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Chapter II:
Diseases Caused by Lucifer

1. Diseases Caused by Lucifer

The number of diseases in the world is too many to count. There are also countless names given to these diseases. How is it that Lucifer makes people sick, and how does he push them along the path of death? Let's take an example. People on earth are most afraid of cancer so cancer is divided into several categories.

Why does the disease called stomach cancer come about? The stomach is a very important organ for people. Of course all parts of the human body are precious, but the stomach is especially so because it takes all the food and drink that comes into the body through the mouth and digests and stores these. It is a storage place that is supposed to provide the body with nutriments. If something goes wrong there, then there is a problem with supplying nutriments for the body and there is major difficulty in maintaining life.

When that happens, there is an imbalance of nutriments in the human body. The body becomes weak and it loses its ability to defend itself against other illnesses. In general, stomach cancer is caused by overeating to the point that stress is placed on the stomach. Aside from this, if a person is under a great deal of stress in general, it makes it difficult for the stomach to perform its normal movement of contraction and expansion. This makes it difficult to digest food completely and food particles are left in the stomach. A stomach has ways of avoiding trouble and maintaining its balance even in the midst of such stress from various sources. This is why the health of a human body can be maintained.

When a person eats very salty food, then the stomach will make the person drink water so that the salty elements can be evaporated. If a person eats a lot of spicy food and the stomach begins to hurt, then it will send a signal, saying, "Please don't eat any more spicy food." This way it manages to avoid trouble and to adapt itself. Here we find another amazing aspect of how God created human beings. It's difficult to coordinate even things that can be observed by the human eye. Yet, the different parts of the human body are able to coordinate with each other without having anybody giving them direction. We must give thanks again to the love of God for humankind. Strangely we see here that there is a criminal who places obstacles in the way of the proper functioning of the human body and makes the human body break down. The identity of that criminal is Lucifer.

Lucifer says, "The stomach is doing very well so I am going to grab hold of it or see what else I can do." He does all kinds of mischief like this. When this happens people feel pain in their stomach or exhibit various other symptoms. Such people become unable to eat and they go to one clinic after another but they are told simply, "It has to do with your nerves." So they are always sick and suffer through their life. It's amazing when the human body breaks down it creates the sensation of pain. If there were no pain, it would be impossible to treat the body. Because there is pain people pay attention to curing the disease. So how are we to treat this illness? The motivation for this disease may lie in any one of several aspects. For us, however, the most important thing is that we ourselves must find out the fundamental cause of the illness. When we have found the fundamental cause we are already half way in curing the disease. Is it true, then, that if a disease comes from Lucifer we should not treat it but simply pray about it? This kind of unenlightened faith only causes pain to God and other believers.

Modern medicine, too, has been blessed by God. So it is natural that we should rely on medical science in treating diseases. An important thing to add, however, is that we need to know how to deal with the fundamental root of Lucifer. We must ask ourselves, "Why did I come down with this disease?" If it is a situation where repentance is necessary, then we must repent. If we do that, then, Lucifer will certainly leave us. Sometimes if there is some mistake, then we can correct that and pray so that Lucifer will leave. Some people may just keep visiting hospitals for an extended period without thinking about these things I have described, or will foolishly continue simply praying about it. This kind of faith is wrong. Of course there are many cases where diseases are cured through prayer. This outcome depends on absolute faith and on the symptoms of the disease.

The wise decision for modem people would be to live a life of attendance to God, by putting into practice the word of God for the Completed Testament Age in accordance with their own clear thinking and their experience of faith. As children, we must have an attitude of mature faith. There have been many instances until now where spiritualists led many people into darkness as a result of their own mistaken judgment and thinking.

God has raised human beings by telling us that we are the supreme being in all of creation. Yet many people have become confused by the claims of spiritualists and have been led into the wrong place. This is very important. Therefore, when a person becomes sick, he should not panic. Instead, he should pray. As we grow in faith and gain more experience, we should be able to resolve more and more problems ourselves. People on earth must listen to the teaching of True Parents and offer their devotion in order to grab a hold of themselves and root out the lineage of Lucifer forever.

February 27, 1999

Human beings live in their physical bodies on earth for roughly a hundred years. So the physical body is a organic structure that God has given us. When this physical body is young it grows. After we are past our twenties, however, the functions of the physical body slowly decline. It seems extremely unfair, though, that it is much more common for the body be ruined through sickness than it is for a person to gradually approach death as his body declines through old age.

Human beings were supposed to live in joy by receiving the elements of love (living spirit elements) from God. From the time of our birth, however, we were afflicted with a disease called insecurity. Thus, humanity started out in a wrong way. So the life span of human beings has been related to sinful blood relations and everyone has elements within them which allow Lucifer to invade them. Human beings took on a form that was different from what was supposed to be. They took on a life of disease. That is, human beings were first of all diseased spiritually and secondly diseased physically as a result of Lucifer's invasion.

About 70 to 80 percent of all illnesses are the result of Lucifer's invasion. Another 20 to 30 percent result from excessive fatigue and other environmental factors but these do not develop into tragic diseases.

What are these diseases that are among the 70 to 80 percent? Some people come down with a disease because either Lucifer or another being acting on his behalf is tormenting that person. There has to be some causal element for this. Perhaps a person will be made to act like Satan in front of everyone at church so as to create problems for people who are leading a good life of faith. When this happens, that person can overcome this through prayer, humility and love. However, if the person continues to be invaded by Lucifer, then that invasion will infect some portion of his physical body and he will become ill.

When that happens, the person becomes distant from his faith and his physical body becomes even more diseased. Lucifer works to push individual people into darkness so as to make them come to his side. When such a person goes to spirit world he will naturally be guided to a place where people attend Lucifer as their master. I will not go into the issue of the division of denominations within and among religions here.

The spirit world is vast, but there are very few places where God can be with people. I believe, then, that you can understand how lonely God's heart must be. It is impossible to list all the evil deeds that Lucifer has carried out against humans until now. How great God's sorrow must be when He sees the tragic forms of His children when they come to spirit world. Until the Kingdom of Heaven is established on earth, there can be no Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. True Parents have to take care of all these problems while they are on earth, so they have an incredible task.

Lucifer's minions continue to work extensively to bring people over to their side, but God only waits for them to return to Him. Now, however, True Parents have established all the conditions necessary for us to be able to rise up. Let's invest our hearts together in the effort to clear up the problem of Lucifer once and for all. This is the only way in which we can together accuse the criminal against humanity.

My hope is that we will all become one before God and True Parents who must continue to see their many children in a diseased state.

March 7, 1999

2. Diseases of the Digestive System

The opinion held by most people regarding diseases of the digestive system is that these are caused either by excessive stress being placed by the stomach through overeating or by eating foods that are salty or spicy. If the disease is difficult to treat, they say it concerns the nerves. This is the diagnosis of modern medicine.

In the former case there is a clear cause for the disease. This is considered common sense. We also need to recognize, though, that there are many people who suffer pain without knowing the cause of the disease. In the former case medicine can be prescribed and we can see immediate improvement in the patient. The latter case, however, is a case where a disease comes from Lucifer.

In such a case, therefore, taking medicine or going to different hospitals will not do any good. The patient will continue to suffer day after day. In some cases the stomach is so painful that the patient cannot eat. In other cases the patient cannot swallow food. In some cases the patient will eat but then have a severe reaction and will feel like he will die. Some people eat only gruel or very soft rice and suffer many years. I would like to explain now about the causes for such symptoms.

There are differences among people depending upon their individual mission or the accomplishments and merits of their ancestors. However, when a person is being tormented in their stomach, this is being done either by Lucifer himself or his minions who grab hold of the stomach. This not only obstructs the function of the stomach but also affects the heart.

If this is a great person who is fulfilling some mission, then it may be that he is being prevented from eating so that he will not be able to pursue his mission. If it is a person of great faith, it may be that he is being given a test so that he will not be able to follow his faith. Depending on the different ways that the tormenting is carried out, this can turn into stomach ulcers or other diseases of the stomach. So the only thing that Lucifer has given us is disease. Because people don't realize this, they waste a lot of money on hospitals. The clear fact we must understand is that we need to be able to distinguish the different causes of our illnesses. We have to be able to determine the cause.

We have to be able to distinguish whether the illness is of the first type or the second type. Whichever it is, we need to be healthy. The first step for us is to determine the cause clearly in terms of medical science. The next step is to consider how we are going to treat it. If nothing is wrong medically, then this is clearly a spiritual illness so we must pray.

If we pray then God can work. God can always work whenever we ask Him something in prayer. This is because we are God's children. God cannot work if we do not pray. This is because Lucifer is maintaining his position as our master.

When we call out to God, Lucifer is forced to move away. Until now we treated diseases without really thinking about the method of resolution. Now we should chase Lucifer away and seek God's healing hand. God is love so He will surely give us His hand. All of us should pray to God and attend Him as our Father.

March 8, 1999

3. Diseases Caused by Ancestors

There are many people who don't respond to the treatment prescribed at the hospital and suffer from poor health throughout their lives. In the cases of these illnesses as well, God does not intervene. The reason is that people linked by blood to Lucifer can go back and forth to each other freely, but God cannot intervene. First of all, this is because of the blood relationship. Second, it is because our ancestors are more on Lucifer's side than on God's side.

The ancestors of such people appear to their descendants in the same form that they had when they left the earth and entered spirit world. So they may cause physical pain. The fact that someone's body is ill is a sign that their ancestors are not in a comfortable place and so they are trying to make some request regarding their situation. Prayer is also necessary for this kind of problem. Chronic illnesses must also be treated by modern medicine, and they require a particularly mature attitude by the person of faith. What I mean by this is that not all the blame should be placed on the ancestors. The person who has the physical body has to understand that he also has responsibility.

For example, if the body is sick because of ancestors, the person should not only be trying to liberate his ancestors. He should recognize his own responsibility to the same extent that he liberates his ancestors. Only then will the afflicted part be cured. If the sickness derives from some grief of an ancestor then the descendant needs to lead a life of sincere faith. Only then will the ancestor also be able to find a comfortable place in the spirit world.

Thus the diseases that afflict us come to us from ancestors who are on Lucifer's side. They are giving us much suffering so we must understand the causes and pray. We must take care of how we lead our lives.

March 9, 1999

4. Disease of the Prostate Gland

Diseases of the prostate are unique in the area that they only afflict men. An infection develops on the male sexual organ and the prostate becomes enlarged. This disease requires that an operation be performed quickly otherwise the enlargement will cause severe problems. The view of medical science is that this illness requires anoperation because there is something wrong with the male organ. Seen spiritually, however, the cause of this illness is latent from the time of birth, because human beings are born with original sin. The fundamental root of sin is exactly as it is described in Divine Principle. Thus the root of sin and the seed of sin are in the male sperm. It is not an exaggeration to say that this disease is given to us one hundred percent by Satan. This is a serious problem.

It would seem, then, that all men would suffer from enlarged prostrates or infected sexual organs and are in need of operations. Why is it that this is not so and only some people come down with this disease? The amazing fact is that in many cases there is a complex interaction of lineages linked with the indemnity of ancestors, the mistakes of individuals or the mistakes of husband and wife. The medical world will say that this is craziness. But I have no choice but to make the facts clear.

Let's take an example. In hell there is a horrible sight of many people who have come to spirit world after suffering from various diseases while they were on earth. I will describe one of these cases. It is a situation where a man and woman committed adultery together. The man deceived his wife and the woman deceived her husband. They led this life for a number of years, and over time the man developed a disease on his sexual organ so that it became impossible for him to have conjugal relations. The woman became more and more distant from the man. So two women turned against this man and this caused various problems. As a result of these problems the man finally murdered the woman with whom he had committed adultery. In hell this man and this woman sit together facing each other as enemies. The lower portion of the man's body is resting on a piece of meat about the size of a baby's head and the woman, even in this environment, is touching the lower portion of his body. The man is in incredible pain. That is not all. Even though the man is crying out in agony because of his pain, his father is sitting behind him and playing with prostitutes. The father continues to sit with the prostitutes, even though he is afraid that his son may see him. It is a difficult sight to watch and I am having difficulty putting it into writing. This is exactly how Lucifer avoided God's eyes and committed illicit love in the Garden of Eden, thus creating the root of sin. How can people on earth understand such things?

I intend to reveal everything about the terrible and vicious lineage of Lucifer. In this way I intend to liberate all the diseased spirits who have been imprisoned by Lucifer.

March 10, 1999

5. Diseases of the Circulatory System

There are many diseases of the circulatory system but here I will discuss heart disease. The heart is a very important part of the human body. Every time a person breathes the heart functions as a pump in order to maintain the life of the human body. It is an organ that is easily put under a great deal of stress by the thoughts that are in the mind of the particular person.

All the parts of the body are inter-linked so that if one part breaks down then there is apt to be a chain reaction to other parts. A heart can easily develop a disease as a result of sadness or joy of the person. In addition, excessive eating of meat or drinking beverages that have a high content of alcohol can also lead to blockage of the arteries of the heart. I have already described how the medical world views diseases. I would like to describe from a spiritual perspective a process that leads to a person developing heart disease. Lucifer or people on his side cannot stand to leave human beings alone. If a person tries to live comfortably, then Lucifer works to torment him.

Lucifer and his cohorts are always putting worries into people's hearts, or giving them insecurity and fear, leading them into needless thoughts turning them into alcoholics or just giving them all kinds of pain. In this way they give insecurity and discomfort to the heart. If a person's heart is under stress for several days and then some terrible incident occurs, a person may die from the shock. The heart stops beating. A person who is under a lot of stress for many days may be able to recover by taking heart medicine. He needs to lie down so that his heart can rest and be stable. It becomes more difficult for the heart to function. The problem becomes even worse if a person is overweight.

A person who is not able to control his heart condition must live his entire life under a death sentence and be very careful. Therefore, we need to receive help from modern medicine and return to our positions as people of faith so that we can have confidence and courage for restoring our own health. A most precious gift that God gave us is love. We must realize this so that we can love each other and respect each other. We must be joyful and harmonize with each other and share the work with each other in all circumstances. We must seek to resolve all problems through faith and love. In this way I hope that we can be liberated from a state of being pulled around by Lucifer and take on a form where we are filled with hope for God our Father and can cure ourselves of all diseases.

Here I would like to tell one more story about the situation in hell. This is a story about a woman whose body is bloated like a mountain. She always wishes that she could lose all her excess weight so that she could walk around with a light body. She wants to be liberated from her worries. She is so heavy, though, that she cannot walk and she needs people to help her stand up.

On earth this woman was very rich. But because of her wealth her mind was never at ease. She was so concerned with managing her wealth that she never slept well at night. She caused a lot of hurt to other people in the process of gathering that wealth. Many of her neighbors and siblings became her enemies because of this wealth. In the end she died from heart failure due to her wealth. When she wants to stand up she will ask the person next to her to help her. But the person says, "You're so rich, why don't you hire a servant? Why do you make us work for you?" They only curse her and refuse to help. How long will she have to receive this punishment? She has been there a long time but God only watches.

As children of God, heart diseases on earth are not the problem we need to worry about. We need to be more concerned about the fact that a wrongful life on earth will lead us to a place called hell and that this place is causing great burden to God's heart and to True Parents. We must come to our senses as mature people of faith who can be liberated from Lucifer's temptations. We must discover where all desires and false glory come from and we have to deal with these ourselves.

*Mrs. Kim, now that I have told you that all diseases come from Lucifer, you may think that you understand everything about their causes and that everything is easy now. But that is not the case. It's not easy to get rid of Lucifer and his cohorts. They continue to hold on to people and attack them until they fall into a trap. This is why Lucifer and his attributes are so evil.

* The work became so difficult for me that I asked for help from Heung Jin Nim, Choong Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and other people who I understand are praying. Dr. Lee told me, "During the time that you are transcribing this, all these people are around you in a circle about 20 to 30 meters in diameter and they are praying for you."

March 11, 1999

6. Diseases of the Respiratory System

All parts of the human body are important. When God created human beings He thought very carefully about how each part of the body should be constructed. If you look inside the human body, everything is connected like in a computer or other electronic device.

God first created a very detailed design of the human body right down to the smallest part and studied each part very carefully. He created us as organic and mysterious beings. Lucifer led the way in destroying all of God's creatures and then he has the audacity to repeatedly act as though God's creation itself is a failure.

Today I will talk about the lungs which are most central to the respiratory system. Human beings cannot go a single day, no, not even a single moment, without breathing. Breakdowns in the respiratory system may be caused by pollution from the surrounding environment, that is, germs, viruses, various types of environmental pollution, dust from factories, chalk dust in school, or from excessive fatigue. The human body will break down if it is treated too harshly. This is what the medical field refers to as diseases of the respiratory system.

I would like to talk about the causes of disease that cannot be seen by the physical eye. Some disease is caused by spiritual germs, in other words, by Lucifer's cruel actions. People's bodies can become ill as a result of physical causes, but there are also many causes where Lucifer grabs onto the respiratory system and torments people. In such an instance treatment is easy if the person understands at an early stage that he is being attacked by Lucifer and his cohorts. With most respiratory diseases the person will have a high fever at an early stage in the disease or else there will be a low fever over a long period. We first should go to a doctor and treat the fever. The problem is that there are cases where medicine has no effect. At first it seems the fever goes away but then it comes again and then the body breaks down somewhere. The person suffers psychologically, physically and financially.

The strange thing is that this disease will move from one place in the body to another. Sometimes there may be a cough; other times it may be a fever. When this happens we avoid the outside air and stay inside. We rest and stay in bed for a long period. Sometimes the symptoms appear in the form of typhoid fever. This disease deprives a person of his spiritual strength. It makes him afraid of the disease and weakens his psychological health. The person suffers from a lack of desire and confidence as a result of torment from this disease.

Especially diseases of the respiratory system can be communicated from one person to another by talking with other people. If a person comes down with tuberculosis, even their spouses and children have to be quarantined. Lucifer and his cohorts have the most fun with these diseases. They can isolate a person and then attack him at will, so they like this disease very much.

From the time people are born, they have no way to deal with these diseases. This is because we are in a blood relationship with Lucifer and he is always with us as if he were our shadow. That is why be is the enemy. Let us look at an example in hell that has to do with this type of disease. There is a woman who lived in a very wealthy family when she was on earth. Somehow this woman was betrayed by a man she loved. The psychological torment that resulted in this incident led her to develop tuberculosis. Worry and anxiety damage the lungs. These are most fundamental attributes of Lucifer so Lucifer went to that woman and made her worry more and exacerbated her illness. Modem medicine says that tuberculosis is not a major problem and that cancer is the most fearful disease. Most fearful thing, however, is the attacks that people receive from Lucifer and his cohorts. There is no medicine for this. There is no treatment for such disease.

In the past, people who developed tuberculosis were placed in quarantine. In this isolated state people became weaker psychologically and often died so this disease wasfeared very much. Even though I studied medicine while I was on earth, I didn't understand this fact.

In the midst of hell I thought a great deal about how to deal with these situations but the column of people marching to hell grows by the day. People on earth will have to deal with this fact on their own.

The woman I mentioned suffered from tuberculosis until finally she committed suicide and went to hell. The spirit people around her treat her coldly because they say she is a patient who suffers from lung disease. When she coughs they tell her to go away. Even if she turns her head toward them, they say, "Go over there." When she breathes, they tell her to breathe with her mouth closed. The people around her shout out for her to be removed to a place of quarantine.

God is our Parent and he created each part of our body to have a very mysterious structure. So we can imagine that it pains Him deeply to see how people's bodies havebecome diseased. Fathers who raised children on earth are greatly disturbed even if their child catches a cold. So how much more must God hurt to see these pitiful situations where people develop a disease and die without reason. All diseases have their cause in Lucifer. Diseases will continue to haunt people until Lucifer repents on earth. All of us should clench the fists of both hands and participate in the effort to get rid of diseases. Let's not wait for our Parents to do it for us. Let's offer our strength to God and True Parents.

March 12, 1999

7. Diseases of the Nervous System

Because modem people live in the age of extreme competition, they quite often make the nervous system overwork by agony without any reason. However, this disease of the nervous system is different from that of physical body. Without any reason, you will experience pain in some parts or have a very high fever. Since the causes of these pains are invisible, it takes time to find its source.

The uniqueness of this disease of the nervous system is that it is not easily healed once one gets it. They have various names, such as depression, mental derangement, etc. What is the cause of depression? People get depression when they are in deep agony, when their lives are not joyful and cannot escape from the circulation of painful life. One of the diseases of the nervous system, is called mental derangement, but this is clearly different from depression. It is unique to the patients of diseases of the nervous system to want to be isolated from and hate others; but the patients of mental derangement cannot fully express what they have in their mind. Therefore, their viewpoint of things becomes different from others. The patients of depression are gloomy, but they can correctly express their thought, and their view of looking at things are the same as normal people.

Then, what causes the mental derangement? There are various causes, but in general, people get this disease when they become over focused on one thought or get shocked without their realization. Anyway, it is the general view of modern medicine that the disease of nervous system such as depression and mental derangement are incurable diseases.

Next, I will talk about the disease of the nervous system that is seen from the spiritual perspective. I would like to say that the depression and mental derangement are spiritually the same type of disease. The common habit of the Lucifer's followers is that they always abuse a person's body and mind, lead them to sickness, and eventually to the way of death. This is their common characteristic.

They, unfortunately stick to human beings and plunge them into concern and anxiousness, isolate and damage them, and make them become dispirited by mentioning their weakness and leading them to the thought of , "I am terrible, I am stupid, I am not womanish, I am not manlike, etc." Then, they would sometimes put them down or keep people with such symptoms from progressing. They paralyze people by capturing them in an inferiority complex causing them to lose confidence. By doing so, they make people distressful and miserable, and lead them to commit suicide. Anthropophobia is 100% the act of evil that they give people. They make people to get the disease of extreme selfishness and make them to aim for the first place (the top). However, when people fail, they push them down into despair as one who rode the last train of his life. Loneliness, feeling of isolation, feeling of sorrow, sense of humiliation, feeling of despair, and so forth, symptoms which occur without any reason are all the disease that Lucifer and his people are giving to people.

When this happens, human beings will lose confidence in their mental health, give up everything in their life, and because they cannot determine the purpose and the goal of their lives, eventually they can't help but go the way of committing suicide. This is not all. Being angry and antagonizing others without any reason is the same type of symptom. Lucifer's people make mankind suffer from fear and anxiety, and always leads the entire family towards fear and darkness, and create the family with a frightening and anxious atmosphere where peace does not exist, and eventually lead the family to misfortune rather than happiness because of continuous struggle and friction. All these acts are the acts of Lucifer and his people. How can I express these types of symptoms with word?

To the worst, they completely wrap the human brain so it cannot function. They bruise the brain so much that the mental function cannot be used correctly. They lead people to insomnia by making them think deeper and deeper on one issue. Since they tie up the mental function, sleep will disappear, and because one cannot sleep, it is obvious that one would continuously suffer from anxiety.

This anxiety is one of the characteristics that Lucifer had at the time of his affair with Eve escaping from God's eyes, and such characteristics have been inherited by mankind. It is a common factor that most of the people who suffer from mental difficulty become captivated by anxiety, fear, and fright. We can see many people around us suffering from anxiety and fear.

8. Types of Skin Diseases

After all parts of the human body are minutely bound up and well-assembled, this structure is well surrounded by a sheer, so-called skin. In it, God created a physiological flow, and was delighted to watch human beings. Human beings have various skin colors. If we divide them broadly, they can be divided into races of yellow, white and black. However, apart from these skin colors, certain changes in the skin appear in the form of various diseases. Without reference to the external phenomena of the skin, that is, skin deformities resulting from a fire or a break, its internal phenomena can result in many skin diseases.

Various inflammations of the skin can be clarified by specialists. However, amazingly, these often result from the action of Lucifer's evil nature. When we go to see doctors because of a skin disease, they might treat it by giving us an injection and advising us to take medicine to prevent its inflammation. Such treatment may or may not be effective.

I now want to talk about a scene in the spiritual world concerning a skin disease, although it is invisible. You might have experienced your skin becoming inflamed without reason, becoming red and swollen, and feeling cold. At such time, Lucifer and his allies attack in many forms the place where it became red, swollen and inflamed. They cause it to become itchy, stinging, and swollen more seriously. If it was well-treated with many injections in a hospital, it might become well or it might not.

One thing we must realize at this point. Lucifer and his allies always desire for mankind to suffer, and lead them in such a direction. You are apt to think that skin disease is not related to Satan. But I say that's not true. Since Satan attempts to lead mankind into suffering, even when it comes to trivial inflammations or a tiny swelling which you may think is nothing, it is wrong to think that Lucifer does not interfere. In any case, it is Lucifer's nature to lead mankind to suffering. Therefore, we must remember this clearly.

I want to make a film involving scenes from hell and show it to all of you. In the spiritual world, a disgusting liquid flows from the skin. This liquid smells terrible, worse than the smell of a terribly rotten fish at a fish market, and your nostrils are filled with the stench when you go near them.

When you listen to their various circumstances which have resulted from not being able to straighten out their earthly life, there are all kinds of reasons given, such as one was robbed of his money during their small business, one wasted all their fortune in quarrelling with a knife, and so forth. However, their suffering and difficulty appear as various skin diseases in hell. Therefore, in order to give suffering to mankind, there is not even a single corner where Lucifer does not attack.

It is Lucifer's attack which makes them become malfunctioning, suffering, and miserable. From now on, we should stop being attacked. We should forever chase out the criminal of mankind by cooperating together with the same heavenly anger and uniting our minds. This is my earnest hope.

9. Types of Women's Diseases

Women's diseases are those diseases which cannot afflict a man. Diseases of the uterus (both inside and outside), a woman's menstrual period, breast cancer, etc. belong here. Although I do not list all the diseases that obstetricians and gynecologists normally deal with, I believe that you will know them well, so I will start my story without an introduction.

Satan even gives countless troubles through his involvement with various women's diseases. For example, it is a baby that a normal woman wants the most when she is married. However, Lucifer and his allies try to hinder mankind in the area of multiplication. So, there are some women who barely give birth to a child after experiencing miscarriages over and over again. Also, although they are pregnant, through countless difficulties of environmental and physical pain, eventually Lucifer is able to make them give up and abort their babies. Let me present an example.

A woman got pregnant. However, thousands of satans and her ancestors combine their powers into one in order to strike and afflict her body in various ways such as tearing down her womb, or discharging blood through her uterus. Then, why do her ancestors not help her but rather than adding to her suffering? This could be because of the indemnity of the sin that her ancestors committed during their earthly life, and/or if they come when their situation is orienting them towards hell, the woman's physical body is meant to be destroyed and the multiplication of her children will be stopped.

Then, why do her ancestors cooperate with Satan? It is because they are of the same sort. Although her un-restored ancestors want to help her, when they visit her, it ends in giving her trouble. This is why she cannot be successful at all. At this point, we must learn a lesson. Tribal Messiahs have to save their ancestors. They have to release them through prayer. This is time not only for ancestors in the spiritual world, but also for earthly ancestors as well.

Since their place is not settled, the ancestors ask for salvation. They can be saved and freed by any special figure. There might be a large number of our ancestors. True Parents therefore gave the privilege of Tribal Messiahs, or those who can save their own ancestors. Therefore, we, as Tribal Messiahs, can save our ancestors through our direct prayer. However, we are short on faith. We must believe the word and pray deeply for them.

Therefore, since not only the diseases of women, but all diseases are caused by and have their origin in Satan, we must know their treatment and treat them. Now, I want to refer to a scene in hell concerning women's diseases.

A young woman died while giving birth to a child. However, she always weeps embracing her baby. I asked the reason because both the baby and its mother cried. The baby's father was not a bachelor, but a married man. So, she really didn't want to give birth, but it was too late and she was unable to prevent giving birth. The legal wife of the baby's father visited her and asked her to leave him many times, even beating her. However, the young woman stood as long as possible, but finally she died because of her difficult delivery. Here is one point we must know: what she did was not a true way.

When she realized that she could not take someone else's husband, she had to change her direction. Who, then, could think about spiritual difficulties? If it is not truth, it is meant to break down someday, and if it is not a proper way, it is meant to be blocked. This is the `Heavenly Law' that God created.

When it is said that one will be punished when one commits a sin, it is not that the punishment is given by someone. It is that you will destroy yourself. This is the law. Because God is good, He created goodness when He created human beings. God did not create evil. God's omnipotence is able to govern the good. He therefore does not interfere in evil. Then, will the evil flourish forever if He does not interrupt it? Although God may not interrupt, someday it is meant to self-destroy. This is `Heavenly Law.' Now is the time. This means that God's waiting must come to an end now.

We all must quickly change our direction if it is not right. If the way of return becomes far, to that extent the way for our descendants will become difficult. Sin is the cause of all diseases. Selfishness, jealousy, and greed all become the cause of disease. In front of God, the owner of love, beauty, and heart (shimjung), I pray with my two hands held together that we will return to our original appearance.

March 14, 99

10. The disease of the type of Otorhinolaryngology

There is no invaluable part in the structure of our body. But unfortunately there are various types of diseases in otorhinolaryngology. Everyone can easily understand the names of the diseases even though I don't enumerate them one by one. In this letter, rather than talk about the various diseases which can be seen in hospitals on earth, I would like to talk about the spiritual phenomena that continuously give us pain spiritually but we cannot see with our eyes.

It is easy to check and cure those diseases which can be seen with our eyes. But it is very hard to endure the attack of invisible spiritual beings. When my neck is strangled or attacked by Satan, the neck gets hoarse or husky. Without knowing the cause, Satan gives various types of suffering to human beings by making them hear some noise and makes them frustrated, and by making them sneeze terribly, by stepping on their nose.

When we go to the hospital, miraculously the names of the diseases are given to every part of the body. It is very exquisite. Since God is the Lord of knowledge, emotion and will, as well as the owner of the origin of the universe, He blessed the many kinds of medical science on earth. Though countless children suffer seriously, God would not let them die easily with the rag of sin. Since God wanted human beings to heal and clear off their sins on earth and come to the heavenly world without sin, medical science developed.

However, nowadays, most people only think to go to the hospital when they catch a disease and suffer from it. This is the general way of thinking of modern people. There are only a few people who think that it is caused by Satan. This creates a pain in the heart (shimjung) of God. This is because Satan acts with the thought that it is his mission to make mankind suffer. Whatever the disease may be, it occurs because Satan attacks human beings. It is not that Satan attacks because we have some reasons or conditions, but he just touches us. Therefore we must know that the solution lies in our belief and in our sincere heart (jungsung). Although God gave mankind the ability and privilege, because of the fall, we are cut off from the ways of love and harmony. The longer the period of being cut off continues, the more the function of our five sensory organs will become just like a rusted machine. As a result, we won't be able to fully use the function of our five sensory organs.

In hell, there are many scenes. There is a dumb person who cannot speak even though he has a mouth, and a deaf person who cannot hear even though he has ears; there are countless spiritual beings who have been living without the function of their auditory sense and/or the sense of smell. It is extremely terrible. Why has it happened? When would this end? I want to bum out this ghastly place and change it into a new area wherein fresh flowers bloom. However we don't have any ability or any qualification.

God in Heaven and True Parents on earth are the only persons who can solve this problem. Therefore, we must think about punishment in the eternal place when we live wrongly on earth, and must realize that we have responsibility to return to God all God's given functions in the original state after keeping and using them well without being plundered by Satan. We should be well separated from Satan's acts and must go the way of faith rightly. We must participate in the movement of expulsion of the line of Satan with the heart of wrath.

March 14. 1999

11. Other diseases

Besides the diseases that have been mentioned earlier, there are many other disease whose names are not known by human beings. We must know the origin of these diseases and must be able to research and analyze them thoroughly. Human beings are not created to go to the place where God's heart hurts, by suffering and battling from disease.

Because of the wrong start to history and the inheritance of the blood lineage of evil, many primary factors occurred that allowed various diseases to attack our body. Whether the disease is visible or invisible, so called spiritual disease or physical disease, the suffering of human beings is not filial piety to God. From now we should not allow our body to be abused by Satan. Throughout the long history of mankind, Lucifer and his followers has pursued us indefatigably to attack and harass us. Even though we knew this, we easily gave our physical body over and we collapsed easily. This is extremely heartbreaking.

We must completely root out Satan from our heart in this, the year of the complete rooting out of Satan. We must try to root out the factor or cause of Satan. We must root it out completely through a whole straightening out of all the suffering caused by Satan. The way of filial piety to God and True Parents is to participate in the eradication movement of the factors and causes in our thinking that might give Satan the way to attack us.

March 14, 1999

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