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Part V: Disciples of Confucius

1) Youm, Peak Woo

"I will unconditionally follow Confucius." Confucius taught us all the times not to be servile in front of new theories and truth. And he has lectured on Unification Principle. But it is first time to listen to the lecture with all the groups of Confucianists. The theory is quite unfamiliar and difficult. So I have listened to the lecture several times. I was pretty inspired by all the enthusiastic lecturers here and the most surprising facts to me, let alone among all the Confucianists, is that God is the Parents of humankind, and that all the theories, which Reverend Moon is lecturing on, are completed by revelation from God. And we learned that Reverend Moon lives on the earth for the sake of others to establish a peaceful world without war and poverty for humanity. Therefore the overall idea in the lectures was that we have to live in accordance with Reverend Moon's thought and the ory. And we were told that the greatest God would lead us and be responsible for our life. Therefore all the teachings on propriety, morality and ethics that we've been taught by Confucius lead to us learning the Unification Principle and living our life according to the truth that is clarified by the revelation from God and True Parents. Though I have a limited level of education and intelligence in many ways, I know that there is much to realize as a human being from Confucius's teaching and theory. But we will just obey him if he says it is the right way to go, since he studied about the Unification Principle ahead of us and preached to us with the new word of truth. And even if I don't understand deeply much of Reverend Moon's theory, I will be happy to believe in it, as Confucius is leading us that way. And I will be able to understand all the difficult theories of Divine Principle since Reverend Moon is the Parent of whole humankind. I, Youm, PeakWoo, have been respecting and obeying Confucius so I will just follow his way altogether.

Youm, PeakWoo
7th Oct. 2001

2) Jaro

"My way is not different from Confucius's." Our mentor, Confucius, teaches us obedience, modesty and propriety, and he lived a life binding him with fundamental ethics. And he taught us for several days about a new truth. It seems that the time has come today. He gathered all of us, preaching that we have to be humble before the new truth, that this truth is the way of life and that because he is our mentor we have to follow this way with a sincere heart. God is Parent of humankind. Reverend Moon is Second Advent. Reverend Moon is true Parent of humankind. Reverend Moon is a savior to save humankind. The terms on the walls here and there were unfamiliarto us. Most of contents of the lectures were unfamiliar theory for Confucianists. But Confucius said that he had mastered the Unification Principle more than anyone else and he instructed that whole of humankind without exception should pass this way. The theory is more difficult to understand than Confucius led us to believe. But the theory in general is well organized and logical. I have respected Confucius for a long time and I fully absorbed his theories and ideas. And I saw how he was humble to accept the new truth, Unification Principle. I am impressed by his attitude. How could I reject the way that my mentor had accepted with humble heart? I will join Confucius in following what Reverend Moon is doing and where he is going. I will do anything if it is the shortest way to establish peace. Although the Unification Principle is still unfamiliar to me, I will study and learn it. Thank you.


3) Minjagun

"The Unification Principle has a peculiar supernatural power." Our mentor, Confucius was preaching on ethics and virtue in order to guide us. But I was wondering why he has changed so much after he learned about the new truth. What kind of truth had caused my mentor to change so much? I was able to see him having confidence and assurance about everything. Now he gave us the opportunity to learn the truth. The truth is the Unification Principle. The word unification was unfamiliar to me. Indeed I doubted if it was a feasible ideal. Even husbands and wives and their children in one family are hardly united. So I started to be curious about the word, unification. By the way, it was explained that the Principle was not discovered by an author's wisdom and intelligence but that it is just truth and Principle written as revealed from God. It was very strange and novel. But the Unification Principle had a peculiar supernatural power. Whenever I listened to the lectures seriously with a lot of questions and doubts, I was totally absorbed into it. And strangely I kept saying in my mind "That's right, that's right," as I was listening to the lectures. I felt as if I were being led by a strange power. I pinched myself to check if I was in my right mind during the lectures. Then I screamed "Yikes!" to affirm the reality around me. Give and take action, it is very peaceful teaching. It is nothing but one of the virtues we are doing routinely. Nonetheless, give and take action and its Principle seem new to me and give me new power. Such is the case for every component of Principle. There will be no war, poverty or family troubles once we understand and practice the principle of give and take action. I feel that the hearts of all humankind will be gathered into one place in such a peaceful state. I think it does comply with the meaning of the word, unification. I think that it is fundamental Principle that whole of humankind can be united by one thought. It's truly a singular reality. Whenever we listened to the lectures, there something new happened to us. Each one of us looked bright, shiny and joyful. From whence did this power come? This is truly a singular phenomenon. Unification Principle is comparatively difficult to understand but I strongly feel it is a revelation from God. In my opinion, humankind cannot be changed by new knowledge learned from school through human intelligence. Intelligence is needed to live based on the law of the world, but I don't think humankind can be reorganized just by intelligence. Therefore a singular new power is pouring from the Unification Principle. And I believe the lecturer's explanation that it is the power of Holy Spirit that God has given to humankind. It is! Though it may take me much time to understand the Unification Principle fully, it has magical power. It has power to renew humankind. Also our mentor, Confucius, said that he would serve and attend Reverend Moon, who received revelation for Principle, as True Parents and Messiah. And he added that we should proceed to the highest truth with all our might. I don't have any reason to deny or judge the Unification Principle. I will join this way together with him. I will follow Reverend Moon as True Parents. And I will try to study it deeply and understand it fully. Thank you.


4) Jeaha

"The Unification Principle is the fundamental truth to recreate humankind." Confucius always guided and taught us about the dignity of man and he wanted us to live clear, bright and precious lives, fulfilling the utmost human dignity. But we just fell back into the haze, forgetting all his guidance and getting submerged in the routine. So I think we have been struggling to train ourselves, even being given the rod. So it seems that the Unification Principle we learned here for the first time is teaching the fundamental formula for human life. What we learned here is the Principle itself. Our mentor, Confucius, is very vivid and bright in his life. Now I realize that this change came from the Unification Principle. I could not understand his attitude and persuasion completely. And I felt my pride hurt, thinking that he had lost his dignity. But while I was listening to the Unification Principle, most of the chapters we learned were logical in the literal sense. It is amazing. I think this is great truth, disclosing unknown facts. And the most incredible thing is that it was not God, but Reverend Moon, a man with a human body, who set forth the Principle! I know this was done through a revelation from God and by his will, but it is hard to believe that it was done by human effort. It would be still great thing even if but one portion of the Principle were disclosed to each generation, but Reverend Moon disclosed so many great revelations. So I could understand why our mentor, Confucius, has been totally attracted to it. And I think it would be helpful to reform humankind more readily and definitely if the Principle were widely known to all the Confucianists to be a part of Confucius's new teachings. I was able to understand the Unification Principle newly, but I need to make endeavors in order to convey it to other people. I want to study it chapter by chapter gradually in order to transmitthe Principle harmoniously to many dispersed Confucianists without creating conflict. And even though the Unification Principle is hard to understand, I realized that Reverend Moon is True Parents and second Messiah to save humankind anew. Thank you very much for giving us the Unification Principle. I believe it is the fundamental truth to recreate humankind. Thank you.


5) Youmyou

"Who would not follow the way of his mentor?" Confucian didn't tell us about the extraordinary new truth but he enticed us to be curious about it. One day, he gathered us saying that he had joyful news to announce to us. Then he said, "Look at me. What do you think of my face? Don't you think I became a handsome man? And one day he asked us, "What would you do if I were to get married? I might leave you all behind. What would you do then?" I could see this strange behavior and words that are unworthy of Confucius. I cannot bear curiosity, so I asked him, saying "This introduction is too much. What is the main subject?" Then he answered, "You would say, in a word, that I am insane." And he added, "You will know when the time comes." It seems that the time has come now. He told us, "It is the time for you to judge if I am wrong or you are wrong. So follow me. It doesn't matter to me if you betray me, so just do as you want. Listen and judge." he gave us that serious an order. I pondered as to why. I respect his way and personality. I felt that there might be something I don't realize. I felt there would be a serious event coming. What caused him to be so serious? I was determined that I would follow the way he goes, no matter what. Sure enough, the new truth, Unification Principle, made me mad, shaking in my heart. But as expected, our mentor is wise and bright. The continuous lectures on Divine Principle are not simple lectures. It has enormous power to capture and lead humankind's mind.What could it be? I was told that it is new truth, a book of salvation for humankind, Reverend Moon discovered by revelation. Who is Reverend Moon? He is the Second Advent who inherited the mission of and also he is savior and True Parents to save humankind. There are so many unfamiliar terms, indeed they are hard to understand. And I cannot convey all I feel in a word, as I cannot even remember where I was after I listened to the whole lecture. I feel as if I had awakened after being struck by electricity. But I know I have facts left in my mind. A mentor with the greatest truthhas come. I have to go the way. Confucius, thank you. I will study again and pull myself together once again to follow the way in front of the new truth.


6) Joungkung

"I would go even to hell if my mentor leads us." I was born among lower class people. So I was careful and fearful while I was trying to cultivate myself for fear of troubling Confucius's dignity. Meanwhile, Confucius said that we have to accept the greatest new truth, so I joined with humble heart according to his serious request. But I am determined now and forever that I will follow him wherever it takes me. The Unification Principle saves humankind from destruction. It will surely save you. It is guiding the way that everyone should go. Whoever you are, try to listen to it. The words on banners here and there are stopping my steps and heart. As the lecture on the main subject started, many questions came out here and there but they were not considered. I experienced a strange feeling during the lectures. While the lecturers were speaking fervently, I felt as if I were looking down from the air, falling in raptures of joy. So I couldn't listen to a good deal of the lectures since I was in a state of selfabsorption. I wanted to immerse myself in the mysterious raptures more than listen to the lectures. But all of a sudden, I felt as if I were falling down from the sky back into my original feeling. What is the meaning of that? It is neither a martial art nor a magical power. It was as if there is some kind of equipment that makes such a strange thing happen. I also had a new experience with the sincere lecturers. They came very close to me and went back to lecturing. Then I blocked my ears, for their lectures sounded like thunder and lightning. "Reverend Moon is True Parents. He is a savior to save humankind. Sincerely serve him as you do your mentor, Confucius. The emancipation and the way of humankind will come true right here." I felt that my eardrums were being punctured, so I covered my ears to protect them. I realized that Reverend Moon is a mentor greater than Confucius. Do we have to serve and attend him as we do our mentor? I couldn't understand what's what. I really wanted to listen to the lectures in the proper way. I couldn't tell whether my body was in the air or what. I felt as if I were wrapped in something. I felt suffocated and really wanted to go out. When I tried to stand up, something from the chair was pulling me. So I touched the chair. Nothing was there. Suddenly someone was observing me at the back. I looked back with a strange feeling but my mentor, Confucius, signaled me to be patient a little while longer. So I waited for the time until the lecture finished. I looked around to check if the other attendees were doing the same things, but everyone was sincerely listening to the lectures. I don't know exactly what happened to me today but I have only one desire, and that is to discuss about what I experienced today with Confucius, to satisfy my curiosity. Where did such a mysterious thing come from? My mentor guided me here, so I will just accompany him. Why would I abandon the way if it were natural law to go? I don't know anything but I will just follow my mentor even if it is as miserable as hell.


7) Anyoun

"Heaven's secret is disclosed by the Unification Principle." I have often seen my mentor anguishing that his teachings were not enough to lead Confucianists the right way after he got interested in unification Principle. And even though I had not listened to the lectures on the Principle, I already knew about a small portion of Divine Principle, Reverend Moon's great favor and the fact that the Blessing is the procedure given by Reverend Moon, who has come as a savior of whole humankind, to be born again. So I already heard the news that our mentor, Confucius, joined the Blessing. I am truly grateful to Reverend Moon for giving us the opportunity to listen to the Unification Principle, and for everything of which we are not deserving. Thank you, True Parent. Each chapter inspired me to renew myself, so I realized it is truly the new truth and I could understand fully Confucius's anguishing heart. As I listen to Unification Principle, I see that it is very much the common way that we ought to go. and I feel that the Unification Principle is digging to clarify the formula of life clearly and prudently. How could the truth come from human thinking? It must be done by God's revelation. I absolutely believe that it is Heaven's secret, which is disclosed by God's special order to Reverend Moon, who is True Parents and savior. And Con fucius has been waiting for the time that he can have Confucianists listen to the Unification Principle. I am not qualified in many ways, but I decided to take the opportunity to listen to the lectures. It is certain that some people will object to us doing this. But I will try. It is natural for those who are ignorant to object. But I think that it is not the right way for a righteous person to object without knowing the truth. The judgment should be made by oneself after one listens to the lectures. Reverend Moon, I am grateful to receive such an opportunity. I think you've done it for us as the True Parent of humankind. I am not deeply aware of the truth and belief of Christians, but based on my limited knowledge I've known of your position as Second Messiah who inherited Jesus' mission. Thank you for giving us the opportunity that we Confucianists can serve you who have come to us as the True Parent of humankind.


8) Jakong

"I will proceed in accordance with the new truth." I had noticed Confucius' will. I noticed his will whenever he wore a worried look, going around here and there. If there are two types of people, one would be someone who is given a mission as he is born and the other is given a mission according to his endeavors. And I think Confucius belongs to the first type. I came to think that he is truly great man since he was serious to lead Confucianists to the truth for all. He could just go the way alone if he believed it is the truth. If I were him, I would go the way of truth alone if I thought it is truth, but unlike me, he is constant to keep the way of virtue. Ever since I noticed this, I didn't even think of following the new truth. Confucius told us to wait for the right time, but if my mentor, who has been guiding us with love and virtue, discovered a greater truth than he already had, I could not do anything but respect his humble behavior. So I thought something like, "Let's see what the Unification Principle is, let's discover what silenced our mentor." To put it in a word, the Unification Principle is great truth. Confucius, hurrah! his conclusion wasn't wrong. Let' just go. Let's follow the truth attending our mentor. It must be foolish if we abandon the truth just for the sake of clinging to old thoughts. We don't need to say anything. Reverend Moon, you are great. Thank you, thank you for your hard work. We will serve you as our Messiah together with our mentor,Confucius. I don't think we need detailed explanations. Thank you. Confucianists! Let's go on to capture the opportunity we have now. We thought that the last one would be the first one. Let's go to the front to make our mentor illustrious.


9) Jaha

"I will live my life to serve the Messiah of humankind." Reverend Moon has come as the Messiah to save the whole of humankind and True Parents for humankind. He didn't just preach the right way of life for humankind, but he gave us detailed material, the Unification Principle. But I wasn't comfortable, since he couldn't show such great and new truth at random but had to release it little by little, like a secret. Confucius was not able to tell us casually about Unification Principle after he listened to the lectures several times. And how much more would it be difficult for believers to accept it. There were reliable beliefs given by central figures for humankind throughout history. As we think it over, it was to lead humankind to goodness, since God is holy being, not to make them live according to their own will. No matter how many denominations there have been, the ultimate purpose is to promote goodness. Therefore, I think that all the religious people, including Confucianists, should obey the words of the current times with humble hearts. That is the right attitude for religious people. I think it is the Gospel among Gospels, the tremendous fact that the fateful relationship between God and humankind will not change even though time and history are flowing onward. And the Unification Principle is Unification Principle as it is. Isn't it the Principle that all of the religions, races, cultures and ideas should be united in the position of God's children? Reverend Moon is the Messiah whom God sent us in the Completed Testament era, so we just need to serve and accept him. Jaha has been living in gratitude for Confucius's ideas and virtue. But now I just need to go the same way with him following the new truth. There might be a group of betrayers. But we cannot help it. If they are not clever enough to recognize the truth, as God is waiting, we just have to wait, advise and make them understand from the position of children of God. Reverend Moon, thank you for enlightening us about so many topics. We wish the Unification Principle will be recognized as Gospel by the whole of humankind as soon as possible.


10) Jayou

"The Unification Principle is a compass for humankind." When Confucius was on the earth, he was careful all the time, checking himself several times as he guided us. He never told us in public that he had listened to the Unification Principle but I was able to see changes in him. The most outstanding point was that he looked very bright and full of confidence rather than cautious in his behavior. After I learned the Unification Principle, I felt as if I had been freed from a halter; I felt peace and relief. I think Unification Principle cleansed all of my old thoughts and ideas and organizing my mind anew. And wherever we apply it, it guides and directs how to go forward, just like a compass. I cannot explain this strange feeling. I could never explain how I feel, but it is like delight or wish fulfillment. I don't know how to explain, but I am just grateful to be able to realize my predestined purpose, the fixing of my life direction, the flow of history, the problems of ancestors, the cause of all the faults, and the definite way to live. Reverend Moon! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to listen to such a precious truth, even though we are not the four saints. And I learned about your hard work in disclosing the Unification Principle so far. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you with all my heart. I am also grateful that you have bestowed the favor to Confucianists. We would be grateful if you would give us the chance to join the Blessing as Confucius did. I swear that I will serve Reverend Moon as savior, Messiah and True Parent. I absolutely swear and pledge in front of the enormous truth.


11) Jeungja

"The Unification Principle is the revelation from God, so I am willing to lecture it." What is the Unification Principle? If I summarize it in a word, it is certain that it is a revelation from God and that it does not emerge from human ideas. And I absolutely believe that God sent Reverend Moon. This is all I can say as a summary of the Unification Principle. Why would we need to give unworthy explanations once we know that it is done by God's revelation? I regret that Confucianists who attended the seminar today came on earth earlier and couldn't receive the benefit of the environment and the time. Confucius has been teaching us about Principle as representative people and for the sake of character education. I am not saying that those are not necessary for us.But Unification Principle also enlightens us about the world after death and the fundamentals of eternal life, to direct the way of history. Everyone should learn it since this is a new spirit and power for everyone. It is Unification Principle, as it literally claims in its own title. If I could be a lecturer of Unification Principle, I would be willing to descend and study from the subtitles of chapter 1, Creation. But I think that is a very arrogant attitude. I don't have any more things to say about the Unification Principle. I will just challenge the new truth. And I truly congratulate to Reverend Moon, who is in the position to get the utmost love from God since he is the True Parent of humankind and Messiah. And I think I am lucky to learn the truth and I thank you so much. And I am also thankful to our mentor, Confucius.


12) Jayou

"I want to receive the Blessing as Confucius did." Our mentor, Confucius, guided us to have courtesy and he taught the Principle in detail about physical life on earth. I am grateful to him for teaching us about eternal life even after death. All the theories we heard lectured now were very special and unfamiliar. We have never listened to anything like it. By the way, I used to think that humankind could not be reformed by knowledge or education, but all the Principle here seems to have a mysterious power to recreate humankind. It is very strange anyhow. Therefore, we cannot compare the truth of Unification Principle with education according to human norms. So I have been well aware of what Confucius has said, that it is not knowledge or education that I am now teaching or thinking, but instruction and special revelation from God to reform humankind anew. It is very much true. Reverend Moon thought so highly of Confucius that he would lead him the receive the Blessing. So we, as his disciples, want to have the opportunity to receive the Blessing through Reverend Moon's love. Isn't that the reason in Unification Principle? And he should give all the Confucianists the Blessing since he is the Parent of humankind. Also, I know that I am being shameless to ask this, but I also think that it is the way of filial piety. Confucius is going the way of the Unification Principle. Therefore it is natural for us to go the same way with him. So please let us join the Blessing, Reverend Moon! True Parents of humankind! Savior! Second Coming! Please bless and open the way to us who want to follow the new truth! I would like to be your son, since I realized the way of True Parents effort and I think it is the way of filial piety.


13) Jajang

"The Unification Principle will awaken Confucianists." I promised myself and thought that a man harboring a will should not surrender but should keep going no matter how difficult it is to go the way. As I have been attending Confucius, I used to consider that there should not exist "my way," but that Confucius's way is mine. Therefore I tired to think over his heart and why he had not been teaching us Unification Principle without hesitation, even after he read it intensively and listened to the lectures several times. I could understand fully. The Unification Principle is completely different from his teaching as we learned it. This is remarkable truth. I thought that the normbased education I learned from Confucius provides everything necessary for the life of humankind, and I had never thought deeply of the internal significance. This is amazing truth. I used to think that war, poverty and sadness had to take place by several causes in an environment that would insure survival for humankind, but that idea was being broken into pieces. I felt dizzy, as if my mind was faint, and had strange sensations. How much more must Confucius have been anguishing until he told us about it? Of course, I was also concerned about implications of the decision for the world of Confucianists. But Confucius! I won't change my mind to follow you. I think we can make it as we transmit this truth to Confucianists and advise them. I will not retreat in knowing the truth, since you taught us that we should not surrender to a hidden will and not be a rogue who is indecisive and moves according to his environment. The Unification Principle will awaken our Confucianists incredibly. We will take the initiative in pushing Confucius to be the first among the four saints. And Reverend Moon, who disclosed this truth, I will just follow you as my mentor does, though the truth is unfamiliar to me still. I offer my humble heart in front of all your suffering and painful courses. I will try my best to follow the way of this truth with Confucius and all the Confucians. And I am willing to join the painful course with you, since you are a mentor, True Parent and Messiah to humankind. Thank you; thank you for your hard work.


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