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Part III:
Messages from the Principals at the Seminar

1. Jesus' Message to Christians and All People on Earth

Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem, is using this opportunity to send this new message to people on Earth, including the Jews who are still waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Whether Christian or non-Christian, people know my name, Jesus.

The heart of Jesus who is sending this message to the Earth is complex and perplexing. I feel sad that I cannot summarize and convey my message in a few words. In particular, I know that Christians will doubt the message rather than believe it. However, as a person who came to the Earth with the mission of saving the world as the Messiah in the New Testament Age, since the time to reveal the truth has arrived, I am telling you the truth before Heaven and Earth.

I came to Earth with the mission from God to be the Messiah. In the Bible I could not reveal all of the conflicts between the religious believers and non-believers in those days. In fact, there are many providential matters that the Bible does not reveal. With the flow of each providential age, God could not avoid changing His immediate plan. I am revealing clearly a part of this hidden providential content to the numerous clergy who have been waiting for the Lord's return.

God created human beings to need a physical body during their earthly life. Once they lose it, they go to the spirit world and live there for eternity. Dear saints who are waiting for my return, why don't you pay attention to the fact that God gives dual prophecies in the Bible [blessings for those who follow His will, curses for those who disobey His will]? I came to Earth as the Messiah in the New Testament Age. What do you think is the meaning of the crucifixion? Do you really think that it was God's will from the beginning, or could it have been the result of human error? Have you thoroughly studied my life? I certainly came with the mission of the Messiah, yet I lived eating and sleeping like any other man on Earth. Even though I lived as an ordinary human being, my mission as the Messiah was unique. To state the conclusion, the way of redemption through my crucifixion was not God's original intention.

Dear Christians and all people on Earth, please pray over this matter while fasting. Then I will appear to you and clearly tell you the truth. When you do it, you should be totally focused on praying with a pure heart. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the one who came to Earth to complete my mission that was not fulfilled through the redemption of the cross. He comes as the True Parent to conclude God's providence in the Completed Testament Age.

I came with the mission of the Messiah in the New Testament, but people at that time crucified me. That is why there remained a task for God to fulfill, and the necessity of a Second Coming. The Messiah in the New Testament Age brought salvation to people in the spirit. Still, history continued with the homework of physical salvation remaining to be fulfilled. Wandering in the alleys of grievance, suffering, sorrow and pain, God endured endless tension and pressure while He waited to send the Messiah again to Earth. After separating good and evil in order to prepare his lineage, God could send Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

You know where I was born; it was in a manger. Do you know what the heart of Mary was like at that moment? Dear fellow Christians, could you easily understand it from reading the Bible? Have you not struggled over some incomprehensible events or insoluble questions? How could you understand my heart, when I could not fully reveal all the secrets of heaven? How could you understand the intricacies of the providence, when so much was not recorded in the Bible? Why was the womb of Mary, Joseph's fiance, growing large? You cannot understand all the secrets that have been veiled during the providence of restoration. Since human beings are children of God, God cannot help but love them. It is also difficult for you to fathom the heart of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the returning Messiah for whom you have been waiting and waiting. He inherited my mission at the age of 16. Dear Christians, are you still looking up and waiting for Christ to return on the clouds? Reverend Moon travels throughout the world on the clouds. He is investing all of his heart and soul for the realization of world peace. Even today, although he is over 80 years old, he is fighting on the frontline.

Are you going to hang him on the cross again, like the Romans who persecuted me 2,000 years ago? Aren't you aware of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? God is love. He is waiting. Please receive the Messiah who has descended in the Completed Testament Age. Do not reject his achievements and his dispensation for the salvation of humanity. Pray with sincerity. I, Jesus, will be with you in your earnest prayers.

I sincerely wish that Christians would reflect deeply upon the circumstances when I, the Messiah of the New Testament Age, was crucified. I hope they pray about my life and about God's view on human salvation.

Think about the circumstances that I could not be married even though I was 33. Think of how my 12 disciples and I often went hungry. My life was filled with grievances. Christians surmise that everything that happened to me was the will of God. However, think whether there was any responsibility on the part of human beings. I came as the Messiah and the Son of Man. As the begotten Son of God, I did my very best to fulfill my messianic mission, but I could not fully accomplish my dreams and desires. Had my will been entirely fulfilled, would it be necessary for me to return?

Dear fellow Christians and religious believers, I am truly the Messiah. However, the one who returned to fulfill the messianic mission today is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He is the Second Advent of the Lord. Think of the question John the Baptist asked me, when I was being hounded as a ringleader of heretics: "Are you the one who is to come?" How do you now see Reverend Moon? Think of the flow of time and examine the incredible achievements he has wrought. Could he do this by human power and ability alone?

Jesus who died physically cannot come back to physical life and appear to you. Human flesh is to return to the earth as dust, once it gives up the spirit. That is the truth and a heavenly law. Read again the Bible verse that states that people will rise from the tombs. God is the Author of science and mathematics as the Being of the Principle. The theory that a dead body that decomposed will be reassembled and float in the air assumes that God can do anything and everything. However, to have God violate His own Being is extremely contradictory! You cannot solve questions that way. Look at the world of nature. Look at the process of human growth and the design of human life. God and human beings are in a relationship of parent and child. You will have to experience the heart of God now, who has been leading the providence of salvation for humankind so patiently. What if you Christians could see me right now, sitting and talking with Buddha, whom you consider to be an idol worshipper? What would you think of me?

Dear fellow Christians, fellow Buddhists, and believers of various religions! The four great religious founders, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed, and saints such as Socrates, Augustine and others, have already held this seminar a number of times. Its theme is always the same: " God is the Parent of All Humankind." During the seminars, we are always studying the Divine Principle revealed by Reverend Moon. We analyze and discuss it in depth.

That is the homework given us by God, who carefully observes all the activities of Reverend Moon on Earth. God has also directed that the major religious leaders in the spirit world unite and cooperate with earthly people for the salvation of humankind.

We religious founders have no barriers among us. We are united as one, through the Messiah who appears on Earth in the Completed Testament Age and gives rebirth to all humankind as the children of God. We are praying about and discussing how to create one world centered on God. The conflicts and confrontations often seen among religious people are resolved here in the spirit world. It took long time for this to happen, to persuade people to understand one ultimate truth: the Creator of human beings is God alone. Likewise, in order to bring peace on Earth, it will be necessary to break down the barriers among all religions on Earth.

Earthly leaders of each religion should discuss the commonalities and differences among their different faiths. Together they should choose the strongest points from each, while showing the virtue of humility before others. Would non-believers not be guided in the right direction by following their example? I hope that all religious followers, especially Christians, can unite as one, and that I can meet them all in one place.

The fact that Jesus from Bethlehem in Judea could send a message to earthly people is due to the benefit of the age wrought with the arrival of the Completed Testament Age. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the master of this era because he is the Messiah of the Second Coming.

What will you do with him? Are you going to put him on the stand for judgment? Are you going to hang him, as I was hung 2,000 years ago? Are you willing to pray and fast about this? I hope that you will make a wise decision as a religious follower. I send this message to earthly people with a desire to teach people about my responsibility as Jesus, the Messiah of the New Testament Age.

April 5, 2001

2. The Buddha's Message to Buddhists and Believers in Other Religions

I would like to send a last message to religious people on Earth, especially to Buddhists. As was mentioned by Jesus, as the representatives of each major religion, we four religious founders are making efforts for world peace and the salvation of humankind. This may not be comprehensible to earthly people. In the spirit world, the four major religious founders and other saints and sages are often gathered together for seminars, where we have no confrontations or conflicts with each other.

Before coming to the seminars, we were individually educated in the Divine Principle and other subjects, having attended several workshops. Was it easy to create such a gathering of the founders of religions? It was possible only after many prayers and special conditions, with thorough and repeated reviews and analysis. Now through these seminars, we can discuss things as members of the same family. We have no conflicts based on religious prejudices. Whenever we are gathered for this purpose, God embraces us with a splendid light and slowly leaves us in a friendly atmosphere, joyfully looking at us.

Dear Buddhists, even Jesus testified that he came with a messianic mission in the New Testament Age. What I did was similar. According to the Bible, the Completed Testament Age is to arrive after the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. Whenever a certain providential period arrived, God led a new dispensation through a new central figure.

Although my path as the Buddha was not in the mainstream of God's providence, it is undeniable that I strove to guide people to goodness. Further, I believe that encouraging Buddhists to keep their celibacy while waiting for the right time to arrive was quite effective for their spiritual training and cultivation, even if it was not the direct way to God. From the perspective of Christian history, the time of the Buddha was like the Old Testament Age. It may be unfamiliar, but during that time the benefit of the age for human salvation could not go any further. Buddha lived on earth during that time period, and his teachings were quite influential.

Dear Buddhists, I am not saying that your way of life thus far has been wrong. Like Jesus, in my time I also did my best to guide humankind in the right direction. However, with the passing of time, the tasks needed for the salvation of humankind have changed. What I am trying to do is to engraft the fruit of Buddhists who were raised through my methods of spiritual cultivation. Please study the Unification Principle. You will find there a considerable number of truths that also flow through the teachings of Buddhism. Do not be immersed in old-fashioned ideas and concepts, but by accepting the new truth, engraft it to the truth of Buddhism. Then, I am sure that a wonderful passage of faith will open to you.

In this age Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Buddha for whom you have been waiting. Make a special condition as a Buddhist at a shrine. It is time for you to be true to the highest standard of Buddhist integrity. Do not reject the new Buddha, who is to come in the Completed Testament Age. Do not reject his truth.

Demonstrate the virtue of compassion as practiced by numerous Buddhists who have cultivated their spirituality. Do not look for faults in others, but act with humility and prudence. What is truth? Depending on the historical era, the direction for human beings can change. Look at the world of nature. All things God created can change in color and size, depending on the environment, but the species remain the same. Who can quell the voice of the original mind, through which human beings are striving to lead a life of faith? However, depending on the sound of the voice of the original mind, the mode of human life vary, bringing different aspects of joy to God.

Therefore, do not be fixed on an old-fashioned idea. Expand the horizon of your ideas and views. If I told you Jesus and Buddha are getting along as brothers, you Buddhists would not believe me. However, I cannot help it. God wants us to work together as one. In your opinion, what would Jesus call Buddha? He calls him "Honored Buddha" with a smile and a soft voice, always being humble. Once Buddha speaks, he always responds positively, with a bright and cheerful expression, saying: "Yes, right," " That is correct," and "Let's do it."

Dear fellow Buddhists and Christians, as Heaven and Earth are united as one, bringing the world of peace, should the Earth not be united as well? Let us be unified by the new truth in this new era. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is leading the Completed Testament Age, and he is the Buddha to come. This is the conclusion drawn in these seminars of the four major religious founders. Let us now liberate God, by bringing oneness between Buddhism and Christianity.

April 6, 2001

3. Confucius' Message to Confucianists and All People on Earth

When human beings live in the flesh, in order to sustain their physical life they decide on certain norms and live within that boundary. Human beings did not know better, being limited by their physical senses. They tried to cope with problems within limited boundaries, by seeing and hearing what appeared to be reality. Although the four major religious founders thoroughly reveal the contents they learned in these seminars, since they are invisible to the eyes of earthly people, they cannot readily accept it as real.

However, the four major religious founders and other saints and sages here struggled more than anyone else for the salvation of humankind. Other than Jesus they may not be messiahs, but they willingly denied their physical comfort for the sake of humanity. Never taking life lightly, they are the ones who proclaimed the truth and sought to teach it to people, guiding them to a better life. Such are the individuals gathered together here.

Even after they offered their physical body, they cared for and cherished their followers on Earth as themselves. Because they endeavored and toiled so hard to guide them to a better direction, they are qualified to attend these gatherings.

As was already stated by Jesus and Buddha, the spirit world here is truly harmonious. Jesus introduced himself before the Buddhist participants and said: "Since we are gathered together, let us have worship in both the Christian way and the Buddhist way. And let us talk about our views on the life of faith." Likewise, Buddha offered a full bow to the Christians at the gathering and humbly said, "Thank you for giving me a chance to greet you." These two great founders then exhorted everyone to reconcile with each other despite some differences in their beliefs. Then some noise arose from a corner of that gathering. Jesus said in a gentle voice: "Dear brothers and sisters, we all are children of God and therefore brothers and sisters to each other. And it is time for us to show God harmony among us." The atmosphere calmed down and turned solemn. Then, God appeared as light. He swirled quietly in the beginning and later transformed the entire area into brightness. Everyone there was taken aback with surprise and mesmerized by its splendor. They did not know what to do.

During our seminars, God frequently demonstrated His thoughtfulness. I believe that such meetings will continue. We believe that through gatherings among the four great religious founders and other saints and sages, all power struggles among religions and denominations will disappear. Then the doors to the truth will open to all people from different backgrounds.

Dear Confucianists, how can I help you? In the world there are various races, religions, cultural backgrounds and customs that change depending on the situation. Despite that, all people have one thing in common: our human identity. Regardless of whether we are white, black, or yellow, once a person goes to a hospital, the method of treatment is identical for the same ailment. It is so because the human anatomic structure is does not vary with race. What does this mean? It means that we all have the same Creator. There is only one Creator, who is God. God is our Parent. If we attend Him, all will be well.

Nevertheless, why is everything so complicated? Ever since the wrong beginning of human history, different religions have arisen. The unification of religions is therefore necessary, and for this purpose God sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon to the Earth. He does not say that the religious doctrines taught by each religion are wrong, but presents one simple truth that everyone can unite with. Yet each religion still insists that their teaching alone is correct and the only right way. That is why things became so complicated. So I believe that we desperately need to yield to each other with a willingness to accept others. No matter how noisy it is on Earth, the representatives from the major religions are tightly bonded here. Bonded by what? There is only one truth. All of us have resolved that we will live with God, attending Him as our Parent. What then will my followers on Earth do? It is not difficult to guess.

Dear Buddhists! Your greatest teacher is attending God as the Parent of all humankind. God is your great Maitreya Buddha. Thus, you should no longer dwell in self-centeredness, but instead, examining your daily life on Earth, live in preparation for your future life here in the spirit world.

Humankind is one people and one tribe. Reverend Sun Myung Moon was sent to attend only one God and teach His heavenly law. Find out what he is doing for human liberation, despite the fact that he is over 80.

Dear earthly people! The place you will dwell for eternity is here in the spirit world. Earthly life is nothing but a temporary training center. During the harvest time, only good grain will be stored. Thus you should live a mature life. Dear followers of Confucius, please consult the messages from Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and other saints and sages, and make a wise decision for your future life.

April 7, 2001

4. Mohammed's Message for Muslims and People on Earth

When God created human beings, each individual was to be an object of joy to Him. However, against His original will, due to the fall of the first human ancestors, from the beginning human history flowed in a wrong direction. Races divided, religions arose, and different cultures developed depending on the living environment. Nevertheless, the Creator of all human beings is only one, God. How painful His heart must be when He looks at the divisions of humankind into many races, religions and cultures. God is the Parent of all humanity, but when He has to watch His children fighting everyday, arguing over who is right and who is wrong, how must He feel? Earthly people do not know the overall direction and flow of God's providence, nor the relationship between God and human beings, and that is why there has been no harmony among religions for a long time.

God is the Parent of humanity. If examined carefully, the original source of all doctrine or truth is one. What religion would teach people to revere evil. Although their methods might differ, their fundamental purpose is to pursue goodness. Because God is the original being of absolute goodness and love, and every religion teaches about love.

Therefore, the fundamental teachings of each religion are quite similar. Now God's basic desires are to bring the truths and doctrines of all religions together and unite them as one. When it is done, God can finally rest. After countless days of waiting, God finally sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon for this purpose. Through him, the Unification Principle was revealed for the sake of the unification of all religions.

Dear Muslims, you too were born as children of God. I hope that you will unite in one thought. The reason is simple. The only God wants that unification. God at the time of Muhammad and God in this era is the same God, who is our unchanging Parent. Now is the time when we should be able to enjoy one brotherhood and realize world peace. God desires it all the time.

The possibility of world peace is remote without the unification of religions. Dear Muslims, Muhammad is petitioning you. Do not employ our own unique faith and doctrines to cause pain to other religious believers, but accept everyone with open arms and open hearts. By so doing, open doors to conversations on doctrines and join together. The four major religious founders have united in one thought and idea. Jesus accepted Buddha, and vice-versa. We personally experienced God who is rejoicing to see us at the same seminar. Through that experience, we resolved to remain united as one.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon came to the Earth in order to deliver God's will and to unite a divided and scattered humankind. He appears as the True Parent. I hope that my followers will also accept him with a humble attitude.

The one whom you have been attending is God. When you work with other religious believers after accepting God's love, both God and Muhammad will praise you.

And please read thoroughly the Unification Principle in a quiet place. Muhammad opened his heart all the way, after realizing from the seminar that its teaching is a true guide to human life. I know that you cannot do it overnight. However, if it is a path that everyone must go, I hope that none of you will fail in choosing the right and straightest way for your life.

April 9, 2001

5. Message of Socrates to Intellectuals

After the senators in Athens betrayed me, I often thought that it would have been nice if human life could have been valued and cherished more than my theories that so disturbed the citizens. Human life should not be judged by what is visible. Even the smallest creature was created with the loving care of God's hands. If so, how precious and valuable human beings must be as children created with all of God's heart and soul, the masterpieces of all creation!

Although created as children of God, human beings have lived without knowing it. Think of the relationship between parents and children on Earth. When they are apart from each other, how much do they long with aching hearts to see each other? Parents and children should live in happiness, sharing love and conversation in the same family. Even God desires to live like that. God, the Creator of human beings, is the original source of love and heart itself. Yet since the creation, due to the wrong direction the first human ancestors took, the relationship between God and human beings has been severed. Under those circumstances, what has been the heart of God?

Dear intellectuals! You know Socrates is a man who was betrayed by the jury in Athens. The pain and sorrow that I experienced from that injustice was indescribable. After coming to God, however, I discovered Someone who was mistreated more than me, bearing more chagrin and grievances. It is because human beings did not know their relationship with God. What could be more grievous, lamentable and unfair? Human beings have not known their own Parent, nor the love by which He has been dearly caring for them, nor the pain He has had to endure for so long as He waited for His children to return. When I realized this, my sorrow was beyond words.

Dear intellectuals! Between parents and children, is there boasting about knowledge and academic position? The most important thing to us is to restore and maintain the parent and child relationship. Its value is greater than the discovery of any academic theories. Would Socrates not know how important it is for human beings, especially intellectuals, to have a position in worldly society? Regardless, remember that attending your Parent well is so important. In fact, it cannot be compared with anything else. What else could be needed other than God? When we say, "God is my Parent and I am His child," it means that the relationship bonded in blood lineage bestows the greatest position.

Dear intellectuals! Physical bodies are required only during earthly life. So it is with your knowledge and academic position. Therefore, even in preparing to register here for your future life, you need to be equipped with inner knowledge. Being so ignorant, while intoxicated by your academic skill, if you suddenly separate from your flesh body, where will your spirit go? This is a serious matter to consider. Remember that another world definitely exists, and your spirit will live there for eternity.

Accordingly, unprepared spirits cannot stay here. Have you ever seen beggars on the street? Lacking their own home, they stay anywhere on the streets. Likewise, you should prepare your haven in the spirit world. External knowledge and academic status were important to me during my earthly life, but more than these I pursued human beings' inner spiritual life and the truth of philosophy.

You cannot imagine how much time I invested for this. Since I unceasingly sought human beings' inner truth, not the momentary life on earth, I was granted this position as the representative of all intellectuals and people who prize reason above all. How can there not be awards given for the conscious endeavors one makes to come to the eternal world? The fruit of your hard work, effort and investment is borne here, in the dwelling place of eternal happiness.

I had to pass numerous tests before I could send this message. What were they? Here in this world as on Earth, people have various ways of life. As on Earth there are also many different religious entities. One day I attended a seminar for intellectuals, during which I listened to a lecture on the Divine Principle with the theme: "The Path for Intellectuals to Go." I encountered a new truth, one that was awakening me to the fundamentals of life. Yet since I was being transformed into a new person so drastically, my pride was hurt. Many times I shook my head, trying to deny the new truth that I was hearing. I also hoped that it was not true. Then, when I discovered from where such an incredible truth originated, conflicts and friction arose in my heart. I was ashamed of myself, for I felt my dignity and authority as an intellectual were being totally stripped away. However, what can I do about the truth? Truth is truth no matter what. After realizing this, I gave up on my intellect and pride. I decided to invest everything into this truth. I had to pass that test before I came to send this message to intellectuals on Earth.

Dear intellectuals! Even if I were to mobilize all of my intelligence and reason, how would it compare with that of God? Would God have created all things randomly, without any plan? Even if I could sell my intelligence and abilities, I could not purchase those belonging to God. No matter how great the power of science, can natural law be changed? God Himself is the Master of science. The mightiness and divinity of God that Socrates discovered cannot be described in words.

That is not all. The lady who is taking down my message is an earthly person, but I am a spirit dwelling in the spirit world. Can you intellectuals understand this? Such communication is also possible only due to the power and ability of God. Since the time is ripe, God is allowing me to reveal heavenly secrets to earthly people so that they can be guided to the right place in the future.

Here in the spirit world, resolution of difficulties comes simply because people here have already verified and understood the situation of God. Their directions are also the same, consistent with that of God. However, on Earth things are very complicated, simply because there is no agreement on what is the right direction.

Dear intellectuals! God is toiling hard to guide His children in the right direction, mobilizing various methods. Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever seen God? He is invisible and formless. Nevertheless, His single-minded desire to restore His lost children is unchanging even after many thousands of years. That is why He sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon to Earth on His behalf, and presented us with the Divine Principle. He wants us to determine the right direction to take in our lifetime. The book Exposition of the Divine Principle was not written by a human brain or deduced by human reason. It is a book of salvation that was discovered through Reverend Moon's bloody battles against Satan. He verified every single thing in the book as truth from God. It contains everything. Read it carefully. Your intellect is able to analyze how much your spirit is awakened, and you will be able to realize the direction you should take in your life.

Dear intellectuals! Who are the people whom you should most highly respect as great? Ask and answer that question yourself. They will very likely be people who left behind something valuable on Earth. Yet so far, there have not been great people who willingly took responsibility for the next life in the spirit world. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, on behalf of God, is guiding us toward an eternal passage to peace. Through his mission he awakens our spirit. Then he is willing to be responsible for our life in the next world.

Study him and try to find teachers greater than he, comparing them. If you cannot find any earthly persons who are greater than he, what will you do? You are in a serious position at a serious time, and you are required to make a serious decision in your life. Life is not long, but the next world absolutely exists. Don't you think that it is wise for you to meet a true teacher and be prepared for the next life, by studying what he teaches?

God does not need your knowledge or intelligence. Only humble people can be with God. By learning His great and profound truth and digesting it as your own, you should be able to be more than a beggar when you come to this world in the future. The highest intellectuals should be among those who can attend God as their Parent. In fact, only such individuals can be considered the highest intellectuals.

April 10, 2001

6. Saint Augustine's Message to Christians and Other Religious Believers

I, Augustine, desired to stand in the highest position, second to none in serving God. However, I ended up in a shameful and foolish position. I failed to attend God as my Parent, but only served God as the highest Being. I was unable even to dream about the parent-child relationship between God and human beings. As a result, I realize that my faith and thought have but little value before Him.

Dear Christians and other religious believers who are working hard on Earth! I hope that you can come to a clear realization now, after reading the messages of the four major religious founders. The four major religious founders and other saints and sages like myself hold gatherings periodically. The purpose of holding these gatherings of major religious leaders is to convey God's thoughts to all humankind, who are still divided on various levels.

Earthly people might think that Jesus will visit only Christians, but it is not so. Representatives of each religion already transcended their religions and exchanged their views on each other's teachings and doctrines. They reached the conclusion that all religions must unite as one. After visiting different religious organizations, sharing dialogues with other religious followers and attending their services, the four major religious founders and other saints and sages held a seminar to discuss their experiences at each other's religious gatherings. They presented many themes and discussed them in an amicable atmosphere.

At this point, let me share with you a very interesting incident. Jesus was deeply immersed in the Buddha's words, and he conveyed those words verbatim at a gathering of Buddhists. Then they asked him: "You are the founder of Christianity, so why are you conveying the teaching of our teacher?" Jesus' answer was even more interesting: "I just was testing whether I also could be a Buddha." The people who were gathered laughed together. Jesus truly did not have any greed or personal desires. It seems that Jesus moved the Buddhists by his simple wish to be a Son of God, with such a humble and innocent attitude.

Dear religious believers! Truth is eternal. It is only one. It is because there is only one God and He is the original entity of truth. God is the Parent of humankind and we are His children. Under that premise, what is the purpose of having numerous religions? Summarizing the core of truths that are taught by each religion, I see that their final destination is the same. They have the same direction. I would never think of asking each religion to discard its strong points. I am simply supporting God's wish that they unite as one under the same purpose. God should feel joy when He sees many children. But if they are fighting against each other, would His heart not ache? When children are getting along in harmony, God's Holy Spirit will dwell with them.

The four major religious founders and other saints and sages came to a final conclusion at the seminar. They resolved, " Let us love one another and become one." We believe that if we first become one in the spirit world, then our followers on the Earth also will become one. Unless religions are united as one, God's heart cannot be comfortable. Peace for all humanity can be realized if we apply God's teaching.

Dear religious followers! Please keep in mind the messages of the four major religious founders and the other saints and sages. Such a golden time will not come to you again. Do you think that heavenly secrets like these can be conveyed to people on Earth continuously? Such is a special chance has been granted by the consideration of God. Through this opportunity, I hope that you will realize the essence and basics of faith and stand rightfully in the position of God's children.

I have one last request of you. Numerous Christians and religious followers on Earth, there is a teacher who is walking the path of a martyr for world peace. He is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. So please receive him wholeheartedly and sincerely. The four major religious founders and the other saints and sages firmly believe that he is the Messiah. They are resolved to go the path of that teacher. Toward this end, we have resolved among ourselves to go in one direction, making efforts to love and respect one another beyond religions and denominations.

We too are teaching Reverend Moon's thought, because it is the path to world peace and truth. Dear religious believers! Do not fight. Become one in harmony. God will be with you at the place where you unite as one.

April 10, 2001

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