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God's Message to the United Nations

My beloved Children!
I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts.
I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts.
I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts.
The endless, thorny path, a path of everlasting endurance and patience over the tens of thousands of years I have sought my beloved children has been a path of blood and tears that I, Jehovah, have shed.
I, Jehovah, Lord of hosts, am your parent, the Father of all humanity. I am the parent of humanity, my children, my beloved children!
My dear children! I have cried out for you through endless nights for tens of thousands of years. I have yearned to call out your names and have called for you time and again. Yet, the words "dear children" have been ensnared for tens of thousands of years, so that even though I cried out for you, and my cries echoed around the world, you have been deaf to my calling. Can you understand even a little of this parent's heart, my heart, as I have wandered around looking for my children?
My beloved children, my children participating in the United Nations! Even though your skin colors, characters, languages and cultures are different, in my eyes all of you are equally my children. All of you are beloved children of God; you are brothers and sisters who must love each other.
Imagine how I must have felt as I watched brothers and sisters live separated from each other, hating each other, fighting and killing each other with swords, guns, missiles and brute force. Now, I hope all of you will realize deep down in your hearts that each and every one of you are incarnations of me who are very precious to me.
My children! My beloved children! What would you do if you were to see a child of God, one of your brothers or sisters, dying of hunger? Can't you be done with the past, in which you have lived thoughtlessly, and think of me as your parent, believe in me and follow me? Can you imagine your Lord God's countless days filled with grief and sadness as I have waited for tens of thousands of years with endurance and patience?
United Nations! Wake up. Stand up! Now, you must hold hands and become leaders and fighters in establishing the Kingdom of God. Then wouldn't the people of the world, among whom a vast gap exists between rich and poor, become brothers and sisters who would help and support each other and share everything they have?
I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts.
I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts.
I am Jehovah, Lord of hosts.
I ask you, I plead with all my heart for you to find the right path and follow it before more of the spirits of my beloved children fall ill.
Participants in the United Nations! What would you do if the sound of your children's wailing and moaning from hell rang in your ears? I wouldn't mind going barefoot on a path that is tens of thousands of miles long if I could save my children. I would run down that path in one breath. I have been going down that path for the last tens of thousands of years.
I have been a God of grief, a God of sadness, a God of waiting and a God of pain and suffering. If all the days of the tens of thousands of years could be tied together with a single thread, it would be made of only blood and tears. Look at history to the present day. Look back at our history. How is it possible to express in words everything that has happened in history?
My children who are participating in the United Nations! The problems that are obstacles to attaining peace for all of humankind cannot be solved by force alone. That is completely impossible. I have specially sent Rev. Sun Myung Moon, my beloved son, and the True Parent, as the Messiah to all humanity, so believe in him and unite based on his teachings. If you do so, you will feel, deep down in your hearts, that I am your parent and your Father even though you cannot see or touch me.
Listen to the inner voice in your heart. You will hear it echo, "God, my Father, please be with me always!" I am asking all of you, my beloved children, with all my heart to shoulder the many problems in your nations and solve them. I ask you to bear in mind always that the people of the whole world are one big family of brothers and sisters. Reflect on my heart, the heart of a parent who has to teach his own children, "I am your Father." Think deeply about it.
Jehovah, Lord of hosts
Midnight, August 1, 2003

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