one who was once the highest leader in America, I convey this to you. America's future development depends on how you receive the Divine Principle. I clearly say to you from here in the spirit world that you must rely solely on the Divine Principle. I feel deeply that this is the wisest course, and I convey this to you with urgency.

Millard Fillmore; December 4, 2002

14) Franklin Pierce (1853-1857)

Fourteenth President of the United States
With the Divine Principle, preserve America's position as a great nation at the center of the world.

I, Franklin Pierce, who led America as president, still feel love and heartfelt concern for this nation, even in the spirit world. I hope that America will remember her past, when she stood tall, and firmly maintain her position and pride as a central nation of the world. All human beings, no matter who they are, will one day come to reside in the eternal spirit world. Therefore, you should spend your transitory earthly life thinking of what the spirit world must be like. Here, I have thoroughly studied the Divine Principle and "Head Wing" Thought. Divine Principle is the teaching of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is on earth. The people of America must awaken to the truth of this teacher's "Head Wing" Thought. America now faces unprecedented confusion and difficulty. I hope that you will successfully overcome the crisis of this age. You must overcome it through a philosophy of reconciliation and harmony if you are to achieve peace. All humanity must actualize the truth of the Divine Principle brought by Rev. Moon. All of the world must live by a philosophy of peace, not force. America must thoroughly learn and be guided by Rev. Moon's teaching, which explains that war, conflict, and friction must be resolved by means of a philosophy of peace, so that America's position as a great nation at the center of the world may be preserved. You need to understand clearly the significance for America of the Divine Principle brought by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. This is the special message I wish to give you.

Franklin Pierce; December 6, 2002

15) James Buchanan (1857-1861)

Fifteenth President of the United States
If not for the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, humanity would have no vision for the future.

After receiving the Divine Principle training, my heart is filled with such emotion that it is difficult to express in words. I feel unbounded gratitude and joy to have been born as a human being. The loneliness and grief that God experienced through the ages so pains my heart that I must clasp my chest. God has been in deep sorrow throughout the ages, but now the Divine Principle is bringing a bright future to humankind. I am overjoyed that I have been able to experience this valuable training here.

What is the Divine Principle? I understand what it means, and although I had the position of a president I feel such joy that I want to dance. The details of the Divine Principle cannot all be recorded on this page. In a word, it is "a gospel for the salvation of humankind." Everyone must live with the Divine Principle at the center of his or her life. Not only Americans but also all the people of the world must become one through the Divine Principle and Unification Thought. The one who discovered the Divine Principle is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He is the Messiah and Savior of humanity. If it were not for his teachings and vision, the future of humanity could not be guaranteed at all. If humanity does not follow him, it will fall into great chaos. You must attend the Messiah while he is alive on earth, and become one with his teachings.

People of America! As this is an urgent request from one who was once president of the United States, please keep it in mind. God does not want America to resort to military force and fight wars. He desires that all humanity become one as brothers and sisters through a philosophy of peace. Rev. Sun Myung Moon holds an incredible key that will lead humanity into a world of peace. Please inscribe this in your memories.

James Buchanan; December 9, 2002

16) Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)

Sixteenth President of the United States; Preserved the Union through victory in the Civil War, and issued the Proclamation of Emancipation for the slaves
People of America, I wish for you to constantly go the way of obedience, aligned with the teachings of True Parents.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Mansei!
Returning Lord and Messiah, Mansei!
True Parents of humanity, Mansei!

I, Abraham Lincoln, have experienced incredibly wondrous and exciting moments, but I am saddened that there is no communication, or crossing back and forth, between the earthly and spiritual worlds. Without doubt, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the True Parent of humanity. He shows us how to love one another and brings us together as one, with no discrimination among religions or races. He is accomplishing feats on many levels that would be utterly impossible if it were not for True Parents' teachings. People of America, do you think you can bring peace through war and military force? God has appeared before humankind as our parent. While I was listening to the Divine Principle lectures, I had a vision. In this vision, all the souls in this place, including black people, yellow people, and white people, and including Christians, Buddhists, Confucianists, and Muslims, all came together and danced for joy. Then I saw a bright light, that is, the brilliant light of God, and in that instant, I, Abraham Lincoln, wanted to also jump in among them and begin to dance.

People of America, people of the world! Black people are children of God, as are white people. At some time, all of you will have to gather here in the spirit world and walk side by side and live together. I simply came here and experienced this fact before you.

I am making a request to the people of America because I love you with an earnest heart. Rev. Sun Myung Moon has appeared as the Messiah and the True Parent of humankind. I hope that you will attend the Messiah and constantly walk the path of obedience based on True Parents' teachings. War and military force will only serve to create another human hell. Is it not time for the earthly world to declare an end to hell? A philosophy of peace for humankind comes from the Messiah. The life that you now live in the earthly world is only a fleeting and incomplete life. If you are to live in the eternal world with eternal happiness, you must above all else awaken to the truth of the Divine Principle and Unification Thought. This is my solemn request.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, I respect you. I thank you very much for all you have done. I will attend you resolutely as the Messiah and returning Lord, tear down the walls between races and religious groups, and participate actively in True Parents' Unification Movement.

Abraham Lincoln; December 9, 2002

17) Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)

Seventeenth President of the United States; Succeeded to the presidency after the assassination of President Lincoln
May America's greatness be remembered forever.

I, Andrew Johnson, have determined that I will offer all of my life to the new truth of the Divine Principle. As a former leader of America, I now make an urgent call to its people from this place.

The youth of America today have lost a sense of direction in their lives. This does not apply to all young people, but a large majority of them have fallen into a pleasure-seeking lifestyle and do whatever they want. Young people themselves cannot be solely to blame for the errors in their thinking. They are lost because there is no fundamental alternative today that is capable of leading them.

I want to make a solemn request of them. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has revealed a new truth, is working day and night as the Savior of humankind to accomplish the task of human salvation. Through the Divine Principle, Rev. Moon reveals clearly and concretely such matters as the purpose of the creation of humankind and the universe, and the relationship between God and humankind. The only fundamental solution capable of bringing salvation to humankind is Rev. Moon's Divine Principle and philosophy of peace.

I make a solemn request that all young people in America receive the guidance of the Divine Principle and Rev. Moon's philosophy. Young people in America today have fallen into a very dangerous philosophical stream. Only Rev. Moon's teachings are capable of guiding us all to God's fundamental principles and the correct path for our lives. These teachings also instruct us on how to prepare for the eternal world, that is, our original homeland in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have not been permitted sufficient time and space on this page to record all that I have experienced and learned here. I earnestly wish that people will forever remember the greatness of America.

Andrew Johnson; December 12 and 26, 2002

18) Ulysses Simpson Grant (1869-1877)

Eighteenth President of the United States; Commander of the Union forces during the final period of the Civil War
If humanity wants an end to war, it must accept Rev. Sun Myung Moon's truth.

Tens of thousands of years have passed from the time that God created humankind, but until now we have lived without knowing the fact that God and humankind are in a relationship of parent and child. This must be the greatest tragedy in the history of humankind.

Through the Divine Principle training session here, I have for the first time come to a definite realization that it was an improper beginning to human history that has brought about endless conflict and war between peoples and nations, making it impossible to bring peace.

The Divine Principle explains the details of the creation, the fall, restoration, and other matters in a concrete manner. I think that Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Divine Principle is capable of bringing about a revolution within humankind, a revolution of character, and a revolution of consciousness.

There has been endless division, strife and war in human history. Innocent people have constantly suffered and been killed in such wars. Hell in the spirit world has come to be overflowing with people. Wars are the greatest cause of human unhappiness.

How can this problem be solved? Only Unification Thought, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's philosophy of peace, can bring a fundamental solution to this problem. Rev. Moon holds the key. Who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon? He is the Messiah, the True Parent of humankind. In religion, particularly in Christianity, this is called the Lord of the Second Advent. I, Ulysses Grant, am convinced that this is true.

If all people desire an end to war, then I ask that they accept the truth revealed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I regret very much that I am in the spirit world and therefore am unable to give you the physical confirmation that you need to accept this. But I ask that you believe these things and follow. The people of America must listen more carefully to the Divine Principle if they want their country to remain great eternally.

Ulysses Grant; December 14, 2002

19) Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1877-1881)

Nineteenth President of the United States
I wish the Americans to become a people with a character capable of encompassing the world.

I, Rutherford Hayes, enjoyed tremendous power and honor while I held the office of the presidency during my life on earth. I lived as though that power and honor were eternal. Here in the spirit world, however, no one recognizes me for the fact that I was once president. At first, I felt a tremendous sense of despondence and unfairness that I could hardly endure. Through many long years, I shouted out in an effort to establish my position and to call attention to myself, but it was of no use.

Eventually, I was given a very inspiring opportunity, and through this I was able to realize many things about myself. I want to convey these things to people on earth.

I came to realize that human beings live in two worlds--that is, the visible physical world and the invisible spiritual world. I particularly realized many things concerning life in the spirit world. The high-level content of the Principle of Creation, the existence of God, the Providence of Restoration, and salvation through the Messiah were so mysterious.

What is this? It is a truth revealed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. This truth could well be characterized as a true textbook of life. Through it I came to feel deeply the importance of the earthly life, and I also grasped many things about life in the spirit world. I realized that if people live incorrectly on earth, then they will not be able to avoid a path of suffering in the spirit world. I realized that if people commit errors on earth, then in the spirit world they suffer in hell, which is a place where there is no relationship with God.

People of the earth! People of America! I cannot record here everything that I have experienced. I can only say that the Divine Principle is a great truth and that it is unmistakable that Rev. Sun Myung Moon holds all the keys to human salvation and peace. So I want to clearly convey that you need to study the Divine Principle deeply and come to the same conviction. While you are on earth, you must prepare well for your eternal life in the spirit world. And you must abandon your self-conceit that America is the world's only great nation. I wish that the American people would become a people with the character capable of encompassing the world.

Rutherford Hayes; December 15, 2002

20) James Abram Garfield (March 4-September 19, 1881)

Twentieth President of the United States
The Divine Principle is the fundamental truth that explains the mysteries of the universe and of life.

I have been one who believes that God is the creator and master of all that is in heaven and earth and is able to control all matters of nations, peoples, and the world with his divine authority. However, when I discovered that he is also our parent it gave me such surprise and awe that I do not know what to do. I feel a great sense of shame and injustice that when I was responsible for the nation I could not teach its many people about God correctly. I feel such pain over this.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon appears to have experienced some profound circumstances in the process of discovering the incredible secret of heaven that God is the parent of humankind.

After realizing that God is the parent of humankind, I was sitting, and feeling ecstatic about the Divine Principle, when suddenly some blinking lights approached me and covered my entire body. At that moment, I felt such tremendous joy that I cannot express it in words. I could not hear any sound. But I could feel within myself an inspiration that endlessly repeated the words "My Father, my Father, thank you." At that moment, I felt such joy that I felt like flying. I felt like a young boy. I had many other such experiences as well.

I send these words to you in the earnest hope that you will firmly grab hold of God, who really does exist. Each part of the content of the Divine Principle is a fundamental truth that explains the mysteries of life and the universe. As one who once was president of the United States, I want to convey a frank message to the American people. You must follow Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has revealed the Divine Principle and Unification Thought. I hope that everyone will consider this most seriously.

James Garfield; December 18, 2002

21) Chester Alan Arthur (1881-1885)

Twenty-first President of the United States
Establishing God's kingdom is the ultimate goal of humanity.

It is really heartrending to know the fact that human beings, who are the lords of all creation, have existed during the course of history without clear understanding, and have not been able to reach the level of the other things of creation. And it pains me even more to realize that the presidents have contributed almost nothing to God's dispensation, as He tried to restore humankind through indemnity by sending the central figures of the providence. The axiom "God is the parent of humankind" caused me to feel truly ashamed of myself. Now I have come to know with certainty God's will, God's current situation and the purpose and direction of history. For humankind, there can be no other objective in relation to a people or a nation, or other things to choose, except the establishment of God's kingdom. Establishing God's nation is the ultimate goal of humanity.

To establish God's nation, the first thing would be for us here in the spirit world to concentrate on leading the many people here to the right path; and the people on earth should align themselves with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the representative of God and the True Parent, and participate actively in the movement to realize global peace. I hope, in particular, that the American people will take a leading role in teaching those on earth who still do not know the Divine Principle and God's will.

We must realize deep in our hearts and feel keenly through the Divine Principle and Rev. Moon's teachings that the kind of lives that we have led have been entirely improper. In history, has there ever been a greater truth to reform our awareness than the Divine Principle? If there has, can you name it? American people! It will be very difficult to save America with your present way of thinking.

The true teacher and leader of humanity is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Hold on to him tightly and delve into his teachings. God has helped America in many ways to earn and maintain the reputation of being the greatest and most advanced nation in the world. I hope and pray that you will never slip out of God's outstretched hand of eternal love.

Chester Arthur; December 30, 2002

22) Stephen Grover Cleveland (1885-1889 and 1893-1897)

Twenty-second and Twenty-fourth President of the United States
Centering on the Divine Principle, there should be a mass movement inspiring new spirituality across the entire nation.

I can't tell you how much I have waited for this moment. I truly believe that the only solution that can save America, which currently faces complex problems, is the philosophy and truth revealed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parent. In other words, it is the Divine Principle and his philosophy of peace that can save America. Currently, America is in a state of total chaos in many different spheres. Nonetheless, America does not have an ideology that can resolve this chaos, and is unable to set clear goals for herself. If the American people unite as one, aligning with True Parents' teaching and truth, in the future America will be able to maintain her reputation of being the greatest economic power and a nation of moral force.

American people! I ask you this earnestly as the 22nd and the 24th president of the country. Please remember my plea and keep it deep in your hearts. In alignment with True Parents' philosophy and the Divine Principle, initiate a new movement of ethical reform across the entire nation. I ask you with all of my heart to believe in and follow Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the Messiah to all humankind. The spirit world truly exists. Follow Rev. Moon's guidance. I ask you once more from the bottom of my heart.

Grover Cleveland; July 7, 2003

23) Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)

Twenty-third President of the United States
The Divine Principle and the Unification Thought should be the guidelines of your everyday lives.

If I had led my beloved people of America with the great truth of the Messiah while I served as president, I would have been remembered forever in history. I feel very frustrated that it was not possible for me to do so because I lived at a different time.

At present, I would like to pass on to the American people Rev. Sun Myung Moon's teachings and doctrine from here in the spirit world. I have many regrets about not having been born at the right time and in the right environment to enjoy the privileges of this era. The spirit world is the place to which all people must come in the end, but most people do not seem to realize this. I am speaking to all of you living on earth, but in particular, I would like to pass on a new message to the American people. Being a citizen of the greatest economic power on earth is nothing to boast of here in the spirit world. Preparations for life in the spirit world, where the inner person must reside forever, must be completed on earth. Therefore, you must reflect on your lives on earth every day, and put them in order.

I cannot help but reproach myself for not being able to pass on to you how I feel clearly. You must make the Divine Principle and Unification Thought, which have come through the True Parent, Rev. Moon, who is on earth, the guidelines for your everyday lives. You must realize deep down that it is the only way for people to live. As the president of a nation, as a leader, as a person who came to the spirit world before you, and as a pioneer in life, I earnestly ask those of you on earth, and the American people in particular, to follow this path.

Benjamin Harrison; July 9, 2003

24) William McKinley (1897-1901)

Twenty-fifth President of the United States
We should serve Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the representative of God on earth.

I lived on earth thinking that once I was done with my life on earth, shedding my physical body after death, nothing would remain or exist any more, but now that I am here in the spirit world, I am very ashamed of the old-fashioned way of thinking I had in the past. In particular, I am so sorry and ashamed of myself as the president of a nation, who is supposed to teach and guide his people.

How can I fully express in a few words new truths about God and humankind, such as the relationship between God and man, the value of life, the providence of the restoration of human beings and history, which started off by going in the wrong direction? I implore the people of America as their 25th president. I implore you, the people of America, to serve the True Parent, the Second Advent, Rev. Moon and study in great detail the Divine Principle and Unification Thought, which express the basic principles of life. True Parents' teachings are the most precious, the greatest truth in all of history. The American people of this era must put into practice and exercise True Parents' teachings of true love on earth before they come to the spirit world. You must learn from the true teacher as if your lives were at stake. Only if you do so will you be free of regret once you end up here in the spirit world. On earth you should serve Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the representative of God. This is what I ask of you from the bottom of my heart, as a person who has come here before you, on my honor as the president of a nation.

William McKinley; July 12, 2003

25) Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)

Twenty-sixth President of the United States

Only when you realize the truth about God's work can you know the significance of peace for humanity.

I was very envious of the other former American presidents who reported before me, and I am very grateful and joyful to have an opportunity to also pass on my message to earth. On earth, I became the youngest president in American history, and so I had more progressive inclinations than the others. When I listened to lectures on Rev. Moon's Divine Principle and Unification Thought here in the spirit world, I was so moved that I feel an ever-growing urge to be resurrected on earth every day.

That is because American leaders of today look down on moral values, waste material resources of various kinds on unreasonable projects, provide a declining level of education in matters of morality and character and cannot come up with a clear solution to the chaos of this time. Rev. Moon's Divine Principle and Unification Thought are far superior to the doctrine that America is founded on. Consider the current situation of Israel. Are they serving Jesus Christ and closely following his teachings?

At present, great secrets of heaven are being revealed through the Divine Principle and the Unification Thought. Do you know that an eternal world where people live truly exists? It is a pity that the words I speak cannot fully express the strong emotions and admiration I feel for Rev. Sun Myung Moon's teachings. I am really very grateful to Rev. Moon. Even if he is not the Messiah or the Savior in religious terms, when we consider his doctrine, it is more than enough for us to acknowledge him as the leader of the world.

People of the United States! I implore you to serve the true teacher of humanity and to accept his theology so that you can remain forever as the people of the greatest nation in the world. Rev. Moon has the answers in many different dimensions regarding the establishment of an eternal world of peace. When I see his projects for realizing a world of peace, I cannot hold my head up, because as someone who received the Nobel Peace Prize, I am too ashamed. Only when the American people follow his teachings can America remain as a great nation of prosperity and peace in front of the world. And only when you properly realize, in this time, the truth about who God is can you know the significance of peace for humanity. This is the main point of my message that I want to convey to you from my heart.

Theodore Roosevelt; July 14, 2003

26) William Howard Taft (1909-1913)

Twenty-seventh President of the United States
The Unification Principle is the new truth that can revolutionize the consciousness of today's youth.

People on earth, regardless of who they are, would like to leave their view of life and of the world for posterity. I was not free from this kind of desire while living on earth, but as I left my body, entered the eternal spirit world and directly experienced it, I came to understand how absurd I had been in my writings. There are no words that could explain how embarrassed and puzzled I felt in my heart. People on earth can never imagine how things are in the spirit world.

The most important thing people should know is that the spirit world exists as vividly as the physical world does. My authority and honor as the president of a nation didn't carry any significant meaning here. How can the people on earth understand with their limited way of thinking that we can send out messages from the spirit world to the physical world?

I was quite shocked to learn the fact that God is the parent of all mankind. I believe it is indeed a shocking issue for the entire human race of this age. Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the one who declared this truth to the entire world. Amazing and shocking facts don't just stop here.

There are books on Divine Principle and Unification Thought. Though there are billions of books on earth, can anyone really find a concrete solution to liberate humanity from suffering and misery in any one of them? Those of you living on earth must study the Divine Principle. It is the book that introduces the new truth discovered by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a man who has gone through all manner of hardship and privation. The book explains the creation, the ideal world, the purpose of life, the fall of man, the beginning and the process of human history and God's sorrow. I feel sorry that I haven't been able to record all the things I wish I could tell you here.

I believe that the Divine Principle will completely revolutionize the fallen consciousness of today's young people. When I examine my own achievements as America's 27th president, I feel nothing but remorse and shame. I hope that people on earth will deeply study the reason God was revealed as the parent of all humanity in this age.

William Taft; July 16, 2003

27) Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921)

Twenty-eighth President of the United States; Advocated the establishment of the League of Nations
Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the light of the human race and his teaching is the good news for us all.

Most people want to live healthier and longer on earth. However, when I came here to the spirit world, my earthly life felt just like a passing shower in the middle of a summer day. Although this brilliant and radiant life in the spirit world was waiting for me, during my earthly life I thought that life on earth was everything there was. I truly regret that my life on earth was false and in vain. Yet I came to understand that the physical life bore fruit in this eternal spirit world. I also came to understand that my position in the physical world as president of the United States didn't have anything to do with the kind of fruit I needed to bear in this world.

I deeply respect Rev. Sun Myung Moon. How could I respect someone whom I never met during my life on earth? Right here, I discovered his amazing truth. He had to go through enormous suffering to find the truth. Even now, in his old age, he works very hard to realize a world of peace. I don't think we can find a greater person than him in all of history. He is an absolutely unique individual in relation to bringing humankind into peace.

The Divine Principle testifies that Rev. Moon is the Lord of the Second Advent, Messiah, Savior and True Parent. I feel sorry that I cannot find still nobler names to call him. He is the light of all humanity, and his teaching is indeed good news for us all. People on earth may not feel that God is actually the parent of the entire human race, but the time will come soon when people experience the truth in concrete ways. The Divine Principle is something everybody must read. I highly recommend that not only Americans, but all the people of the world read this.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson; July 19, 2003

28) Warren Gamaliel Harding (1921-1923)

Twenty-ninth President of the United States
If we practice the teaching of the Divine Principle, the whole human race can be united as one.

It was God's sorrow as well as a tragedy for the human race that the beginning of human history turned out badly and that God couldn't maintain his position as the parent of humanity. Reflecting on history, no one can deny that it has been full of misery due to such things as war, sickness and starvation.

I have come to understand Rev. Sun Myung Moon's idea of peace by participating in a Divine Principle seminar. After coming to know the true identity of Satan, I fell into a deep rage. How could this fact remain hidden as a secret throughout history? When I realized that sin, crime, war, disease, starvation and all human suffering were caused by our first ancestors' having gone astray from the path of true love, there were no words to explain the shock and surprise I felt. The entire human race must understand the teaching of the Divine Principle before tomorrow comes, reveal the true identity of Satan to all of heaven and earth and gain the wisdom necessary to liquidate all kinds of misery and disasters caused by Satan throughout history.

In short, God lost his position as our parent because of our ancestors. I can't simply explain all that here. Without the Divine Principle, there can be no true life. The Divine Principle is a guide to the basics of life. Many other presidents have already expressed their feelings. I agree with them absolutely. In order to pull out the root of fundamental human evil, we must reveal the true identity of Satan and his false love. At the same time, we must practice true love to change the way people reason and think.

We need to understand what kind of suffering and hardships Rev. Sun Myung Moon had to go through to discover the Divine Principle. If we all practice the teaching of the Divine Principle, the human race can be united as one, transcending racial, religious and national differences. There have been numerous teachings in history; yet only through the Divine Principle can humanity be led to the eternal world of peace. I sincerely pray that we, all humanity, serve Rev. Sun Myung Moon as our True Parent and practice the Divine Principle and Unification Thought so that we can live as one family of brothers and sisters.

Warren Gamaliel Harding; July 23, 2003

29) John Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)

Thirtieth President of the United States
God moves our original mind and is the embodiment of truth, beauty and goodness.

Many former U.S. presidents participated in a Divine Principle seminar and gave their impressions. I came to learn various new truths. I would like to mention one of them. America must realize that the entire human race is at a crossroads where it must make a decision and set off in a new direction. America is universally recognized as the most powerful nation on earth, but I see that America lacks the generosity and compassion to spiritually and materially give to other nations. The powerful can have true power only when they take care of the weaker. Because all people are brothers and sisters with a common parent, God, we must help, understand and depend on each other. That's God's long-standing wish. Even if we leave God out of the discussion, it is certain that man's original mind wants to live for the sake of others. Only then can people experience true joy and peace. Where does the activity of the original mind, which every person has, originate?

In the spirit world, I came to know many things by participating in the Divine Principle seminar. Most impressive was the teaching about the relationship between God and humankind. If each person did not have an original mind, this world would fall into utter confusion. The original being, the force leading the original mind, is God. God moves the original mind and is the embodiment of truth, beauty and goodness. He is also the parent of all humankind, so he guides people to lead a life of goodness. This is indeed an amazing fact.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the one who revealed this new truth. If America wants to keep its position as the most powerful nation on earth, she must accept this new truth and be willing to be guided by Rev. Moon.

John Coolidge; July 24, 2003

30) Herbert Clark Hoover (1929-1933)

Thirty-first President of the United States
When there is harmonious interaction in every aspect of human society, all suffering and misery will disappear.

I am intimately grateful to those who convinced me to participate in the Divine Principle seminar. The Divine Principle applies universally, not only in the physical world but also in the spirit world, without any exception. Even so, we almost never realized that fact while living on earth. I can say that this is a viewpoint the many presidents participating in this seminar shared. What I was deeply impressed with was the Divine Principle topic on dual characteristics and relationships.

Complex problems in various aspects of human life with respect to the individual, family, nation and world come about because there is no harmonious interaction between different parties. If interaction is smooth on the various levels of life, there will not be any struggle, conflict or trouble in the life of an individual, or in a family or society. Furthermore, there will be no conflict or war between nations. That's the original way of life. When we understand the Divine Principle, all of this comes to us so clearly and simply. However, as individuals, we all struggle. The original God-centered mind and the self-centered mind struggle against each other. The mind and body struggle against each other as well. Therefore, when the mind and body become one centering on the God-centered mind, a person can be in control of him- or herself. Nevertheless, interaction has been cut off, distorted and abandoned in the most fundamental relationship in the cosmos--the relationship between God and man.

On earth, we have never clearly understood the fundamental truth that all things in the physical world and the spirit world exist in pairs (e.g. male and female). There is nothing in the world that doesn't exist in partnership with something of an opposite nature. God exists as a unified being of dual characteristics. In addition, the Divine Principle reveals with clear logic the purpose of life, the fall of man and the course of the restoration of humankind. The Divine Principle is the new truth of this age. The Divine Principle, which was discovered by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is a unique guide to realizing world peace. The Divine Principle reveals that Rev. Moon is, according to the Christian expression, the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent--and the True Parent of all humanity. I am incapable of describing all of Rev. Moon's achievements and ideas related to world peace, but I certainly have faith in him.

I would like to sincerely speak to all people on earth from here. All of you must actively be involved and interested in Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his teachings. If God is the parent of all people, we are brothers and sisters to one another. Yet humankind has lost its one center (True Parents), is in conflict and struggle, and people are fighting wars against one another. I absolutely respect and believe in Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who, as God's representative, is trying to bring all humankind to the point of being brothers and sisters under one parent, God.

Herbert Hoover; July 26, 2003

31) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945)

Thirty-second President of the United States; Served four terms as president; Promoted the New Deal Policy in an attempt to solve the Great Depression of the 1930s

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Prayer

Heavenly Father!

I think I am too bold to call You Father. Dear Father, You are so miserable! You are a God of great grief and bitter pain. What can I say to bring You words of comfort, Father? I am Roosevelt. At one time, as the president of the United States, I invested all my energy for the welfare and prosperity of the American people, but I didn't guide them in any way to help them prepare for life in the eternal spiritual world. It is this point that has caused my heart to feel untold suffering. Heavenly Father, please forgive me.

And dear God, please lead the American people today to the right path. Most of them are caught up with excessive self-praise and egoism just because they are citizens of the strongest power on earth. They are unable to display tolerance and humility toward the third world countries, they take their own future lightly, their own view of God is deviating from the true path.

Heavenly Father, please shake and wake up America. I pray earnestly for our American people. Heavenly Father, I beg for forgiveness that I was unable to teach them that You are the parent of all humankind. Heavenly Father, I will invest all my energy and prayers here in the spirit world until the day when all the American people become God's true children.

The new truth of the Divine Principle is moving my heart deeply, and is making me repent about everything in my past life. It is the first time in my life that I have had such deep feelings. I realized so many things through the Divine Principle, and the only thing that I can do at this time is lament loudly with tears of repentance.

Heavenly Father, please protect and preserve the throne of the True Parents, Rev. Sun Myung Moon who worked so hard to find and reveal this new truth. Father, I know that this prayer is presumptuous and impolite, but unless I pray and repent in this way before You, I will not be able to endure. I want to offer this prayer to You, dear God. Please accept it.

God's child, Franklin Roosevelt; July 26, 2003

32) Harry Truman (1945-1953)

Thirty-third President of the United States
"God is my parent, I am God's child." This is my favorite motto.

As one in a line of successive American presidents, I want to declare from the spirit world a shocking truth before not only the American people, but also the whole of humankind, including all those connected to the United Nations. It is the amazing fact that "God is the parent of humankind." Until today, all humankind has not been able to become one, and people are still suffering from war, disease and poverty. The advanced nations have too many resources, while the people of the third world are dying of starvation. In the Divine Principle, I discovered the fundamental solution to the problems of war, disease, and poverty, the disparity between the rich and poor, and the problem of human rights.

Why did the suffering and unhappiness of human beings begin? It was because the start of human history was wrong, because their master and center changed. The fact that human history is a false history might sound strange to those who are not interested in the view of Christian history according to God's providence.

What sort of existence is God in relation to humankind? God was the parent of humankind from the very beginning. But after God created Adam and Eve, it was the Archangel Lucifer who took care of them. However, the archangel Lucifer tempted them and established an immoral relationship of love with Eve while she was in the period of growth. He acted as though he were their master and parent and he came to control this earth. Unfortunately, human history started from this immoral, sinful blood lineage. This sinful blood lineage has been passed down from generation to generation throughout human history. And the result of this was that human society became an unprincipled society that God never wanted. From the very beginning, humankind lost the ideal world of God's creation which was to center on God's love. People lost their own humanity. The archangel Lucifer disguised himself as God, and has been controlling human history until today. Accordingly, human society is full of all kinds of sin and evil, and things reached such a state that materialistic communism even declared that there was no God. The original world of peace and love that God had intended has become a world where sin and evil are rampant. It is an unprincipled world with unceasing poverty, disease, conflict, struggle and war. This is the reality of the world today.

Today, humankind must clear up this unfortunate history and live together as brothers and sisters attending God as their parent. When this happens, then for the first time humankind will be able to be freed from disease, struggle, war and so on. This is the kind of world that God had planned at the beginning of creation.

It took a long time for me to realize this fact. I cannot emphasize enough the truth and greatness of Rev. Moon's Divine Principle. The Divine Principle contains God's ideal of creation and the blueprint for a world of peace. In short, the Divine Principle is the unique truth of humankind. It is the guidebook for a true life. The more you research the Divine Principle, the more you come to feel new life and new inspiration. Today, the final goal of humankind is to reveal day by day more about Satan's evil and to completely clear up the inheritance of sin and evil. When this is done, then for the first time a world of peace will be built centered on God's true love. And an ideal world of the Garden of Eden where all people live as brothers and sisters will be able to be realized.

People of the world! Brothers and sisters! Let us, centering on our True Parents, take part in the Unification Movement, spreading it to the whole cosmos. Let all humankind attend Rev. Sun Myung Moon as our True Parent and let us become the central people to build a world without poverty, or war and the like. Let us work to build the Kingdom of Heaven, the eternal world of peace, freedom and love. Then God's glory will become even more visible. The American people in particular should try harder than any other nation to comfort God's heart when He looks at all His children suffering in sin and evil.

"God is our parent, we are God's children." I want to suggest to all humankind that we take this to be our motto. This is both God's hope and our hope. I sincerely hope that the intelligentsia will not be lazy in studying the Divine Principle.

Harry Truman; July 28, 2003

33) Dwight David Eisenhower (1953-1961)

Thirty-fourth President of the United States

A letter to True Parents

Most respected True Parents, I am Eisenhower.

True Parents, you love humankind so much! I realized many things after I learned that even in your aging body you endure all kinds of suffering and adversity for the peace of humankind. In this place here, centering on Sang Hun Lee, all the American presidents have determined in their minds to guard and protect America today.

Life on earth appears like that of the satanic city of Sodom. As time passes, even though there is change, no one is clearly aware of what is wrong. And I know that there is no difference between God's heart and the heart of True Parents when they look at the lives of people living on the earth. When I see the faces of True Parents, who are always taking great pains to re-establish the Garden of Eden of God's ideal at the time of creation, I feel so ashamed.

There are still many things in True Parents' plan that are left to be realized and we are all doing our best to help you in the physical world. True Parents, please make the foundation for us so that we can resurrect on the earth to help your work! We all deeply realize that without True Parents' Divine Principle and Unification Thought there would be no future for the world. Please allow us a foundation where we can work, receiving your orders.

Today, the United Nations and America are confronted with the situation where they absolutely need the ideology of the True Parents. Let the American people take part in the movement to realize world peace and lead all humankind so that they can become one through the ideology of the True Parents. Every time God sees his true son fighting alone, his distressed face is covered by dark clouds of worry. I really feel such sorrow. Now, even if it is in this place, the presidents of the United States are resolved, centering on the ideology of True Parents, to actively take part in the movement for the settlement of world peace. If you look at our solemn and resolved faces you will receive comfort. Please forgive me for daring to write this letter to you.

Dwight Eisenhower; July 29, 2003

34) John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1961-1963)

Thirty-fifth President of the United States

A Message to the United Nations

Those of you at the United Nations, I am John Kennedy!

I want to declare an extremely important thing to you today. The fact that Kennedy is sending a message from the spiritual world to the United Nations is something that cannot be imagined in your world, and it is very significant news. Through attending lectures of the new truth, Divine Principle and Unification Thought here in the spirit world, I have understood the direction and goal that the world must take today. I want to let the UN know the following.

The people of the world today must live as brothers and sisters, helping and depending upon each other. This is the most urgent and universal value. I want to convey to those of you at the UN this strong message showing our resolution and will, hoping that you will put it into practice. I declare the following:

1. God is the parent of humankind and truly does exist.

2. After people finish their life on earth, their soul continues on to live in the eternal world, namely the incorporeal world (spirit world) which is a reality.

3. Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah, the Savior and the True Parent of humankind.

4. All of humankind and the UN have to understand the ideology and works of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and they have to accept his leadership and guidance.

5. The realization of an eternal world of peace is only possible when we put into practice the ideology of the True Parents and practice love on the supra-religious, supra-national, and supra-racial levels. A world of peace cannot be realized through wars or through force.

6. The whole of creation, including humankind, exists in reciprocal relationships, namely, both internal nature and external form, and plus and minus (male and female).

7. The beginning of human history went wrong and this has to be restored according to the providence of restoration.

8. We have to clearly know the true identity of Satan (Lucifer) who left a huge stain on the beginning of human history.

9. The gap between the rich and poor is becoming more serious on the earth. The cause of ignorance, sickness, poverty and war has to be completely eradicated.

10. The Divine Principle and Unification Thought are the unique textbooks that can free humankind from suffering and unhappiness.

I sincerely hope that those of you at the UN keep these ten points in mind and in your own countries fulfill your responsibility in this age to lead humankind into a new future. Members of the United Nations, don't ask what the United Nations can do for you, ask what you can do for the realization of the eternal world of peace (the original founding purpose of the UN). I feel sorry to God that during my short term as president the UN did not fulfill its responsibility and, with a heart asking for forgiveness, I send this message.

John Kennedy; July 30, 2003

35) Lyndon Baines Johnson (1963-1969)

Thirty-sixth President of the United States
Who is God?

Each person among us has the desire to seek out goodness. Whether or not people believe in God, when they face difficulties, even though they may not recognize it by themselves, they are looking for some being who can help them. What being is that? I think the being that is the origin of that desire to seek and find, a desire that is settled deep within the original mind, is none other than God.

People of America! I have directly experienced God in the spirit world. One day, a brilliant light of unknown source surrounded me and I was whisked off to a very miserable place. In that place I could hear strange groaning noises and screams. And I myself involuntarily shouted out, "Help me, save me!"

At that time, the light began to swirl around my chest and a voice said, "Save America! Save humankind! Proclaim the existence of God! I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts! I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts! I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts! I am asking you to save America, and thus to save the world." In that one moment, I was both enraptured and fearful. I felt that this place was hell, and the miserable people there were experiencing the manifestation of the fruits of their earthly lives.

My fellow Americans! What kind of being do you think God is? He is the creator of heaven and earth, and of humankind. Rev. Moon's Divine Principle clarifies that God is the parent of humankind. This discovery is a remarkable one. God definitely exists, and mostly appears to people in the form of light. If you receive the Divine Principle and the guidance of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, you will work this out in detail. Please put your brief earthly lives in order and prepare yourselves properly so that you can settle in a place full of light in the eternal spirit world. This is my desperate plea.

Lyndon Johnson; July 31, 2003

36) Richard Nixon (1969-1974)

Thirty-seventh President of the United States

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