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Part III: Figures representing Christianity

1) Apostle Paul

(d. c. A.D. 65, "Apostle of the Gentiles")

"I recognize the importance of human responsibility." The Apostle Paul is the most blessed one. It's because Paul met Jesus and received his love, furthermore received the direction and mission from the Messiah, and finally listened to the new truth under the devoted love of God. Before seeing Jesus on the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul kept firm faith in the traditional view of God. In fact, if I hadn't had the experience of seeing the resurrected Jesus, that way of my thinking would not have changed in the least. Faith is truly a mysterious and inexplicable thing. Just after seeing and experiencing the resurrected Jesus on my own, I finally could discard everything that I had theretofore believed. I gave up everything and I wrapped myself in the resurrected Jesus. Now after learning the Principle, I became even more confident that the Apostle Paul's traditional view of God was very mistaken. We necessarily should have attended God, the resurrected Jesus and the Messiah. Whenever people frustrated God's Will, they prolonged the history of the Dispensation for Restoration, requiring a new central figure. The Apostle Paul's ideas were very limited. Paul didn't realize the fact that while God's will is unchanging and eternal, if a central figure in the providence failed to fulfill his responsibility, then God's providence would be prolonged and another new central figure would be needed in order to fulfill that mission. In other words, I became well aware of the importance of human responsibility. I had just relied upon the omnipotence of God, not taking into consideration human responsibility. Small though the responsibility of each individual may seem in comparison to God's great will of predestination, that responsibility is of 100% significance to the individual. Therefore, that individual responsibility of 100% significance is of tremendous importance for God's providence, even though compared to God's will, each individual's responsibility is extremely small. Paul didn't even think of this fact. The strict doctrine of predestination in modern Christianity is nothing other than a big mistake that stemmed from Paul's wrong ideas. Paul feels extremely sorry about this to True Parents, who clarified the Principle. Another part of the Principle that so much impressed Paul was the theory of Give and Take Action. In fact, it is a too obvious truth that religious believers should love one another. Then, why couldn't we realize this simple truth, and chose instead to fill this world with struggle, strife, envy, and jealousy? Paul didn't know that the theory of Give and Take Action is an actual presence in the world. Paul knows that no normal person could possibly discover this theory. Then, how can Paul pay restitution for his mistaken ideas that influenced the whole field of Christianity? Can Paul redeem his mistakes if he continues to make effort and contributions to Christianity until the end? True Parents! The partial ideas Paul planted into Christianity have acted as obstacles to the providence of the Messiah, haven't they? Now in spirit world I will never repeat my mistakes. I promise to study the Principle and lead Christian believers here in the right direction. I have been making thorough preparation for accomplishing my assigned mission.

9. 11. 2001

2) John Calvin

(1509-1564, French reformer and theologian)

"I recognize the theoretical problem of the doctrine of absolute predestination in traditional theology." As God tried to come to man, he suffered unimaginable hardship and trouble. Behind history, God's heart is concealed, for no matter how miserable he felt, he would not show his pain to his children. In particular, Calvin felt deeply sorry when he heard that in the history of the dispensation for restoration, we didn't even know that God is our Parent. Before, Calvin thought that God will accomplish his will on his own, because God is omnipresent and omnipotent. Calvin thought that all that the omnipotent power of God would solve all that had arisen in the Dispensation for Restoration, whether difficulties, joys, or sadness. In particular, Calvin didn't even imagine that God is the God of righteousness, sorrow, and regret. Calvin did not think that the human fall was the fault of man and woman, but just stuck to the belief that God predestined the fall. Calvin knew that his belief was selfevident, beyond doubt. In fact, even though Calvin himself endlessly questioned why God created humans so defective that they could violate God's words, I couldn't find a definite answer. Here at the seminar to which many important persons were invited, Rev. Lee SangHun discussed the differences between the thought of True Parents and the thought of Calvin. After that, as Calvin listened to the entire Principle, in particular, the theory of Dispensational Time Identity, he admired it. Reverend Lee SangHun gave me his lectures, shedding tears and trying to make me understand. Reverend Lee said, "If I had not been taught the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, today I would be wandering around at the bottom of hell," and confessed, "After long years of mental conflict and suffering, upon hearing the Principle I was able to set my course of life." The Principle utterly demolished Calvin's theory. Calvin believes in God as the absolute being and comprehends the doctrine of absolute predestination just from the perspective of God's will. I, Calvin, am extremely regretful. I recommend that all believers study the Principle. Without understanding why the absolute being, God, created this universe, centered upon humankind, we cannot attend God as the Parent of humankind. I am thankful to Reverend Lee SangHun. Those thinkers and philosophers who cling to Calvin's thought will feel shameful when they hear the Principle. They will realize that Calvin's thought is just a fragment of the truth. I request that people on earth make a systematic study of Unification Thought and the Unification Principle. These serve as two axes that lead us to understand the fundamentals of human life. And people on earth must have absolute faith in and absolute obedience to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who came as the Messiah, the Parent of humankind, and clarified the Principle. John Calvin promises to do this. I bear in my mind the lesson that the doctrine of absolute predestination presently adopted in Christianity is quite wrong and it originated from a error concerning God's fundamental Will. This is John Calvin's confession. Thank you very much.

John Calvin
9. 16. 2001

3) Martin Luther

(1483-1546, founder of the German Reformation)

"If the Divine Principle had been known, the Reformation would not have been necessary." First, I would like to express my gratitude and respect. I'd like to write this letter out of gratitude to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who discovered this excellent thought for us. I, Luther, have practiced a life of faith on the basis of innumerable experiences of God's love. As I participated in this seminar, I had complicated feelings, because the Reformation might emerge as an event that brought sadness to God. It is proper to call the Reverend Sun Myung Moon True Parents of all humankind and Lord of the Second Advent. What can I give in return for this mercy? I'd like to thank him for conveying Heavenly secrets arranged logically in this seminar. I have confidence that the way of salvation for humankind is opened. Divine Principle is absolute truth that embraces all philosophy and religious thought. If Divine Principle, systematically expressed as it is, has appeared in the time of Luther, the Reformation wouldn't have been necessary and many lives would not have been sacrificed. It is regretful that many people were sacrificed in the name of religion. If religious people only knew Divine Principle, the walls between religions, races and viewpoints would have disappeared. Why has the truth emerged at this time in history? I can do nothing but regret as I look back our history, full of conflict and friction. Through which name should I express the deepest respect and gratitude to you, Reverend Sun Myung Moon? I am deeply moved and am full of gratitude. I pray that disasters on earth may come to an end by conveying Divine Principle widely, even to the end of the earth, and that the world of God's love

actually will appear on earth while you are alive. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Lord of Second Advent, I still don't have the right to call you "Father," do I? The Lord has come as Parents of all humankind, but humankind must discipline themselves and be reborn as true children. I think it will take a long time until I become true child. Can you accept a figure like me as your child? Reverend Moon, I will make my best effort to become a true child. Thank you from bottom of my heart for discovering the Heavenly secret for us. I'd like to finish this letter by expressing my deepest gratitude. Thank you very much. Truly thank you very much. I will do my best for this truth.

Martin Luther
2001. 9. 16

(A word from Dr. Lee, Sang Hu

I put a list of 192 names (a group of 180 and a group of 12) on a wall in spirit world and said "I'm looking for the people on this list. If you know anyone on the list, please let him (her) know that they should participate in the seminar as soon as possible. We have no time. Whoever doesn't appear by a certain time, I'm sorry but I must put another person on the list in their place." Then even those who were not invited came to the lecture, and I had to make more lectures. The way is opened for witnessing and I'm excited about making lectures.

4) John Wesley

(1703-1791, founder of the Methodist movement)

"We should make Divine Principle the new theology textbook." I conclude that Divine Principle and Unification Thought are an excellent Gospel and are mustread books. There are various types of religious and nonreligious people here in spirit world and on earth. Many live just because God gave them life, and most of them don't know the direction or purpose of their lives, or the origin and direction of history. As the marvelous message has appeared for those who are on earth and have gone to spirit world, all of us, transcending sects, should read and comprehend this truth carefully. I knew that God gave me my life, so I must live in gratitude for God's mercy. Also I knew that I must live rightly because the life given by God is precious. The Divine Principle is a marvelous and great truth. I have no means to express the greatness of this truth. The explanations of the eternal nature of humankind and Heaven and paradise are especially powerful. People alive now are extremely fortunate. As I listened to the lectures I became like a fireball of burning spirit several times, a situation I can hardly bear. Nobody knows my spirit self, but I felt my spirit self flying in the air, turning around and then coming down. When I was on earth, I thought that we must "open high disturbances" and go through 12 pearl gates to enter Heaven. But there was no dis turbance at the gate, and countless flowers bloomed with perfume, and countless animals are playing. There is no precise word that expresses how beautiful, abundant and happy Heaven is. As I listened to the Divine Principle lecture I experienced Heaven. I felt as if I completely had become a man of Heaven. How could I express this feeling? Oh, God! Thank you for giving us such wellorganized, systematic thought. Why can't theology students on earth have the blessing of learning this even though there are many great teachers? Reverend Moon, it is very tragic. The theology textbooks must include it. If theology students cannot realize this truth, they are sure to follow the wrong way after their graduation. Thank you very much for your troubles, Reverend Moon. Lord of Second Advent, please do your best until the end so that all theologians can know this. I am full of regret. The lectures deeply moved me from the beginning to the end. As Divine Principle is logical and systematic, anyone who listens to it becomes humble. Lord of Second Advent, you appeared as True Parents so please save humankind. Reverend Moon, thank you and thank you for all your effort. I cannot greet you in any way other than this. I, who have completed my education in Divine Principle, receive special treatment from many people. Now I will give my best for God in the providence of restoration by being reborn into a new life.

John Wesley
2001. 9. 17

5) St. Augustine

(354-430, Bishop of Hippo Regius and one of the Doctors of the Church)

"I wish Divine Principle could be conveyed to the cosmos." Many people in spirit world have come to realize that the Divine Principle is great truth. Those who learn Divine Principle change their way of thinking and lifestyle completely. This phenomenon is the same both in spirit world and on earth. Only if you learn Divine Principle will you be reborn. So it is very regretful that some impatient religious associations and sects draw conclusions about it before they learn it. I almost became crazy as I listened to Divine Principle. I regret that I came here without knowing this truth on earth. But on second thought, it is good to prepare to welcome the Lord, as Reverend Moon will come here someday. I will separate from everything in the past and will follow this truth only. I will live faithfully and always remember my mission in my heart. Many saints like Divine Principle. I teach Divine Principle to them through conversation. I'm spending intimate time with Christians. Some of them have different opinions about this truth, but I'm trying to persuade these people. One day, an ardent Christian lady appeared to me and asked why I have no reaction after listening to Divine Principle. She meant that it is a heresy and why am I driven like a fool to support it. This lady really hurt my pride. I almost got angry, but controlled it and told her what I experienced. "Listen carefully to the Divine Principle lectures in detail. Don't make a decision before the lecture is over. If you listen to the lecture all the way through, you will have nothing left but pain." I told her this earnestly. Many people are like this lady. Reverend Sun Myung Moon! True Parents. I am Augustine. Please believe me and have a peaceful mind. I never doubted nor resisted this truth. Thank you for your giving me a chance to greet you again. I pray for this truth to be spread here and there in the world as soon as possible.

2001. 9. 17

Samonim (Young Soon, Kim), please send my best greetings to my wife, Hyun Shil Kang. Please tell her that I still can't lecture well but I am studying hard. And also please tell her that I love her.

6) Polycarp

(c. 69 c. 155, martyr, Bishop of Smyrna)

"Divine Principle is the Gospel for humankind." I was very moved and stunned by the Divine Principle. I have never experienced such a thing. This systematic and organized new truth is the Gospel of salvation for humankind.Why did such a great truth appear at this time? If it appeared several centuries earlier, there would not have been any difficulty to save humankind. I just regret this. No one refuses this truth. I feel as if I was struck dumb by knowing this truth. What more is needed? This is the complete truth. In one word, to hear it was a shock. I'd like to arm myself with this truth and shout it out loud. How accurate and moving is its logic! This can be nothing but God's message. It is impossible that it could have come from a human brain. Reverend Moon, who came as the Second Advent at the call of Jesus, is truly a great master. I'm sorry I called your direct name, but you are really True Parents. This is the best medicine for saving humankind. Please guide all people to learn it and return to the original purpose of creation and then live forever in God's kingdom. Those people who participated in the seminar are in an exciting whirlpool, some are very serious and the others are having a very happy time. True Parents! Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your finding Divine Principle. And I believe that those who realize Divine Principle have a new direction for their minds. How can one live silently after knowing Divine Principle? It is as if a stone hits your silent mind. I thank you very much and respect you deeply. As I was moved in each part of Divine Principle, I have many points to tell you, but there is not enough time so I am concluding this letter.

2001. 9. 18

7) Tertullian

(c. 160 - c. 225, African Church Father, a representative of Montanism)

"I'd like to make a peace movement for humankind. It is urgent to practice Divine Principle in everyday life." Thank you for the chance to participate in such emotional lectures and to express my impressions of it. In the stream of history there are many people who are born and die without knowing the purpose of life or much anything else. But those who are alive in the present time have the opportunity and circumstances to learn truth like this. What happy people they are! Many times I envied them. Divine Principle is the message from God. If it were not, it would not move people's hearts like this. All parts of Divine Principle are very moving and stimulating, but especially the theory of Give and Take Action. The theory of Give and Take Action is a universal Principle that can be applied to all beings in common. I think if all humankind live by this theory, there would be no conflict, friction nor struggles in society. This theory has no mistake and is very detailed and systematic, which makes me admire it. If we are armed with the theory of Give and Take Action, I'm sure that we will have remarkable success in gaining the salvation of humankind. I just regret the fact that they couldn't have known this Divine Principle. Also it is very regretful that Reverend Moon, who discovered this Principle, is very old. Who would disagree with Divine Principle? If there were such a person, she/he would proof him/herself to have no feeling and be very foolish. How could this truth emerge from a human brain? If I could return to earth, there is a thing I want to do by all means. I'd like to actively pursue a peace movement campaign on the basis of this truth. Only the theory of Give and Take Action explains God's love for humankind exactly. Hell would naturally disappear if Divine Principle were applied to the lives of all the humankind. There is not enough time for me to share my impression, so I can't say everything I want to. Reverend Moon, who is on the earth, came as True Parents of Heaven and earth! This fact is worthy of our eternal celebration. How we are blessed now that the way of human salvation is opened widely! I think that if we spread Divine Principle from the earth to the cosmic then the unification of earth and spirit world will take place. I will make my best effort to spread Divine Principle as I wish that the day will come as soon as possible. Today, people on earth must realize the existence of spirit world by throwing away old concepts and researching God's providence rightly. There are many religious sects, even though God is One. Is it God's will? I think the true believer is the one who understands the focus of God's providence and follows it. The nation of God is not far off. The place humankind must settle at last is only one place. It is God's will that humankind live with God in his house, our eternal residence. If so, we must think over where and how we are now standing. True Parents of humankind! How hard you have worked to restore us! You had such difficult times. We pray for all humankind to have one direction of life centering on Divine Principle.

2001. 9. 19

8) Origen

(c. 185 - c. 254, Alexandrian biblical critic, exegete, theologian and spiritual writer)

"Can only True Parents liquidate the original sin of humankind?" We came to know the new and excellent truth. As there is not enough time for me to reflect, I must be very careful, for I am at loss to express my impression. If you throw a stone into silent lake, the sizes of the waves vary according to the direction of the stone's flight. Because Divine Principle made a deep emotional impact on me, I can express my impression even through this is a sudden opportunity. I cannot express the shock in one word. To summarize in a word all the lectures, each of which has numerous topics and various meanings, is impossible even for genius. This makes it hard for me. I have a certain time to express my impression, but please forgive me if I use more time. The lecturers explained that the Divine Principle is the truth that Reverend Moon discovered after enduring great difficulties at God's call. But I had concerns during the lectures. Why did only Reverend Moon find this great truth? Why, after the fall of the first man and woman, does God only watch humankind in difficult situations? Adam and Eve bore their children in sin and transmitted sin to them and it spread out in all humankind and ruined them. Many crimes have their origin in the sexual crime committed in the Garden of Eden.Who would compensate for us who were born with original sin? The declaration of the clarification of original sin was amazing. That was the crime of the first man and woman, but I feel much regret about it. I'd like to deny it strongly. It makes me feel very bad and hurts my pride. Many believers have lived in an uneasy peace with their sexual desire and made great effort to walk the straight and narrow way. They taught us that even though they lived ascetic lives, they still transmitted the original sin to their children. Was the sexual crime of the first man and woman so tremendous that even God was not able to restore it? What is the original meaning of the fall? I am so confused that I can't express how excited, angry and stunned I am. If this problem of original sin is solved, the restoration of humankind will follow. But why was this truth found all at once? Wouldn't it have made the salvation of humankind easier if it had been found step by step through every stage of history? I wonder and am puzzled why God only gave Reverend Moon the special mercy. Nonetheless I do not deny that he came as Messiah, the Second Advent and True Parents. As he brought such a great message from God, how can I say that he doesn't qualify to stand in the position of Parents? Reverend Moon, please forgive me for being abrupt. I respect and thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting as Messiah for the salvation of humankind and for peace. I expressed abruptly only because what I heard differed so much from my traditional beliefs. The lecturer told us to reread Divine Principle and participate in lectures again and again, and study it. I will follow the direction. Please forgive me for using more time than that given me and also for the violent expression I made.

2001. 9. 20

9) The Emperor Constantine

(d. 337, the first Roman emperor to accept Christianity)

"I'd like to have direct guidance from True Parents." It is my honor to be called "Emperor" here. I certainly realized through this education that Reverend Moon is not just the emperor of a nation, but the king of all humankind, emperor of this and True Parents of that. I am sorry and thankful to have the opportunity to express my emotion over the blessing I have received. If we didn't make a false starting point of history, the Principle would have appeared at that time. But history was colored by the fallen world. I try to think how much God suffered watching this terrible history. To rearrange this wrong history, True Parents are necessary. In another words, I learned that the salvation of humankind is done only by true love through Divine Principle. As new truth for humankind appeared, all of us are supposed to celebrate happiness and praise for True Parents' existence and victories over hardship. I have lived without knowing this fact until now, but I want to congratulate them as the emperor of a small nation representing all humankind. Thank you; let's cheer for Reverend Moon, who comes as True Parents, Messiah of humankind, the Second Advent, the king of kings. Thank you very much. I hope that all humankind follow the Divine Principle. I will do my best to construct God's nation here as soon as possible. Thank you for calling me to participate in this sacred work. Also I'd like to thank the lecturers for teaching us enthusiastically. True Parents, how should I live here so that my standard as an emperor is not ruined? What shall I do to attend True Parents closely? I don't mean that I want special treatment as an emperor, rather I mean to live a more gracefilled life of value. Studying Divine Principle calms my mind and I naturally will to live a new life. This makes me reconsider my life on the earth, a life lived wrongly because I was without Divine Principle. One can seriously feel the value of life if one can give forgiveness and reconsideration. What should I do to get Reverend Moon's direct guidance? It is a sudden wish, isn't it? I'd like to live with True Parents' guidance if it is possible, because the lecturers here are making all of us deeply moved. Reverend Moon, thank you.

2001. 9. 22

10) Athanasius

(c. 296 - 373, Bishop of Alexandria [Egypt] who helped establish the theory of the Trinity)

"Divine Principle is the standard to solve problems." First of all, I liked the word, Divine Principle (Unification Principle). Even though God, who is the master of humankind, is only one, the children's lives go against the Father's direction. I couldn't understand why life on the earth is like that and wondered about it. Studying Divine Principle solves several such problems clearly. I always believed that God didn't create us in such poor shape, with the conflicts between religions and sects, racial prejudice and clashes of cultures. But this question is clearly solved by Divine Principle. Is there any certain theory in this world other than this? The logical explanation of the lecturers during the seminar was excellent. When I listened to the lectures, I unconsciously melted into the logic. Divine Principle must be developed limitlessly. Literally it is Divine Principle (Unification Principle). The image of the Emperor Constantine bowing to the ground in front of the lecturers was pure and beautiful. I don't have his courage but was amazed by Divine Principle very much. This is my honest confession. The Second Advent is successful. We can explain the greatness of Divine Principle only by seeing the image of his children. It is sure that Divine Principle is a mustread book for humankind. How could I express my impression of Divine Principle? The best expression is that it is emotion itself. Why does it come now when I study these lectures? I believe that this emotion, which is whirling in my mind, will not last just for moment like a bubble. Fire as in furnace engulfs my mind. Divine Principle arranges and purifies people's minds in every nook and cranny. The people on earth are lucky, because they who live following the guidance of Divine Principle will never worry about misusing their life. Master! Reverend Moon! Thank you for your hard work on our behalf. If there are more proper expressions, I'd use them, but I can't find them. The lady who receives these messages is very lucky. What a happy life she has, with the mission of conveying the gratitude of so many people to Reverend Moon directly! I have much to say, but I was asked to keep to a specific time to express an impression. So I regret that I can't tell my entire impression. In one word, I thank Him. Now I know new truth. I will arrange my mind and live following the way of Divine Principle. Reverend Moon! I will study Divine Principle thoroughly so that I can welcome you here with a happy mind after you solve all the problems on earth. I think that is the basic posture appropriate for greeting one's master. I'd keenly like to call the name, "True Parents." May all you are doing succeed for the glory of God and all humankind.

2001. 9. 22

11) Benedict

(c. 480 - c. 550, the patriarch of western monasticism)

"Even as I accept that Divine Principle is truth, I couldn't have a heartistic experience of it." I think that Divine Principle shows us the original direction of life. There may be no theology from the Middle Ages to present that traces the relationship between God and humankind as abstractly as Divine Principle. I cannot imagine how a human being can discover the real existence of God. But Divine Principle explains the existence of God systematically and logically. Also it explains that God is the Parents of humankind with clear logic. How amazing it is! All the logic in it is new and brilliant. It seems as if God's original will is to be found in Divine Principle. What more could we want to find? Many Christians here had a question about the Lord who came at the end of the Old Testament era (Jesus). Their question has to do with how one who was selected as Son of God could fall short in fulfilling the Messiah's task? How could God send a person who would not succeed in his responsibility? Some people left while hearing the answer to these questions. But almost everyone who heard the lecture until the end became humble. They know if you keep studying, you are sure to get the answer to your questions. There is so much in the Divine Principle. I'd like to study and analyze Divine Principle systematically. I have no doubt that the Divine Principle is the truth. It is very accurate and clear. It shows what humankind truly long to know. I first doubted the assertion that Reverend Moon is fulfilling the Second Advent, who came to complete the work of Jesus. But after I heard about Time Identity, the Providence of Restoration and Unification Thought, my doubt disappeared and I could understand the circumstances and heart of God and the course of each age very well. I cannot attend or believe Reverend Moon as True Parents from the bottom of heart yet. But at least I realize that it is natural that I will do so eventually. And I have concrete belief that Divine Principle and Unification Thought is truth that shows us the direction of salvation for humankind. I thank Reverend Moon for his hard effort to dis cover such truth. Still it is a fact that I cannot give my whole mind toward it, even though it is 100% logically correct. I ask myself the reason for this, and realize it is the persistence of myself and my arrogance.

2001. 9. 23

13) Thomas Aquinas

(c. 1225-1274, Dominican philosopher and theologian)

"Make it the main theory for the sake of realizing peace for humankind." The organizers emphasized several times that I should share the part that was most impressive, so I'll follow their direction. But the others who told their impressions used more time. Lady reporter, can you give me more time, too? I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought are not theories but great truth. I'd first like to express my gratitude for being selected to share my impression. I was stunned to know that the tragedy of humankind started with this terrible incident, the sin of the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden. It makes my mind hurt. God gave his children the discipline of love so that his children could grow with God's best and biggest love. God Himself couldn't intervene in the discipline. It is a very sad thing that the first man and woman couldn't keep this discipline. I really regret that the history of restoration continues even now because history started on the wrong point. Why couldn't I know this tragic circumstance of history until now? I was blind in my longing for God because I couldn't conceive of the reality of God's heart, even though I studied history. But amid human tragedy there is one piece of good fortune in that humankind still has the original nature to seek for God. I don't know how to interpret the fact that God is the Parents of humankind. How could the transcendent and limitless God have a relationship of Parents and children with limited humankind? There are so many parts in Divine Principle that are new and not understandable to me. I feel oppressed. There is a small logical gap in Divine Principle, but I cannot concretely point out which part of Divine Principle it is. I was moved deeply with the Unification Thought lecturers most of all. They lectured shedding tears, as if the lecture were an historic appeal. How could they reach that level of heart? I called to myself "Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Aquinas," and pinched myself several times. It was sure that I am Thomas Aquinas. I asked myself how I have lived until now. It seems that I became foolish after studying Divine Principle. "Thomas Aquinas, how will you live from now?..." Heavenly Father, Reverend Moon, I will make an absolute pledge. I'm sure that Divine Principle not only saves all humankind but is also the main theory leading to liberty, equality and peace, for which all people long. My emotion and shock were so strong that I can't express them. Heavenly Father! Reverend Moon! I wish that the theory of True Parents spreads to the end of the earth, and I believe that Divine Principle seminars will develop endlessly here, like clouds gathering at one place in the sky. I will participate in this movement and do my best for it.

Thomas Aquinas
2001. 9. 23

14) Francis of Assisi

(1181-1226, mystic, founder of the Franciscan Order)

"Divine Principle is essential truth for the salvation of humankind." I felt new life rising in me as I was studying Divine Principle. They explained that humankind can live a happy life when they receive life elements from God, and that this is our original nature. It was the correct answer for my question. It seemed as if fire had come into my body on the day I listened to Divine Principle. While feeling that, new power came up within my breast. My heart flew in the air and I felt as if something was bursting. I cannot explain this feeling in a word. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit of God strongly. The power exists not only in myself, but when I spoke with others, the power was conveyed and it became stronger. Looking at me in such a condition, the lecturers told me that I received the Holy Spirit from God, and to study the Divine Principle seriously and try to witness to many people. I had similar experiences while I was on earth, but this time the level was different. Now I can't stand shouting out loud. Divine Principle and Unification Thought are theories that imbue strong power that can completely recreate humankind. I think this power comes from the Holy Spirit of God. We can never make this power by ourselves. We are always receiving invisible life elements from God. Thus, humankind live under God's protection, but can never feel it, and so fail to regard God. I cannot but say that humankind is very foolish. Now I know that God is the Parents of humankind. How much God loves and thinks on us! But we are foolish and we don't know that it has been a long and sad history for God since the Garden of Eden. I think this is an amazing truth. Reverend Moon is a great man because he discovered this. He must have had incredible difficulties walking the way of Messiah and must have fought violently with countless satans. I'm very sorry to be in comfortable place like this as I study this great truth. I believe that as Reverend Moon has appeared as True Parents. True Parents is the central person who represents and saves humankind. We can have salvation here too, in the near future. But without knowing this basic truth, there are many groups who pit themselves against it. I know it complicates my Master's mind. Too many people have come here to the lectures and it is very complicated and unorganized. There are more people who want to disturb the lectures than who came to study Divine Principle. It makes it difficult for the lecturers to run the seminar. The lecturers here are very great. All of them complete the lectures with a strong will. I've learned a lesson from them. I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought are the highest truth that will save humankind. Those who came here to disturb the lectures shed tears after they study Divine Principle. It is too bad that the time I have is too short to express my whole impression. To summarize my expression, I say "Thank you Reverend Moon, True Parents of humankind. I believe that you will have victory and victory and victory again as Messiah."

2001. 10. 1

15) John Wycliffe

(c. 1330-1384, English philosopher, theologian and reformer)

"How dare they deny the truth that saves humankind." I thought a good deal before I participated in this seminar. There was no little disturbance of people around it. I myself also was perplexed. That is because I heard that everyone who participated this seminar changed their view and way of thinking, and I thought this group is weird. But I decided not to be like that, because I have a mind that can make rational judgments, and so I courageously made my decision to attend. But from the first lecture, something strongly led my mind. Nothing went as I wanted. I could not but shed tears over and over again. This group was weird; that much was true! But unbearable pain came into my whole body as the lecture went deeper and deeper. Poor God! I could feel God behind history for such a long time, waiting for us to be restored. At the same time I could feel Reverend Moon's keen suffering and deep sadness for humankind. Through Divine Principle, we can know the miserable God who has been waiting for his children, and the vivid figure of the Master trying to overcome all the difficulties until he could find the Divine Principle. We can know how the sad history started when Satan took man and woman out of the peace of the Garden of Eden. But there are groups of people, not small in size, who reject without knowing what Divine Principle really is. I could not stand with the negative voices echoing in my ears; they broke my heart. I could do nothing but shed tears ceaselessly. How have I lived not knowing of God's providence? How can I make those people who are refusing it understand the greatness of Divine Principle? I felt pain and pricking in my mind. I naturally feel an impulse to convey the new truth. I want to go out with a microphone and shout it out. The lecturers are not just lecturing; they are appealing earnestly. I fear nothing in front of this marvelous truth. If I summarize my impressions of this seminar, I can just express that "it is an amazing fact." At the beginning I didn't intend to believe it, but all the parts are logical and clear, so I can't deny even one word with my knowledge. I was just surprised. And I would like to celebrate Reverend Moon and praise him highly, the True Messiah of humankind. Is that enough for the impression?

John Wycliffe
2001. 10. 1

16) Joan of Arc

(1412 - 1431, the "Maid of Orleans")

"I will become a heroine of the new truth." I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought have great power that reforms anew people's hearts. I think that we would never fall if we have this firm truth. Because we don't have a certain direction, purpose and belief, we go the way to the fall, the way of moral collapse. But what need we fear if we have certain guidance like this? I think that Reverend Moon's Divine Principle is the truth that gives us new hope and faith. Reverend Moon, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The lecturers here are lucky persons because they attended Reverend Moon directly on the earth and received his education, and then they came here. We could deduce the thought of Reverend Moon well enough through the character of the lecturers. The lecturers guided us with love and sincerity. I could feel deeply how precious and blessed this position is. If I summarize my impression of this seminar, I would say that I'd like to live and work together in this atmosphere. And Reverend Moon has come as True Parents of humankind. So he is my True Parents, too. I believed that the way of salvation would open for me, too. I was just impressed that my name is on the list that many people long to be on. It would be good if there were a method for Divine Principle to be widely spread as soon as possible for all the world. I'd like to be in front of the line of those conveying Divine Principle. I am not such a person who can be silent after knowing new truth. "Stand up, stand up, the new truth will make your mind strong. The new Gospel has appeared for deaf and dumb humankind. There is truth that makes us attend the same Father, the same Parents. All of us should go and join them. All will become strong. Truth that liberates us from Satan's chains has appeared among humankind..." I shout and shout it like this over and over again in my mind. Thank you for your hard work. And we believe concretely that this truth is the Heavenly secret. I believe that truth like this should spread among ignorant humankind widely and as fast as possible. Reverend Moon, True Parents, please give me a mission, too. I don't want to be a reformer but rather a leader with love. Thank you very much.

Joan of Arc
2001. 10. 1

A word from Dr. Lee, Sang Hun I invited 180 people, but 1,800 came and shouted that they all wished to listen to the lectures. The lecture room became confused and disorderly. (I put a message on a wall that said it is the only period when I would convey a message from earth.) It was more disorderly because opposing groups came and tried to disturb us.

16) Menno Simons

(1496-1561, Anabaptist, founder of the Mennonites)

"I am glad that I was invited here." I regret very much that I couldn't know this useful truth while I was on the earth. Even as I attended the one and only God, I never imagined that God wants to be with humankind and that his relationship with us is that of Parents and children. I solidly believed that we cannot come close to God, as he is transcendent existence. I think that because Reverend Moon discovered this marvelous truth, it is certain that he became the True Parents of humankind as the one and only existence. I think man's long history, which was a path suffering and hardship for God's finding True Parents, is not wasted at all. I am not satisfied to express my deep inner world with one word. Divine Principle is truly amazing. I am also amazed that a lady will convey my impression to True Parents on the earth. I almost can't believe it. I wonder how things like this happen. The lecturers explained for us quietly, systematically and in detail that things like this happen only while True Parents are on the earth. Why did Divine Principle and Unification Thought emerge at this time? It implies that numerous people couldn't receive this mercy, even though they lived only for God. That is because of the benefit of the providential age. It fills us with regret. But there is no meaning to repentance on that point. I promised several times, "Let us be thankful that history has come to this point." But my mind was not comfortable.I'm deeply grateful that my name is on a list posted here and there on walls. People have started to envy me. I became a person who receives invitations from earth. How happy I am because I'm on the hallowed list of people invited from earth and by True Parents, even there are billions of people here. But I am still in a daze because Divine Principle and Unification Thought are declared. If we follow the thought of Divine Principle and Unification Thought, we can live without war, religious bigotry and racial prejudice. Only thing we do is live with our minds humble before God. Strong power is rising within me to live like that. I can't remember my past life, and I don't know why. It is a miracle. I can't just skip any part of Divine Principle. It is very systematic and logical. All the people here thank for Reverend Moon, the Lord of Second Advent, for coming as Parents of all humankind. How can I express this glory and gratitude? Numerous people here are feeling reborn. It is noisy outside as it occurs, but everybody who studied Divine Principle became hushed. Reverend Moon! The Lord of Second Advent! Thank you for overcoming all difficulties. Thank you. And I have something to ask you. Please give the glory of meeting the Lord to people here in any way possible. Please give us special glory. I'm sorry, but I'm sharing from my febrile mind.

Menno Simons
2001. 10. 2

17) Emanuel Swedenborg

(1688 - 1772, Swedish scientist and mystical thinker)

"Truth that theologically and philosophically shows the basis of spiritual phenomena." I experienced spirit world while I was still on the earth. I experienced the real God in several ways while I was on the earth. That's why I have never doubted the existence of spirit world. But I didn't know that invisible world exists forever with our appearance the same as in the substantial world. I have never treated it with systematic logic, nor did God ever teach me about it. There are so many people on the earth. But if they accept and understand the existence of the invisible world, they will live completely different lives. There was no basis in experience, logic or the invisible world for what I wrote and left as books on the earth. It was only a deduction of what might be. Also an extremely small part of it was written down. But Divine Principle and Unification Thought are explaining spirit world philosophically, theologically, historically and with detailed accuracy based on the purpose of creation. The way to spirit world is open so that even a blind man can discover the way to the invisible world. Is there any Gospel more important than this? It is truly excellent. No one who is educated in the basic Principle of invisible world and substantial world could go to hell. Because most people can't realize the truth, they can't escape from the eternal thorns of hell. I had much experience of spiritual phenomenon while I was alive. I will tell you only one episode among them. Most of my experience of spirit world is ideas of godly phenomena in the invisible world. One day, as I was praying and meditating, suddenly a bright light appeared in the rain and took me somewhere. Just as suddenly the light disappeared and lightning and thunder started. With the sounds of thunder, I could hear roars, groans and loud cries. I wandered what place this was, and looked over the place in detail. I found people pressed down by a huge stone, as if an earthquake had taken place. I was overcome with fear as I heard shouts for help from bloody figures. I soon realized I was in Hell. I thought that the light was truly God and that he wanted me to see them because he wanted to ask me to save them. God was teaching me that there was Hell in the invisible world, and that if you commit sin, you will come here. I regret that I couldn't realize that at the time. Even though I had salvation from God, I couldn't help God. My mind was tormented. I thanked the lecturers many times, but that is not enough. My heart really aches. The lecturers here understand God's mind and practice accordingly. Father, I'm sorry. And I know who is the hero of Divine Principle, who is Reverend Moon. At the moment I hear lectures, I glance at the master's face. I saw his face with too much heartbreak. And I saw his body receiving God's love. I know it is late but I'd like to help God and True Parents. I could not explain spirit world systematically, because we didn't have systematic logic that applied to the spirit world. Now hearing the logical basis to teach spirit world makes me stand straight. True Parents of humankind, I will attend you and study Divine Principle hard with hope. And I will harmonize my spiritual experiences and Divine Principle and let people here know this. I will always make effort for that and pray for that. True Parents, thank you for your hard work. I believe in the teaching of the Father of humankind. I will do my best until I meet you. Thank you very much.

Emanuel Swedenborg
2001.10. 3

The words of Swedenborg: Samonim (Young Soon Kim) contributes greatly to various people in spirit world because you write down so many experiences of spirit world. I have heard that the thing like this is possible because True Parents are on the earth. I envy you very much.

18) Matteo Ricci

(1552-1610, Jesuit missionary in China)

"I wonder what is the inner situation of God." My impression can't be summarized in a word. I will elucidate the reason why. I experienced God's existence while I was on the earth, as I applied myself to that very problem. After the experience, I lived with the concept that I am with God all the time and with a determination to attend God. The topic of this seminar today is "God is the Parents of Human Beings." I could have experienced God's love, which gives and gives forever, and never been shown nor taught that God is the Parents of humankind. If so, are the God I experienced and the God shown by Divine Principle and Unification Thought different? Logic answers that God is One. I don't deny that. Then why did not the God who appeared to me teach me that he is the Parents of humankind? I think about that very much. I can't stand wondering God's reason for that. I think that Divine Principle and Unification Thought that Reverend Moon literally illuminated the deep, inner situation of God. There is no doubt about it. But why did the God of love only light up truth like that only through Reverend Moon? How good and fair it would have been had God let other believers and martyrs know this truth. Their only mishap was that they appeared in the wrong stream of history, which started incorrect, before Reverend Moon! I believe that God has no prejudice and that all human beings are his children. Why, then, didn't God give the mercy to any number of Christians? I can understand the logic of Divine Principle but we, the Christians, in great numbers feel a sense of alienation from God.We are just sacrifices, aren't we? All the lecturers in this seminar earnestly introduced Divine Principle with divine love, kindness and sincerity. All the lectures are ringing in my mind. I want to receive glory from God, too. And I envy Reverend Moon, because he is the Parents of humankind and Father, and even illuminated the Heavenly secret through Divine Principle. God must love him very much. I feel that Divine Principle and Unification Thought cruelly exposed my arrogance and insolence. Reverend Moon, please take special care of us when you come here someday. I made my effort to look for holes in Divine Principle and Unification Thought, but I finished in failure. They have very wonderful logic and theories. Thank you.

Matteo Ricci
2001. 10. 4

19) William Carey

(1761-1834, Baptist missionary)

"I have realized the providence for Time Identity and ..." I lived entire life relying on God, as I believed in God's existence and thought the life attending God is the happiest one. I have never had complaints nor doubts about it. I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought were brought to light by God's message. The human brain can't bring forth such thoughts. Moreover I was stunned when I heard God is the Parents of humankind. Reverend Moon was given his mission when he was 16. Before he appeared as the Parents of humankind, I bet that God prepared for long time. I also believe that no one can deny this truth. But I feel empty knowing this great truth here in spirit world, not on the earth. It occurred to me that only the people who were born with the right background, circumstances and era on the earth can accept Divine Principle. All the lecturers here are doctors of Divine Principle, and through their lives on earth, they were refined in mind and body as they attended Reverend Moon. They were very lucky in their lives the earth. I can't stand feeling empty and lonely even though I have accepted this wonderful truth. I have questioned why I couldn't have known this truth while I was on the earth. When I do, I feel that God abandoned me or was careless with me. Later, when I studied the theory of TimeIdentity, this question was answered. So I think I must completely throw away sediments of the beliefs I had until now. Otherwise my sin can't be forgiven in the age of this marvelous thought. I was stunned very much. This is my honest confession. But I think that making effort to be reborn by unifying mind and body centering on this truth is the best way to awaken from this shock. Reverend Moon, the Parents of humankind, how much you suffered to restore all humankind! I could fully understand that from the lecturers here. Thank you.

William Carey
2001. 10. 5

20) Dwight Moody

(1837-1899, evangelist)

"To say God is the Parent of humanity." At first I was very surprised and deeply impressed to hear the words, "God is the Parents of humanity." I thought of God only as a transcendent being living in a high position, unable to have any relationship with us people. However, if God is the Parent of all humanity, then how has God lived all this time? Many people have looked up into empty space and have made requests of God. They have asked for help in times of trouble. Parents and children share everything: troubled times, happy times, sad times, all these are shared together. So in comparison, we are criminals before God, and are the most disloyal of children. Even being disloyal to our earthy Parents is a sin. Jesus and the Ten Commandments make it clear that we must serve our Parents well, but why, oh why, has there not been one line written saying we must serve our God as our Parent? Reverend Moon! How is it you have brought this great blessing to humanity? How can I express my heart of gratitude in words? When I see the way that God has lived through history without even once being treated as a Parent, I realize without a doubt that Reverend Moon is the True Son among True Sons. This man, a True Messiah and True Parent of humanity, has saved humankind from the muck in which we've been stuck. Also, my impression of the Principle is that it is so wonderful it is awkward to express it in words. It has opened the way of salvation for so many people. How can I ever repay the one who bestowed such a fortune? True Parents, by all means I pray that your health can be preserved, and I earnestly wish you great success in caring for the salvation of the spirits in Heaven and people on earth. And I finally offer thanks to the lecturers, who throughout the course of this seminar have united us together and have imbued each lecture with great enthusiasm. I truly believe that for each participant here, and even those who didn't participate, and even those who oppose us, this truth will become a Gospel. I offer my gratitude and respect to Reverend Moon, the Messiah and True Parent.

Dwight Moody
2001. 10. 6

21) Karl Barth

(1886-1968, Protestant theologian)

"If you hold fast to only the traditional theologies, then the spirit of that time shall become exhausted." Karl Barth thought that he had studied an immense amount about God. However, today's Divine Principle puts Karl Barth to shame and has silenced him. I merely want to absorb myself quietly in contemplation. How can I express my heart in words? It is impossible to know from where to where stretches the realm of the infinite God. The entire earth and the Heavens above and below display God's attributes, abilities and intellect, but upon hearing the truth of the Divine Principle, Karl Barth's gaping mouth could not be shut. I twice believe that the man who discovered this truth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, is the returning Christ as well as the Messiah. Where has such a profound truth been hidden such that it has only now been revealed? I was stunned to learn that the fact that God contained within his chest an infinite Heavenly secret. How can we unearth the facts hidden with God's being? I feel that people who think that they know everything about God have incredible arrogance and pride. However, Reverend Sun Myung Moon has fathomed the depths of God's heart and has become the truest Son of all true Sons. How did he know the location of this precious jewel, and how did he dig it up? How could Karl Barth have been that ignorant? I merely realized the limitations and incapability of humankind. What have I done until now to serve God? What does theology teach and for what purpose do you study it? Since coming in contact with Unification Principle, I want to completely throw away the word "theology." What is taught and learned though theology? It seems to me that there is no way to solve the question of the origin of the universe with our own human brains. Instead, we are merely caught up in a sense of futility. Today's theology merely breeds arrogance and pride, and drives one into a delicate corner. It seems we cannot solve these types of theological problems without the Unification Divine Principle. Upon realizing this fact, I've recognized that Karl Barth has led a meaningless life and is an incredibly incapable person. This is an honest confession from my heart. Theologians of today, raise up your heads! Open your two eyes and pay attention. Karl Barth wants to put away the traditional ideas of theology and burn them to ashes. My mind is irritated. Theologians, change your thinking. How do you see the Bible? Sometimes it seems that the profound truth of the Bible restricts you. Karl Barth, today in this place, will throw off his old self without reservations. You should do the same. Burn it to ashes and receive the new truth. God is our Parents, and you are his children. This truth is an atomic declaration, a Gospel to you, as well as to all humanity. The Unification Principle of the Completed Testament Age is an atomic document, a Gospel that surpasses all sixtysix books of the Bible. Karl Barth learned Unification Thought and Unification Principle in the form of a spirit in this place. Theologians, if you live fastened to the Bible, your spirit will not be able to get out of that snare. In the end, you'll become a poor, pathetic soul. It seems there are more than a few problems in the realm of salvation in which you believe. How can you possibly elucidate all these things here in spirit world? When you compare your ideas of a realm of salvation to the reality of this place, there will be many aspects that you will completely fail to understand. However, these are facts, this place is a reality. I hope you will be liberated from the trap of narrowminded faith. I see that my impressions on this seminar have taken on the tone of message. Karl Barth's heart is going topsyturvy. I truly hope you will study the Unification Principle and Unification Thought deeply. I hope you theologians will compare the Unification Principle with the many books of Karl Barth. God is our Parent. Reverend Sun Myung Moon came as the Savior of humanity, and with him he has brought an incredible Gospel to all people. This new Gospel is the Unification Principle and Unification Thought. All you theologians, have you not tried, as you've read the Bible, to understand it no matter what? There is the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. The Gospel of the Completed Testament is the Unification Principle and Unification Thought. Reverend Moon has revealed that "God is our Parents." This man is the True Parent of all humanity, the Messiah, the Savior. Theologians, the blood of justice shall spring forth from your chest. Your passions shall be armed for God's truth. I ask you not to be servile in front of this complete truth. Karl Barth will light the flame of this new Gospel within your hearts. The Second Coming, Reverend Moon, Savior of humanity, and our True Parent, I thank you. Please save my fellow theologians. This is the earnest request of Karl Barth.

Karl Barth

If you give Karl Barth the opportunity, I want to offer Reverend Moon a more sincere writing, rather than merely a reflectionstyle piece. Thank you so much, and thank you again. Madam! I'm asking you.

22) John XXIII

(Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, 1881-1963, Pope from 1958, the Pope who led the Vatican II reforms)

"The teacher who fought tens of millions of devils." John feels that the Unification Principle is a great truth, with a mysterious, magical power that is changing all of humanity. Human faith can be described as coming from a state of not knowing anything at all, to a state that you absolutely believe that something is "probably so." "Probably so" means that it is an abstract concept. It's completely different from the words "That is so." Everything within the Principle gives you no choice but to come to the conclusion, "That is definitely so." The Unification Principle introduces God's love and opens the true eyes of all the ignorant people of the world. I believe that if people only knew the Principle then they could all live a proper life of faith, as well as have an enlivened existence with a clear purpose ahead of them. The God we have been attending until now and the God we have been waiting for are fundamentally different. This is another incredibly surprising fact. God is our Parents, but we have not served Him as such. God was known as being far from people, and was known as a Being who came to us when we were weak or lacking, in order to fill up our weaknesses. People only sought God when they were in need. They never served God as the Parents of humanity, who shared both our troubles and our joys. Reverend Moon has revealed a great Principle, great and incredible. How hard a path must he have walked to have discovered the position of the Parent of humanity, the omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal and infinite God? How many frightening tests did Reverend Moon receive from the Devil, Satan? Satan would not have left Reverend Moon alone, for fear that he would reveal the false actions of Satan, who played the role of humanity's false king and false owner in God's place. The one phrase, saying Reverend Moon "fought against the tens of millions of devils" still rings in John's soul. No one has known the darkness that has covered history. How frustrated God must have been! Even as our Parent, forgetting the difficulty of seeking his children, he carried out his providence of restoration. I cannot begin to imagine how we can possibly compensate God for his years of sadness in his effort to conquer this reality, where truth and falsehood are mixed together. Reverend Moon is the truest son among sons in front of God. He has fulfilled all his responsibility as a son, and is a True Parent in front of all humankind. He has established the victorious standard of the Messiah and is the king of kings. We people of faith must clearly know the fact that all people have come from one heart and one place. If we all try to work together in order to correct the direction of our wrongful history, then we will be able to attend God from a much more comfortable position. However, many people of faith have become so absorbed in the old, incorrect customs, that their ability to discern the new truth has become vague. When I think of the fact that this only causes even more suffering and pain to God and True Parents, my heart aches. Now all people of faith must realize that a new age has arrived. Recall the age that presented the Ptolemaic theory and the age that presented the Copernican theory. The age may change, but the purpose of God's providence is unchangeable. God is our Parent, and we cannot change our destiny as his children. The secret of history, which has been hidden for so many thousands of years, has been revealed and at the same time the Lordship of humanity is being returned to God. The false Parent of humanity shall be exposed for all to see. How frustrating and regrettable!! Now all you fellow believers here must receive the new truth and realize from when the salvation of all people has started. A heart that cannot accept this new truth is not a sincere heart. We can put new wine in new wineskins. The direction and flow of history is not going where it should. Our ignorance has given birth to sin. What is original sin? No matter how holy a life our ancestors might have lived, their descendants are born carrying the original sin. This world is filled with contradictions. The Bible and the Christian teaching also have many unclear points, but we faithfully believe. You people of faith, fellow believers, the core of faith is being together with God, but we people could not understand the God who was the object of our faith. There are many saints who have, during their lives, lived a life of celibacy, and there are many saints who willingly took the path of death. This is because history started in the wrong way. Now that a new truth has been revealed, all of you who are living ascetic lives must receive this new truth. The biological make up of humankind is set up to accomplish God's purpose and ideal of creation, which is in the multiplication of God's children through the love of a man and a woman. So then why and where did things go wrong? I ask you people of faith and you who live a life of celibacy, please do not be stingy about points you must clearly recognize. Times have changed. They have changed a lot. Think of the central figures in history who have failed their responsibility. Why were the Parallel Periods necessary? Unification Principle has brought an amazing power that can renew humanity. It's a truth all people need to learn and study. People's lives on earth are drastically short in comparison to life in spirit world. However, the Unification Principle clearly teaches that your residence in the eternal, incorporeal world is determined through your earthly life. Reverend Moon; in front of such an amazing teacher I gratefully receive this Unification Principle with a heart of devotion. Seeing your neverending effort for the peace of humanity, I again offer my gratitude.


23) Martin Luther King

(1929 - 1968, Baptist minister and champion of civil rights)

"The truth by which to abolish racial barriers has come." When God made humankind he made them as his children. Therefore God is the Parent of humankind. This teaching is deeply inspiring. When Martin Luther King discovered that racial discrimination between Asians, Caucasian, Blacks, etc., the conflicts among different denominations, the complication and conflicts of brothers within democracy and totalitarianism, the friction between countries, etc. were not God's original intention, and when he realized that the false start of humankind in the Garden of Eden brought this false history about, it touched him deeply. God is not a person of favoritism. He did not create the walls of racism and religious denominationalism on various levels. They came about due to the skewed directions of our misled lifestyle. Martin Luther King is very grateful in light of the Principle. All people are granted equal value from God. That is the special right you receive from God. Despite this, racial discrimination and conflicts between religious sects have continued ceaselessly throughout history. The Unification Principle, though, is an ideology of peace, given equally to all people. Unification Thought is a truth that can unite all people. This was not something that could be done through human power, but is a Heavenly secret revealed by God. The fact that such an amazing Heavenly secret has been revealed is an occasion for all humanity to celebrate. Martin Luther King is twice thankful for the appearance of the Unification Principle. By this Principle, freedom and equality are rights for all to pursue, regardless of their social status, race or religious sect. When I feel the truth of this fact, I again raise eternal thanks to the Lord. And because I know the suffering and pain that Reverend Moon endured until the great secrets of Heaven were revealed, I offer up my thanks to him as well. Knowing that the relationship between God and all people is one of Father and Son fills me with eternal happiness. The Principle is not restricted to any one sect or denomination, but a teaching that all denominations can accept. Because the Principle contains the internal and external truths of humanity, if all religious people, in fact, all people, read its contents deeply, it will become a true guide for their lives. It is a guidebook to the lifestyle all people should live. I cannot suppress my admiration for the systematic logic of the Unification Principle. Humankind has made effort ceaselessly to become liberated and establish peace, but because there was no truth like this, these efforts always dissipated into thin air. A movement would start, created by the masses, and then just disappear. There is no doubt that the Unification Principle is the truth that can realize peace for humanity. I feel that it is a unique truth, and as God's only ideology, it can break down all the barriers among humanity and bring about unity. If I were given the chance, I am confident I could start a new human revolution, based on the Principle. The lectures here may not seem revolutionary, but rather to possess an amazing power of conversion that inspires people and gets their hearts pumping. It is not the result of human power, but the sum of the power of truth and the power of the spirit of God. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, thank you so much for bringing peace to all of humankind, and for enlightening us to the amazing truth. I also want to thank you so much that throughout the manifestation of the True Parents,, you have realized the absolute standard that can diminish completely the resentment the human race was been bearing due to racial discrimination. I'm so truly grateful. We need to proclaim strongly, with all our hearts, humanity's Messiah, the Second Coming, our True Parents. The happiness I feel for being able to attend and serve God's true son and daughter, the True Parents, is truly unfathomable. Thank you.

Martin Luther King

24) Daegun Kim

(1821-1846, Korean Roman Catholic Father, martyr, one of our 103 saints)

"A new culture will be created in Korea, centered on the Lord." The term "Unification Thought" itself is purifying the hearts of many people. The path to this place is bringing many people. There have been huge uproars as a result of the conflict between the people crying out to hear the unification Principle and those who are trying to stop them from hearing the Principle. Most of the people here have been enlightened to the new truth and the good news that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is in fact the Second Coming of Christ. This place has come to be known as the education grounds to receive the Messiah, the True Parents of humankind. I am extremely grateful that even though I did not leave behind many notable accomplishments, I have been called to this place. Since I've been here there are many weird emotions and strange feelings that are truly hard to express. I had just entered the lecture hall. The lecture hadn't even begun. I don't know where it came from, but a brilliant amazing light wrapped all around me. At that moment, my entire mind and body was filled with so much joy. Then I started to fall into a trance, not even knowing who I was. That was incredibly amazing and mysterious. As I look back on it now, it was a very spiritual experience. Thank you so much. How beautiful and peaceful this place is. And how there are only very humble people gathered here. Occasionally I get the impression that the lectures and the guides are looking at me. As the lecture began, I announced to everyone that I was Daegun Kim and without hesitation went up and greeted the lecturers. It was as if my body wasn't mine but was going off somewhere else. As I was thinking, "This is a spiritual experience", I started to listen to a truly mysterious lecture. The lecturer's voice came to me like a oice from Heaven. It was as if the intervention were coming straight from God. It wasn't just a lecture, but it was a teaching through God's voice. I could really feel God's calling to me directly in that atmosphere. After a little while, it was just as if I was earthenware on a store put peacefully on top of a table. My mind and body, too, became tranquilized and at ease. From now, Daegun Kim began to tell us of his thoughts about Unification theology. All of the Unification ideology and Principle lectures had all of us in complete oneness, as they spoke with such passion, devotion and sincerity. That's how awesome their lectures were! But there was this one part that I just could not understand in the slightest. How did this happen? My biggest worry and struggle in trying to live with God was whether or not I could live my life alone. Of course, I wasn't the only one with questions about this. The reason for this is that our biological make up is not so that we live alone. But the way of a monk or a nun is to cut off from all physical conditions and live only to serve the Lord. This is the obvious path of a monk, and we thought that it was a holy lifestyle. Here is where my old theory starts to break down. If God's fundamental will for people is to multiply children through the Blessing, why did we have to live lives of celibacy? How many people are both believers and sinners, using a hypocritical, twosided mask of faith and reality? And how contradictory a life is that? This is just another form of sin. How will today's Christianity solve that problem? The Unification Principle and Unification Thought, however, revealed by Reverend Moon, are giving joy and hope to all people, and are presenting the correct way for monks and nuns. If we go by the Unification Principle and Unification Thought and attend True Parents, the Second Advent, the Messiah, and receive the Blessing, then all these problems will be solved. Until now, monks and nuns lived their lives of faith separate from reality. But the human biological make up was created to fulfill God's purpose of creation, so what should we do? If the teachings of the Principle are in any way selfcontradictory, then the very question of human blessing is a contradiction. But the Principle is the new Godgiven Gospel, a revelation, and so therefore doesn't have any contradictions of truth. Everyone, listen to the Unification Principle. You will feel in every paragraph the truth that God is the Parent of humanity. Reverend Moon, what did we do to have the Principle come to our nation? I am so grateful that it did. My history ended tragically, but you have raised the honor of our nation, raised up our nation, and set up Korea as the Motherland of faith for all the people of the world, and that moves me eternally. I believe the Unification Principle is an amazing Gospel for all the citizens of the world. God has loved our country, Korea. He sent the Second Coming as a Korean to the land of Korea. That means the Korean culture will shine to all the world, and Korea will become the holy land, and Korean shall become the world's language. It seems the blood I shed into this land is a part of this providential history. Reverend Moon, True Parent of all people, please save the many Catholic monks and nuns. I sincerely thank you for revealing that God is the Parent of humanity. And I eternally thank you for uncovering this great new truth, and for setting the standard for a filial son in front of God, in the position of all people. Daegun Kim, in front of this truth, will unconditionally follow and show gratitude. Also, I think it unfortunate that I cannot write down all the mysterious experiences and feelings I have had. But I feel the way of victory is the way of eternal truth. I believe everyday the Principle comes closer to becoming the national religion, and that the people of the world are rapidly developing in the direction of walking the way of oneness, the way of unity, and towards attending God as their Parent. I respect Reverend Sun Myung Moon and I will serve him.

Daegun Kim,


25) Seon Ju Gil

(c. 1869 - 1935, Presbyterian minister, one of the main 33 members of the March 1st Movement)

"Through the Unification Principle I will shed sweat and blood for my brothers in North Korea." First I would like to show my gratitude to the sponsor for inviting me to such an extraordinary place. Reverend Moon is the Second Coming, the Messiah and the True Parents of all humankind. To climb to such a position, he had to undergo numerous tribulations and the hardships of prison. Then claiming victory, he set the standard of the most filial child by serving God and humanity. Reverend Moon, I am Seon Ju Gil. I have made great effort to plant the seed of God's truth in North Korea without being able to establish God's desperate position. Many people have had to suffer of starvation to this day. They have become a destitute people. ord of Second Coming, you know the condition of this place more than another. Please save them. It made my heart hurt to come here and hear the Unification Principle. If they could just hear the Principle their thinking will change. Coming to know the Principle, I have not been able to contain my frustration and misery. Without the bloody battle of the Messiah claiming victory in the position of ultimate suffering, how could the Principle have become the Gospel of all humanity? I now know that through the love of God and the labor of Reverend Moon the Principle has become a precious message to all humankind. The Principle is the explosion of the Holy Spirit of God coming down to humanity. The Unification Principle and Unification Thought will bring people to be born anew. It is so systematic, so detailed and very orderly. Principle teaches everything to the last detail of human heart. It is a book that is necessary to be read in every company and put into school textbooks. It is the word of the Completed Testament for all people of faith. It is the great truth that will blow the winds of a new revelation into the hearts of humankind. I forget what words I could possibly say to the suffering of my teacher who has prepared himself since age 16. I can feel how fretful God must have had been protecting him. How can you express God's waiting for the True Parents of humanity to arise? How can I sum up my feelings for the Principle in one phrase? I am just so grateful, so touched. The opposition against the Principle is not small here. Although it soon will all come to an end, it makes me sad seeing so many groups against it on earth too. It is so sad that they can't understand the heart of the Parents who are saving them. But as time goes by, our devotion and intellect will move Heaven. Those who know the Principle usually don't live quiet lives. God's love will clearly be established together with the Messiah on earth. Thank you, Lord Messiah for enlightening us with the amazing truth of the Divine Principle. Even though I live in the spirit world, I could not realize the fact that God is our Parent. This makes me the most unfilial son, but now I will rise up boldly. I will now serve the True Parents with the Unification Principle and Thought and invest my sweat and blood beneath the sky above North Korea. I offer my gratitude and respect to Reverend Moon, who has come as the True Parents

Seon Ju Gil

26) Yong Do Lee

(1901- 1933, Methodist minister, revivalist)

"I lament that I was not able to meet the Lord while on earth." It has always been my desire to know God, live with God and wait and long for the Lord to come. And therefore I have lived so without one speck of shame, but with happiness in my heart. That was my life. However, after I got to know the Unification Principle and Unification Thought, I got to find many problems in my life. Our ignorance led to many sins and those sins have sprouted and bore fruit. When I tried to take out that root of evil sin, I found that it was fastened so strongly. I came to the conclusion that it isn't easy. What shall I do? My great concern is how I can thoroughly put the Principle into practice in my life. It seems the Unification Principle and Theory are systematically logical and that there is nothing to criticize. What I was curious about in the beginning was resolved in the end. This Principle solves all problems of the universe, world and life on many levels, so if you just listen to this truth you cannot oppose it. There are no questions left hanging in the theory of Unification Principle. Just when I put my faith, philosophy, and belief in God and trust for Jesus alongside the Principle, I saw that my beliefs were so off. This fact made me lost in amazement. That the Lord humanity had been waiting for was none other than Reverend Sun Myung Moon, that God is the Parent of all humankind and that Jesus came to our teacher when he was 16 to ask him to inherit his mission is a stunning proclamation. We should have been able to share in the benefits in the age of the Messiah. How can I from here in the spirit world make the people living today believe this truth? I cannot help expressing a regretful heart at the fact that at my time the environment and opportunities were there for me to serve the Messiah, so why didn't God do it at that time? Why could I not receive the benefit of the age? I do not have the least idea of criticizing this Unification Principle. The Unification Principle and Unification Thought are humankind's greatest Gospel. The fact that the Principle emerged from Korea and that the Messiah himself is a pure Korean gives me limitless pride as a Korean. What dissatisfactions can I hold if Korea becomes the original homeland and center of the world? Even here in spirit world I want to wave a flag boasting that the Messiah is Korean and was born in Korea! But the fact that I wasn't able to do so on earth is so devastating I feel that someone has hammered a nail in my pride. God! My fallen nature is still boiling. When I compare myself with these lecturers, it is obvious how wretched I am. But I should throw away my useless inferiority. I must take off my wretched self that is being pulled by my fallen nature. There is always a vicious war going on between my body and heart. But by receiving the new truth, I will make a great effort to get out of this conflict. Reverend Moon, please give me a chance. When I heard the lecture of the Parallel Periods, I thought I would go mad. Please give me an opportunity to serve the Lord. I can do it. I can do whatever you ask of me. From now on, believing and following Reverend Moon, I will do my up most best to make God's will a reality. Reverend Moon! True Parents of humankind, crying out your sacred name I ask for a chance. My teacher. You really have been working so hard. As the Second Advent of the Messiah, as the True Parent of all people, I pray that you can become victorious in front of humanity.

Yong Do Lee

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