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Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

Explanatory Note
Major Organizations founded by Reverend Moon
A Vision for World Peace
A guidebook for the realization of peace

What is Peace?

1.1 The true meaning of peace
1.2 What would a world of peace be like?
1.3 The world of peace desired by God and humankind
1.4 God, the origin of peace

How is Peace to be Attained?

2.1 The fall and restoration of humankind, and the world of peace
2.2 How does the garden of peace come about?
2.3 The mind as the stronghold of peace
2.4 Mind-body conflict, and peace
2.5 Peace, the point of mind-body unity
2.6 Emphasizing the internal and the spiritual
2.7 Men and women, and peace

Reverend Moon's Philosophy of Peace

3.1 Peace is realized through reciprocal relationships
3.2 Peace that comes when living for others
3.3 Philosophy of peace and love
3.4 Absolute values and peace
3.5 Good, Evil and Peace
3.6 Freedom and peace

Prerequisites for the Realization of Peace

4.1 The solution to the fundamental problems of God and mankind and the realization of a world of peace
4.2 The central figure and the realization of a world of peace
4.3 Jesus Christ and the kingdom of peace
4.4 Religion and peace
4.5 Peace within the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmos