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Chapter V:
Apology of Lucifer

1. God's Request to Lucifer

The new Heaven and earth began in the history of grief and `han,' and now the age for God to be able to sit in the position of True Parents in front of humanity is dawning. The beginning and the end have already been finalized. Already, every child of the entire Heaven and earth knows who you are. Lucifer, recall your original self and the position wherein you were unconditionally obeying God and rejoicing at the time of the first meeting in Garden of Eden; please return to that position. You are not qualified to conduct the conclusion of the evil history of sin which you have sowed. Your original self was being created as only a messenger. You were not created to act as parents for the children of God. Various explanations are not necessary. Already the judgement has been made. So, your appearance wouldn't become cowardly in front of all humankind if you quietly show your final humble attitude.

There won't be another day of judgment for you. Since the final judgment has been made, just quietly return to your position. This is God's final request. It would be better for you to act even one second earlier. If your action takes place one second late, you will remain as the eternal cowardly one in front all of history, and the disastrous scene of your punishment will unfold miserably.

Quickly return to your original position. If you do so, God will quickly settle all the disease of evil and sin which you have spread with such a mess. Go, goto your position. I am ordering you in the name of Jehovah, often thousand armies. Lucifer! Return to your position! Jehovah of ten thousand armies is requesting this of you and telling you for the last time.

March 21, 1999

2. From Lucifer to God

I am offering this to God.

God, I am very sorry.

How could I dare to ask for Your forgiveness? Although I knew that history would end some day, I wasn't able to see either the direction or my original position to which I must go. I was always anxious because there was no one who radically, formally made determination to lead me strongly. How could I dare to go to the position where I am told to go?

I will return as I would carry the punishment given by God.

What more could I say about the countless days that I sinned by ignoring God's long sigh although I saw it?

God! God!

I am very sorry.

From Lucifer - March 21, 1999

3. From Lucifer to True Parents

I am offering this to True Parents. Since all people call you True Parents, I call you True Parents. I am very sorry that I gave you an extremely huge difficulty to straighten out the countless aspects of evil history of sin that I committed. What word would I have to tell you? Once, I, undeserving and selfish, desired to receive the blessing. I am very sorry for this. If it is possible, I ask for your generous punishment, as you are the parents of humankind. As I see the countless ways of evil and sin, the ways of indemnity, even with my eyes, I can see that the only way of my return is the way of bloody bruises. However, if it is the last way of suffering to go to God and True Parents, I will follow obeying.

True Parents, Parents of humankind, Lucifer is very sorry.

I am truly sorry.

From Lucifer - March 21, 1999

4. From Lucifer to Humankind

I am offering this to all humankind. This is Lucifer, the criminal of humankind.

The devil Lucifer, who spread the blood lineage of original sin to humankind by acting as God, although he is not God, has no word he can say as the criminal in front of all humankind.

From now on, when poverty, suffering, and disease disappear, and God's new Heaven and earth open, rather than poverty and disease, peace will come to all people in the world of love and dance.

I think 1 have no opportunity to even give my excuse in front of the history of suffering and war which caused you to suffer from disease because of me. Unconditionally, I am very sorry.

I won't even offer an excuse before the fact that, I betrayed countless members of humankind and religious people. I will return as Lucifer, wishing all humankind to be happy as children of God.

Criminal Lucifer of humankind - March 21,1999

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