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"God is the Parent of Humankind"

Reflections of 120 Christians and other Religious figures who Illuminated History Conveyed from a Seminar in the Spirit World


The text contained within these pages is a gift to you from the Interreligious and Internation al Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for your prayer and contemplation. It contains a series of reflections from major religious leaders in the spirit world. Though some of the ideas expressed may challenge your conventional understanding, the urgency of these times calls for new and deeper insight into the nature of life itself. Accordingly, this text is being presented in newspapers and other media throughout the world. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, have also challenged our conventional understanding. A world that once seemed safe and comfortable now appears vulnerable, as we are reminded of the fragility of life itself. The hopes for peace that arose with the new millennium have all but been dashed. In the face of uncertainty, we hold fast to family and loved ones, searching for what is truly lasting and meaningful in our lives. Long before this crisis, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon began working together with the world's major religious leaders to remove the barriers between religions and build bridges of peace. Immediately following the tragedy of September 11th, they convened a gathering of 500 religious, educational, diplomatic and political leaders from 101 nations in the heart of New York City to address the roots of the crisis under the theme, "Global Violence: Crisis and Hope." Leading Muslim clerics and scholars joined with Christian and Jewish leaders in prayer, and to establish bonds that would exalt faith in God and lead toward global peace.

Subsequently, from October to December 2001, they conducted a speaking tour in 25 major cities in Korea, Japan and America to consider, "The Nation and World of Peace Which God and All People Desire." In the process, they have appointed 7000 leading men and women from diverse faiths and walks of life as "Ambassadors of Peace," who share the commitment to transcend the barriers of religion, race and nationality in the common cause of peace.

At the heart of Reverend Moon's worldview is a rich understanding of the inner, or spiritual, dimension of life. The world's great scriptures concur that human beings have both a temporal, physical nature and an eternal, spiritual nature. Saint Paul noted that, "It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body" (1 Corinthians 15:44).

With the new Millennium, we have entered the Completed Testament Age in which the spirit world is coming closer to us than ever before. To respond to this new age we are sharing new insights revealed from the spirit world itself so that we might contemplate the fuller meaning and purpose of life, the afterlife and our long cherished path to reach heaven.

In an age of reason, science and skepticism, some have tended to doubt all that could not be measured with our physical senses. But 20th century science, with its quantum theory, particle physics, and relativity, has made traditional understandings of matter, time and space obsolete, opening the door to the infinite. We live in a world that is moved by invisible forces, governed by invisible laws, and ultimately made of invisible energy. Now, a new paradigm is being introduced through which to understand reality.

In his letter to the Hebrews, Saint Paul referred to this physical reality as a "copy and shadow" of the heavenly, or spiritual realm (Hebrews 8:5). The Bible makes clear that life does not cease with the death of the flesh.

Modern society seeks comfort and satisfaction in the material reality, relegating the spiritual dimension of life to the realm of superstition. But many of our own daily experiences transcend the scope of our physical senses.

A mother is aware of the death of her soldier son or daughter in a distant land at the moment it occurs, long before receiving notification; we think of a friend out of the blue, and in the next moment they call or visit; we feel the presence or guidance of departed loved ones, or they appear in a dream far more intense than our experience of daytoday life, sharing intuition and foresight. These and other insights teach us that our mind is not limited by time or space.

The following is a communication from the spiritual world, resulting from a seminar conducted with the historical leaders of the world's faiths. The seminar's purpose: to break down the barriers between the four religions of JudeoChristianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam in the spiritual world, paving the way for peace and harmony on earth. The content includes the reflections of 80 historical leaders of JudeoChristianity, as well as 13 disciples of Confucius. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Sang Hun Lee, who was President of the Unification Thought Research Institute in his earthly life, and who passed into the Spiritual World in 1997. Dr. Lee interviewed the participants and conveyed these messages, which were recorded by Mrs. Young Soon Kim between August 27 and November 13, 2001.

Knowing that such information is new and unusual to many western readers, we encourage you to digest it thoroughly with a prayerful yet open mind. Translation from Korean to English presented some difficulties in terminology. The term "Messiah," for example, as used throughout the narrative should be understood broadly. Its literal meaning is, "anointed one," and refers not only to Jesus, who was anointed by God for the restoration of humankind, but also to those anointed by Jesus to carry on and complete the work of restoration upon his foundation.

When Jesus was accused of making himself God in John 10:3335, he answered by quot ing Psalm 82: "I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high," comparing his divinity to that which all are meant to inherit. Thus the anointing, or messiahship used here in reference to Reverend Moon does not mean that the revelations claim that Rev. Moon is Jesus. Jesus' role as savior and Messiah will never change. Rev. Moon teaches that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the True Parents of spiritual rebirth.

What it does indicate is that Jesus anointed Rev. and Mrs. Moon as the True Parents of Humanity to complete the work of the Second Advent by establishing true families within all faiths, as the dwelling place of God. As Jesus predicted: "He that believeth onme, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do..."(John 14:12). The narrative testifies to the value and position of Jesus, while at the same time highlighting the crucial role played by those alive on earth in completing the providence of restoration. We pray for God's blessing for you, your family and your work.

Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

Part I. The Twelve Disciples of Jesus

1) Simon Peter

"We have to obey what the Messiah directs and teaches." First, I will briefly tell how I felt about this seminar, "God is Parents of humankind." Either on the earth or in the spirit world, I have never had this kind of education, and this unfamiliarity made me feel even ill at ease at first. The contents of the seminar, however, truly were full of grace, wrapped up in a good atmosphere. I found the lectures very familiar and impressive, reminiscent of the words of God and Jesus. So far, Jesus has guided and taught us, but from now on the Messiah at the Second Coming must be our guide and teacher and we should attend him as our Parent. Simon Peter also determined to have absolute faith in the Messiah and follow the Messiah, saying, "I would like to have aknother opportunity to listen to all the lectures that I heard here."

Simon Peter, 2001. 8. 28

2) Confession of Andrew

"I feel acutely the responsibility of the twelve disciples." First of all, I feel grateful that I was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and I also feel it a great honor to take part in this holy education. Andrew feels too much pain in his heart, knowing that our Lord Jesus suffered innumerable hardships on the earth and that the Messiah at the Second Coming must come again for the fulfillment of God's providence. It pains my heart even more to think of the pain our Lord Jesus must have felt over this, especially as the one responsible figure recorded in history. Jesus' effort to persuade and advise us to "attend the Messiah well from now on" made us feel more remorseful. In this seminar, we definitely came to realize that even though Jesus fulfilled his responsibility as the Messiah in spite of such difficult, antagonistic circumstances, we twelve failed to fulfill our responsibility as the disciples of the Messiah. With this lesson in mind, I earnestly wish that the disciples of the Messiah at the present time, even though I don't know exactly how many there are, fulfill their responsibilities, never creating a history as painful as we did at the time of Jesus. Andrew earnestly requests, "We twelve disciples strongly determine and pledge that we, together with Jesus, will attend the Messiah at the Second Coming as the Parents of humanity."

Andrew , 2001. 8. 28

3) James, son of Zebedee

"Fully realize God's providence and man's responsibility." Jesus said that it would be the gathering of the twelve disciples, so I thought it simply would be the twelve disciples only. There's no way to express my heart. I felt both surprised and sorrowful in my heart. And I felt so much sorrow as well. It is even shameful that I was one of twelve disciples. I never realized that God's providence is systematic and purposeful to such an extent. I never realized the extent to which the human responsibility is crucial. I felt deeply ashamed, recognizing that we are none other than sinners before this amazing Providence of God. In this situation, how can I dare give my confession? Furthermore, I don't know how to express my feelings in knowing that my confession will be conveyed to humanity on the earth. Nevertheless, if I am allowed to express a single view, I only hope that I will be forgiven, because I am definitely the sinner who didn't fulfill my responsibility as a disciple of Jesus. And all of us, the disciples of Jesus, feel deep remorse before this new truth. My sincere desire is that the Messiah at the Second Coming not suffer hardships as Jesus did in his time, and that people on the earth support the Messiah, thus not bringing sorrow to the heart of God who has been waiting for ages. Messiah at the Second Coming, you may not know who Jacob is, but please forgive me. "Messiah, we came to realize that we disciples were the cause of Jesus' hardships, which in turn are related to your suffering. We truly ask you to forgive us for this. I pledge that I will attend the Messiah as the Parents of humankind.

James,son of Zebedee, 8.28.2001

4) Confession by Judas

"The Teaching of Jesus is that the Lord at the Second Coming is True Parents of humankind." It is unbelievable that Judas was allowed to make a confession. In fact, however, he was allowed to do so because Jesus and other brothers gathered together here inspirit world when Jesus joined in the seminar on the Unification Principle. He loved his disciples even more than he did on the earth. Such grace of Jesus is indescribable. Today, in particular, Jesus asked us 12 disciples to gather together and take part in the education program, the seminar on Unification teachings. The longterm schedule of the seminar was hard for us, but we were truly well educated just as we were taught by Jesus. Listening to the detailed and enthusiastic lectures, our minds were awakened. Through multiple themes in the lectures presented under the main title, "God is Parents of Humankind," we came to realize an enormous but concrete truth. Those lecturers explain the essence of human life, as if wanting to clarify each point in the textbook of human life. With so much touching material with which we are unacquainted, we are going through many changes every day. In particular, Jesus took in the entirety of the lectures with serious attention, and so we also strongly endeavored to sit straight the entire time. An appearance of such efforts could be plainly seen. In the middle of the lecture on the Messiah, Jesus cried so much and we also loudly wailed, and the lecturer also cried while giving his lecture. As soon as the lecture on the Messiah came to an end, Jesus stood up and called us twelve disciples together and exchanged friendly talk with us, reflecting Jesus' love toward his disciples in the past. And before giving us his conclusive remarks at the end, Jesus made us pledge as follows. First of all, Jesus asked us exactly the purpose of "the Advent and Second Coming of Messiah." Furthermore, Jesus asked us, "Will you believe and follow me?" ascertaining our faith. Lastly, Jesus said the following with a very emphatic tone of voice and with utmost seriousness: "I, Jesus, am resolved to attend the Messiah who has already descended on to the earth as my teacher. And I, Jesus, have formed a conjugal tie with one woman living on the earth, in front of the Lord at the Second Coming, that is, the Messiah. Now I will follow the true teacher who had revealed new truth. This is none other than the Messiah at the Second Coming, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Reverend Moon came as the Parents of humanity, so you must attend him as your Parents." After this, Jesus offered an intensely emotional prayer to God. "Heavenly Father, I didn't even imagine that the mission of I, Jesus, caused your heart to bemoan to such an extent. How deeply painful and sorrowful your heart would be when you had to restart your providence by sending another Messiah. And what a painstaking efforts of the Messiah, who had to reorganize that remorseful history! Now here, the twelve disciples and I, Jesus, have made determinations and pledges before God. We all determine and pledge that we will attend the Messiah working on the earth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, as our eternal True Parents. Thus, I pray that God will bless our gathering here and God may be glorified." Looking at this desperate prayer of Jesus, some disciples were choked with tears, and others cried stamping their feet or hitting their own bosoms. I also found myself crying, hitting myself on the head. We really created a sea of tears. All of us knew that. We understood the suffering at the time of our Lord Jesus better than anyone else. We all knew well that in those times, Jesus was confronted with circumstances too difficult for Jesus himself alone to walk the way of the Lord. In this educational seminar, we came to know and realize more deeply the providential reasons the Messiah at the Second Coming should come to the world and the path that the Lord at the Second Coming would walk on the earth. We all are ready to follow the road of the True Teacher whom our Lord attends. Now Judas made resolutions again and again not to become an unfaithful son, saying, "I would like to return to the true original self of Judas."

Judas, 2001. 8. 27

5) Confession by John

"I feel touched by the theory of the invisible substantial world and the visible substantial world." People on the earth, in particular Christians, can barely understand the reality of what has been happening in the spirit world, the fact that Jesus and his twelve disciples got together and have been studying the Unification Principle. In this spirit world we have no physical body but feel free and more comfortable than on earth. Here we lack nothing and we are being taught the Unification Principle at a location chosen by God. How can I express what I have learned? I was considerably impressed by the fact that the Messiah who came after Jesus, through painstaking effort, revealed the truth and theory about the invisible substantial world and the visible substantial world. My deep impression at that time is beyond description. "The single most important point that I would like to express is that we must attend the Messiah as the teacher of humankind, but still more as the Parents of humankind. How can I express my heart of gratitude for having been taught this in this seminar? The only thing I can do is to give thanks forever.

John, 8. 29. 2001

6) Confession by Philip

"I feel acutely man's responsibility." Philip had thought that a man is predestined to be blessed when he is born. After being taught at this seminar, however, I woke up big time. Learning that every man has a responsibility of his own, and that his failure to fulfill his responsibility prolongs the providential history, I became repentant. When the failure of central figures obstructed and prolonged God's providential history, God, the absolute being, had to wait for ages just cherishing his plans. Until another new central figure was properly established, the providential history had had to endure a long wait. I came to think that our Lord Jesus was not exceptional in undergoing such path. When I think of what Phillip's own responsibility had been, I felt extremely remorseful. Now that I came to realize the truth after this prolonged history of interminable waiting, I, with all my heart, am thankful to the Messiah who has revealed this truth. I realized that human destiny depends upon the seemingly petty but in fact highly significant responsibility of every individual. Everyone cannot help lower his head before this truth of immense value. In particular, the doctrine of predestination in Christianity seems to be wrong. I look forward to seeing the time when all the Christians came to realize that the human responsibility is of absolute necessity for the fulfillment of God's providence. In my opinion, the truth that we have to attend the Messiah as the Parent of humankind is not only selfevident but also totally unexpected. I am endlessly grateful for this truth.

Phillip, 8. 29. 2001

7) Confession by Matthew

"The reason that the Messiah is to come." Matthew is one of Jesus' twelve disciples, but he never received a teaching as systematic as this. I feel nothing but sorrow even when I share my impressions. I found myself impressed by so many parts that I don't know how to express them all. But I was told to be brief, so I will share only one thing. Matthew was very surprised that a Messiah is necessary again for humanity after Jesus. In order to save humanity in God's providence, a mediator is absolutely necessary. For this reason, God had to wait a long time. This gives me pain in my heart. The Messiah at the Second Coming came as a mediator to save humanity. The Messiah is indispensable not only for humanity but also for the absolute being, God. I hope that innumerable believers living on the earth will do their best to enthrone the Messiah majestically as the Parents of humankind. I wonder how Jesus feels now. Twelve disciples of Jesus, who participated in the seminar, feel just blank and absentminded. Matthew is far from being pleased; his feelings are very complicated. To the Messiah who revealed this new truth, I truly give my heartfelt thanks. To the Messiah I offer many thanks for your enduring pain and trouble. I have no other way of expressing my thankful heart right now. I promise I will study Divine Principle again.

Matthew, 8. 29. 2001

8) Simon, the man of Canaan (the Zealot)

"God is Parents of humankind." What I realized anew at this seminar is that God is the Parent of humankind, that history first went wrong in the Garden of Eden, and that to restore this required central figures. Furthermore, I realized the reason human beings in and of themselves were not permitted to go straight toward God, even though God is their Parent. The truth is that man must begin again first as a servant of servants, and can then advance toward the status of God's children, but only through a mediator. Someone may feel mortified about this truth, but there it is. I cannot but express my wonder at and admiration for the painstaking efforts of the Messiah who clarified this truth. Now that we have realized the essential truth that we must serve the Messiah as our Parents, attending God as the Parent of humankind, we have resolved to become true children, keeping in mind the lessons that we have learned thus far from the providential history of restoration. I offer once again thanks and glory to the new truth.

Simon, 8. 29. 2001

9) Thomas

"The Messiah who liquidated the original sin." In this seminar, I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but Jesus talked to me personally. What Jesus said to me was that all of us have been unfaithful sons to God and we must try to become perfect even though we are not qualified. This is why I decided to take part in this seminar. In this seminar, I Thomas was convinced by the account of the regrettable story of the providence of restoration. I truly appreciate this awakening. It is such a regrettable fact that no man was born without the original sin, and that history has been corrupted and distorted from its beginning by our human ancestors. I also realized that for countless ages since the fall, man and woman haven't become the children of God; that the mistaken history has remained without correction for ages; and the fact that to bring about fundamental change in history, a new central providential figure should appear as the new human ancestor and liquidate the original sin. I was surprised a great deal to realize this truth of enormous significance. How difficult and complicated it must have been for the Messiah finally to correct this mistaken history and liquidate the original sin! It is unimaginable. Thomas feels so grateful, even though he couldn't understand all the lectures because many of them were totally unfamiliar. Now, I feel a little confused, because I am absorbed in thinking how I can help the Messiah. Following the instruction of Jesus, however, I will study hard and put forth effort. I will try to discover what Thomas can do for the Messiah, and I promise I will work hard.

Thomas, 8. 30. 2001

10) Nathaniel (Bartholomew)

"I realize human nobility by studying the theory of human responsibility." I feel very ashamed to think that the reason that the Messiah had to come again was that we failed to fulfill our responsibilities as Jesus' disciples, due to our lack of exact understandingof the times. I came to understand the value of humankind in view of the historical fact that the failure of central figures prolonged God's providence again and again. It became obvious to me that each individual's failure to fulfill his or her responsibility has had tremendous criminal repercussions in history and to God.Whenever history was prolonged, we humans lived on, committing sin upon sin, and thus the entire human race contains nothing other than sinners. Now the Messiah has to reform us faithless sinners, and thus I earnestly hope that ones like us, twelve faithless disciples, will not appear again. How should we help the Messiah? Following the instruction of Jesus, I will make the utmost effort to prevent humanity from following the sinful way of faithlessness.

Nathaniel, 8. 30. 2001

11) Thaddeus

"The Blessing is for us, too." Thaddeus will give his words. The realization that we are born with original sin is a great shock to me. Why did the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, not know God's providence? Why did they disobey God's words? The fact that the corruption of the human ancestors was passed down to all humanity through blood lineage is hard to conceive, but it is absolutely true. To think about this gives me unbearable regret. The Messiah at the Second Coming should solve this problem of the blood lineage of humanity. I wonder how innumerable people in the spirit world can benefit from this providence. Of course, we twelve disciples failed to fulfill our responsibility, but we still want to receive the benefit of having True Parents liquidate our original sin. Jesus received the Blessing and I am eager to know what we should do to receive the Blessing, and what conditions we should lay in order to advance toward the Messiah. Messiah, True Parents, please give us this opportunity. This is an earnest request not only of Thaddeus but also of the other eleven disciples.

Thaddeus, 8. 30. 2001

12) James (little James)

"The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parents of humankind." Now, lastly among twelve disciples, James will say a few words. I think that the Divine Principle will serve as a guide for life that every person should learn, be familiar with and practice. The Principle is such a systematic and essential guideline of human life. I offer my thanks to everyone who taught the detailed contents of the Principle to me. To the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of Humankind, who revealed this Principle and truth, I offer many thanks for your suffering. I appreciate what you have done. I offer my thanks and bows representing us twelve disciples.

James, 8. 30. 2001

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