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Report on the Spirit World Seminar for 120 Political Leaders of Korea, Japan, and the United States

The following selections were received by Young Soon Kim from Dr. Sang Hun Lee in Spirit World. The seminar attendees were comprised of:

1. United States Leaders : 40 persons
2. Leaders of Korea : 40 persons
3. Leaders o1 Japan : 10 persons
4. Adoption of Declaration by 120 Leaders

1) George Washington (1789-1797)

First President of the United States. America's founding father.

I, George Washington, am deeply moved to learn through Mr. Sang Hun Lee the identity of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, learn about Rev. Moon's accomplishments and thought, and come to a realization that he has appeared as the Messiah of humankind. I was introduced to much poignant content, including the course of Rev. Moon's turbulent life and suffering that led to his ascension to the position of True Parents of humankind, his bloody battle with Satan to discover the Unification Principle, his providential victories, and the circumstances of God as He governed the providence of the parallel periods from time immemorial. In particular, 1 came to the realization that the Messiah of humankind gives unlimited love to the people of the United States, and is offering endless sincerity and dedication in order to guide humankind to the philosophy of peace, but that the people of America are greatly lacking in sincerity and dedication in attending the Messiah. I realized that the people of America are blessed by the mere fact that the Messiah is present on American soil. Yet, the people of America appear unable to realize this deeply. I am deeply distressed about this point.

The government and people of the United States should accept the thought and teachings of the Messiah. They must realize that this is a blessing that God has given to America. For what purpose did America become the strongest country in the world? You should remember that when your ancestors founded America, we began by attending God in the highest point. But what is your situation now? America must repent. Examine the direction in which you should be going, and the reality of where you are going. Will God guide you to the path of eternal blessing? Only if the people of America repent and receive guidance in the thought of the Messiah will America become God's eternal Eden.

George Washington, 6.9. 2002

2) John Adams (1797-1801)

Second President of the United States

John Adams met a most precious person here in the world after death. This person is Mr. Sang Hun Lee, an invaluable person of high character who is worthy of much trust. When I first met this man, it was not through a motivation of faith. We were in a place piled with books, and each of us looking for some books when we happened to bump into each other. This was the beginning of our relationship. He greeted me as we were arranging a large number of books. He said, "I am not in a hurry, so you can go ahead. He said he would take his time in arranging the books. I felt attracted to this gentle and humble man. In the process of our discussing a number of different subjects, I came to hear the Unification Principle and Unification Thought. Mr. Lee told me that his appearance had been changed on numerous dimensions as he lived steeped in the teachings, of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and that he left his position as a medical doctor and lived absorbed in the words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Principle before coming here. When America was founded, God was truly with us. This is quite apparent in America's founding spirit. Now, though, I begin to think that God may turn away from America. I hope that the people of America will quickly realize that they are committing a great error. As I learn the Unification Principle, Unification Thought, and the basic thought of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in this place, my earnest hope is that America will return to the form of Eden, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth of God's desire. For this, it is necessary that the people of America follow the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I earnestly hope that leaders in all aspects of American life will not waste a single day in accepting the global level thought of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and that God will not leave America.

John Adams, 6.9.2002

3) Thomas Jefferson (1797-1801)

Third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence

A great saint, the Messiah, has been born in the calm country Korea, so I shall convey the heart of Jefferson with the desire that the bright light from the East shine on all people. The founding spirit of America is second to that of no other country in the world. I take pride in that. Yet in this place, the world after death, I am quite envious of the people of Korea, a calm and quiet country. Where is there any peace or happiness for the people of America, vexed by philosophical struggle, racial struggle, and countless incidents of terror? The Messiah of humanity, the True Parents of humankind, has the philosophy of peace for the World. See what happens when the leaders of America accept this thought. See what happens when America no longer seeks after only its pride as the strongest country externally but makes an unbiased examination of itself to see what it has done for peace among humankind.

People of America, rise again. Return to the country's founding spirit. Follow the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah of humankind who has appeared in Korea. There is no inconsistency between our foundation spirit and his teachings. Historically famous presidents and kings are excited by the greatness of his philosophy of peace.

America, rise again. Make America the land of Gods new truth and new hope. That is the mission America is called to fulfil in this age.

Thomas Jefferson. 6.10.2002

4) James Madison (1809-1817)

Fourth President of the United States. Father of the U.S. Constitution.

-I earnestly hope the people of America will not lose the status as an eternally powerful country-

I waited a long time for an opportunity for Madison's message to be conveyed to Earth. I believe that since America's founding, many countries have recognized its position and self-respect as a rich and powerful country. Today, however, the people of America have almost forgotten America's founding, spirit. Was the Constitution established just to maintain a single country? The Constitution must he obeyed for as long its peoples physical bodies are alive. But when people leave their lives on earth, they must all come here, the heavenly world, without exception, in accordance with the way of Heaven. So, even on Earth, people must obey the way of Heaven. There is something that people must fulfil for the sake of their eternal lives in the heavenly world. All the people of America must follow the teachings in the Unification Thought and Unification Principle of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is the returning Lord in this age and the Messiah. I earnestly hope that the people of America will be active participants in and cooperate with the pan-cosmic unification movement, and carefully study Unification Principle and Unification Thought so that they will not lose the status as an eternally powerful country. This is the final conclusion of Madison, who has studied Unification Principle and Unification Thought several times here.

James Madison, 6.8.2002

5) James Monroe (1817-1825)

The fifth President of the United States

-Study carefully the Unification Principle and Unification Thought-

While people are living on earth, fame, power, and wealth probably seem very important. Most people probably have lived as if their earthly lives would last for ever and continue to live so now. I, James Madison, have experienced a time of indescribable inspiration here. I have learned through a new expression of truth called Unification Principle that God is the parent of us human beings and that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon has appeared on Earth as the Messiah after a history of restoration through indemnity involving many complicated circumstances and is extending the hand of salvation to humanity. To realize that the Messiah is giving tremendous grace to people on Earth makes me feel jealous toward people on Earth. On the other hand, I also cannot help feeling disappointed with them. People on Earth seem to know almost nothing about life in the heavenly world. It makes no difference whether we are the president of a country, a person of low birth, or a beggar. We are all God's children. What use is fame or power in a relationship between a parent and his children, and how can there be rich and poor people among brothers and sisters? Most people of America live comfortably, so they cannot experience the poverty and hunger of other people, and they probably have not thought about life in the spirit world. You must study about your life in the afterlife, and tape interest in this. Study carefully the Unification Principle and Unification Thought of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I request this earnestly as a person who was once responsible for the people of America and as one who has came here before you.

James Monroe, 6.12.2002

6) John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)

Sixth President of the United States. Son of President John Adams, the second President.

-People of America must return to the founding spirit of America-

I, Adams, as one of the people who have been responsible for the people of America, would like to impress upon the people of America that life can Earth is very brief. It is an overly common phenomenon that people, during their lives on Earth, are not concerned with their lives in the next world. It seems that there are not many people who really understand that human beings were created to live on Earth for just a fleeting moment and then come here, the spirit world, to live eternally. Compared to the eternal heavenly world, life on Earth is extremely short. During your lives on Earth, you must prepare yourselves thoroughly to live eternally here in the spirit world. Fame, power and property must not be the standard of values for people living, on Earth. Fame during our life on Earth will not bring you special treatment here. Your life here in the spirit world will be determined by your standard of value during your life on Earth. I have a request to make to you who are on Earth. I would like you to study about Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is carrying out the Unification Movement on Earth, and follow his teachings. If you study the Unification Principle carefully, you will come to conclusion about how you must live your life. I make this request because I once loved America as the person who was responsible for America. The people of America must return to the founding spirit of America.

John Quincy Adams, 6.13.2002

7) Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

The seventh President of the United States

I, Jackson, am convinced that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a prophet, Messiah, returning~ Lord, and True Parent of humankind sent by God. His teachings, the Unification Principle and Unification Thought, and his accomplishments are sufficient proof of this. His teachings are the only way for humankind to follow in this age. Also, when I see God's administration of the history of the Providence of restoration, I firmly believe that Rev. Moon is the savior of humanity who leads the Completed Testament age. I earnestly request that the people of America receive the thorough ideological guidance of Rev. Moon's truth and attend him. He is the true leader of humanity. God is the True Parent of humankind, so we human beings are brothers and sisters. This is a universal truth of this age that begins centering on true families. The people of America will be able to have a vision for America's future only when they follow his teachings.

I have come to realize with certainty that a life of wealth and fame on Earth is of no use in any place or in any situation here. You must consider what you would do if you were to come here now, rather than in some far off future. If I had taught people about the world where the souls live while I was President, then I probably could have been treated as a President here as well. Through the Unification Principle, I have come to realize the greatness of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I am deeply moved. I repented and cried tears like a waterfall. I also realized that I had been an ignorant leader. I bitterly repented that I had failed to awaken the people of America to the reality of the eternal life of human beings. Even belatedly, I would like to convey this information to the people of America now. On several occasions, God has appeared in this place as jubilant rays of light or as a dazzling rainbow. In this mysterious and emotional experience, all of us were deeply moved by God and greeted Him with applause. We repented of our past in tears and participated in the Unification Principle seminar.

People of America! Life on Earth is a fleeting, moment. I hope you will start now to prepare yourselves for life in the eternal world. Do not forget even for a second the fact that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah, true teacher, and True Parent humankind, and follow his guidance faithfully.

Andrew Jackson, 6.16.2002

8) Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)

The eighth President of the United States

-People on Earth must receive the Messiah's direct guidance-

I, Van Buren, candidly accept that I failed to accomplish my responsibility as the father of a country when I was on Earth. I also confess that I did not even comprehend my own existence on Earth. Until now I have lived here in the spirit world experiencing numerous mental struggles and much agony over these responsibilities. How could I have lived in such ignorance as to not realize that God's eternal aspect resides with human nature and that there exists another world that is vast and eternal? God, who is our Parent and who wants to live together with human beings for eternity, has always existed and constantly has given us His silent instruction and guidance. Words cannot describe how shameful I am or how much I reproach myself for completely neglect this fact. I came to know these things for a certainty through the Unification Principle.

I want to be sure to take this opportunity to tell the people on Earth one thing. That is that the heavenly world where every human being must live forever definitely exists. Those who do not prepare themselves on Earth for life in this world are certain to face suffering and pain in this place. I hope that you come here after having walked the correct path on Earth. The quickest way to do that is to receive the instruction of the Messiah, who is on Earth. The Messiah of this age is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He was sent by God. Please never forget this point.

Martin Van Buren, 6.17.2002

9) William Henry Harrison (1841)

Died after one month in office. The ninth President of the United States

-Unification Principle told me the true meaning and value of life and its direction-

Anyone who, within his lifetime, is able to know God and His ideal is the most fortunate of all people. Human beings should live their lives in a state of understanding the true value of life, but most people do not know this. I, Harrison, have deeply understood the true standard of value for life after having studied the Unification Principle in this place. The Unification Principle is a precious message to the people in this age that was revealed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He is the Messiah sent by God, the savior, True Parent, and a great prophet for humanity.

He is the true son of God who all humanity, not only Americans, must attend and follow. It would be impossible for me to explain all these things, and even if I did you would not understand. You should study the Unification Principle. If you do, you will come to realize clearly the fundamentals of life and the direction of life. While you are on Earth, prepare for the world where you must be for eternity. To do this, you must study the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, receive his instruction, and inherit the lineage of God.

William Harrison, 6.18.2002

10) John Tyler (1841-1845)

The tenth President of the United States. Became President on the death of President Harrison

-Thank you for revealing Heaven's secrets-

It was intended that every aspect of human life on Earth be directly related to God, but people have lived in ignorance of this fundamental truth. I, Tyler, have never denied God's existence, but the message, "God is the Parent of humankind," is something that I truly had never even imagined. The instant that the Unification Principle lecturer spoke the words, "God is the Parent of humankind," a dazzling ray of light shined into the lecture place from someplace up high. It calmed all of our hearts and fascinated all of us. We welcomed this with applause, but at the same time we wept many tears.

God enveloped us in this resplendent light, and said in a loud voice,

"I am the almighty Jehovah, God, and your Parent.'

Then He said in a soft and clear but deeply~ sorrowful voice,

"I am your Parent."

After speaking these words He again looped all around the lecture room with the ray of light, and then departed. Everyone in the lecture room felt the reverence toward what had happened, and we spent a few moments in silent meditation. I am truly grateful to Rev. Sun Myung Moon on Earth, the Messiah, saviour, and True Parent of humanity.

How hard you must have worked in order to reveal such amazing facts. True Parents, you have revealed the secrets of Heaven and the deep and difficult providence of suffering that was hidden behind a veil. Please lead not just the people of America but all humanity to the truth of the Unification Principle.

John Tyler, 6.20.2002

11) James Polk (1845-1849)

The eleventh President of the United States.

-The True Parents of Humankind have appeared and are guiding us-

In the course of a person's life, the time spent on Earth is only a short moment. Yet when people are alive on Earth, they think that their momentary earthly life will last forever. I, Polk, attended the Unification Principle seminar here in the spirit world in a considerably good environment, receiving good treatment in an atmosphere of piety. This is a place where only intellectuals and presidents, kings and others of considerable stature are present. Here I have received instruction in Unification Principle, Unification Thought, the life course of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, God's circumstances, as well as the creation of human beings, the fall, and the providence of restoration.

People of America, do you think you know what kind of place is hell and what kind of place is Heaven? As long as you are in your physical bodies, you probably cannot even imagine these things. If there is one earnest message that I would give to people on Earth, it would be that Rev. Sun Myung Moon who is on earth is working within the theme, "God is the Parent of humankind," and that he is the Messiah of all humanity, the True Parents of all humanity who has appeared to guide us. You must never forget this fact. You must carefully study the True Parents thought and the True Parents' truth. These are the conclusions I have reached in the spirit world.

James Polk, 6.25.2002

12) Zachary Taylor (1849 -1850)

The twelfth President of the United States

- We all make a strong determination to have absolute obedience to the teachings of the true teacher -

All of our desires, hopes, and joys are almost useless after we have shed our physical bodies. The revelation that God our creator is the Parent of humankind is an incredible event that is of greater value than the entire cosmos. I do not think there has ever been a more precious, magnificent, and shocking event in all of human history. I, Taylor, was once the President and leader of a great nation. But that is of no use here. After losing my physical body, I thought deeply and shed many tears here while considering the value of my brief earthly life.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as the saviour of humankind, the Messiah, and True Parent has given a new light of hope not only to the people of America but also to the entire human race. So let us all make a strong determination to have absolute obedience to the teachings of the true teacher. I earnestly ask that the people of America follow the guidance of True Parents absolutely.

Zachary Taylor, 7.31.2002

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