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Chapter 6: The Purpose of Education in God's Providence

6.1 The path of learning that blessed families must walk

The Unification community has the responsibility to teach the Way of the Principle to its young generations in the future. As a central family, your family should bring up your children to be more wonderful than any sons and daughters in the satanic world. Other non-Unificationist families living in your neighborhood should be able to say, "The children of that household are great because their parents gave birth to them after receiving the blessing." Your family would become a model for non-believing families as well. Have you ever given it any thought, that Rev. Moon's plan is to train and educate our movement's blessed children to become people of distinction in the world?

(101-202, 1978.10.30)

All people now have to know the Unification Principle. By understanding the Principle, they can find the right direction and come to perceive God. Being ignorant of God is tantamount to being unaware of the way to go and the foundation for absolute values. This is the age of education, that is, of teaching the Principle. Everybody has to be prepared to teach it, therefore.

(217-078, 1991.04.16)

First is the implementation of thorough education. You have to go through three, seven, twenty-one and forty-day training workshops. In other words, everyone has to receive a total of seventy-one days of workshop training in six months. Those who do not complete the training within six months are not qualified to be Unification Church members or receive the blessing. If you do not know the Principle or the Will, you will be dragged along and will have a hard time. You should look at the future bursting with hope. However, if you are pulled along, you will suffer tremendous distress and lamentation in your hearts. That is a sin. No matter what, it is an iron rule for everybody in the Unification Church to receive seventy-one days of training within six months, otherwise he or she cannot be a church member.

(261-243, 1994.06.19)

As man fell, you have to quickly restore all things that are being destroyed and bring to the entire world the seed that was exterminated. There are about 1,500 different species of birds. You have to build an insect museum. Having done that, the world's people will visit it as a training ground for the sons and daughters of all nations within the providential Will. To create an environment where God can rejoice over His created beings, I developed Jardim, which means Eden. Numerous people have actually predicted the Second Coming of Christ there. The Pantanal has therefore become the world's holy ground.

(294-056, 1998.06.10)

Presently I am giving education in Jardim. Though blessed families have been elevated vertically, they cannot stand on the horizontal standard. From today onwards, you have to realize a family that can live together with God, standing on a horizontal standard. To fulfill that, I have to set up an Ideal Family Education Center geared towards world peace and training blessed families anew. Through the family training in Jardim, I have to educate families to participate in an absolutely glorious family of God.

(294-319, 1998.08.09)

The Unification Church is carrying out its education in a special environment. That era has passed. To build an earthly Kingdom of Heaven, we must introduce educational content that is open and clear. Centering on that profound philosophy, you have to create an organization through to unite with society. A system for implementing action has to be set up. Just like doing your military service for three years, you must put into practice what you know for a few years. The seven-year course remains. You need to undergo it once again based on spiritual law. A person who fails to do that cannot rise in the world, because everything for him is blocked.

(295-076, 1998.08.17)

The purpose of the training in Jardim is to create families that can freely pass through the gate of Heaven. With the Ideal Family Education Center in Jardim, ideal families can make a new beginning. They can go straight to Heaven. All four people in the four position foundation need to receive the training: the whole family, not just the parents, should come to Jardim. Otherwise you will not be able to follow Rev. Moon, whether in family registration or otherwise, but will roll around and fall off. Blessed families have to receive training here. This is where the pass to enter Heaven is issued.

(297-071, 1998.11.15)

The training in Jardim is the family four-position foundation education that can prevent Satan from following us. You will fall out and lose your nationality if you do not pass through it. Something more wretched than Mary's giving birth to the baby Jesus in the manger while on the way to Bethlehem for family registration could happen. You have to search for the way.

(297-187, 1998.11.20)

All blessed families from the 36 to 360 million-couple blessings have gathered here for the forty-day training workshop. Senior blessed couples will share their testimonies on their blessed family lives since the blessing, and set a model pattern for younger blessed couples to follow. By confessing and laying bare everything that weighs heavily on their mind and body, they have to uproot all their evil thoughts and motivations. This is the fundamental family education. Concealing anything will definitely not get you anywhere near the higher realm of the spirit world. This is to pave the universal direct route to Heaven that God can enter. God Himself cannot open the universal highway to Heaven for you.

Who committed sin? As false parents have sinned, God cannot be liberated if a set of true parents do not come to indemnify the misdeeds of our human ancestors. That has now become possible as the True Parents have taught us everything. God is unable to stand at the forefront until you make it to Heaven. You have to serve and attend God and pay indemnity, centering on Rev. Moon. The blessed families of the satanic world for whom indemnity has been paid are absorbed into Heaven, and I have assigned your ancestors, who have received the blessing this time, to those families. I have stationed ancestors in the spirit world who belong to the archangelic world as families of the Cain-type world in place of the archangel.

Your families become a [protective] fence, centering on God, the True Parents, national messiahs, tribal messiahs and family messiahs. For forty years, I have surmounted the leftist world and gained victory over it. This is the place that the True Parents can set their feet on. For the very first time in history, God descended here, at the Ideal Family Education Headquarters for World Peace.

(297-282, 1998.12.22)

The blessing may be received anywhere; the start line is but a point in the heavenly kingdom. That place is none other than the training center in Jardim, Brazil. Hence it is known as the Ideal Family Education Headquarters for World Peace. Ideal families go into Heaven. It is an education for blessed families, so no individuals or couples should come alone. You must receive education with your children, centering on the four position foundation.

(299-205, 1999.02.16)

Departure for Heaven begins at the Ideal Family Education Center for World Peace, Jardim. You participate in the training workshop and enter Heaven via this place. People flock here from the East and the West. International couples go up from the levels of an individual, family, tribe to the nation. Without passing through here, no one can ever ascend this pillar vertically. North and South Korea, which have been divided, are unified here....

In the Olympics Games the starting line is the same for everyone. Neither the starting line nor the finishing line are determined by one's own will. Departing from here, you must go to the homeland of Korea and unify the Korean peninsula. Achieving that, you later meet at the center. Before your nation, you must convert your ownership. Before the United Nations, your nation has to convert its ownership. Converting its ownership, the United Nations has to return to God. Rev. Moon has established elementary, middle and high schools in America as well as in the East. I have reached the apexes of the ideological standard and educational standard. We have also succeeded in the media and business. It is now time for me to lead the way the United Nations should tread.

(303-137, 1999.08.08)

From now on, education in the tradition of heavenly love and its realization is necessary. Heavenly love does not refer to mundane things. Knowing the incorporeal [spiritual] world, you have to teach and practice the new tradition centered on heavenly love.

(310-198, 1999.06.14)

6.2 Women and education

The Kajeong Dang (family home association) is the place where you gather people from all the political parties together and educate them. As the Tongil Dang (House of Unification) is a motherly house, a mother must take control of her sons, Cain and Abel, and educate them in the direction the family and nation have to take. The unification of North and South Korea commences from the family. Satan caused division among political parties. We have to transform fighting gangs into a decent unified body.

(242-067, 1992.12.27)

Although True Mother has followed True Father for the past forty years, she now has to take the lead. Similarly, women have to stand at the spearhead now. The Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) was founded centering on women. The Tongil Dang is a house where mothers can train their sons and daughters. Thus, you have to create this in every village. Educating children centering on their mothers - what must be done next? When mothers and their children achieve unity, the men who become the head of the household, and who were archangels, have to be raised to Adam's position. Then the groups of the world's nations that have become the archangels of the satanic world are to be educated. Hence the term Kajeong Dang is coined. It must assimilate and embrace the national parties. Since Adam stands on the heavenly side, he has to assimilate and embrace the archangel. The training ground for doing this is precisely the Kajeong Dang. The government stirred up a commotion, saying that I was trying to establish a political party, but I did not found a competing party. It is not a setup that causes cliques, but one that creates unity.

The Tongil Dang will subsequently become the Kajeong Dang. Who is to enter it? A mother must go in, teach her children and harmonize with them. Then they have go into the Kajeong Dang and educate their father, who has been a flirt. A mother teaches her children in the Tongil Dang, and uniting them, together they will educate their father in the Kajeong Dang.

(243-153, 1993.01.03)

To return to Heaven, women of the world have to receive education on new family ethics and morality, centering on the Will of the original Messiah, the perfected Adam who has become one with God. After the fall of humankind, sons and daughters became enemies centering on Eve. On the way of restoration, however, they have to completely unite and follow the tribal messiah back to Heaven. This is restoration through indemnity.

(244-038, 1993.01.29)

What is the House of Unification for World Peace? Becoming one with the tribal messiah: that is where a woman calls for her children and teaches them. When she achieves oneness with them and saves her husband, the House of Unification (Tongil Dang) is formed. The Kajeong Dang must emerge. Though dang denotes "faction" or "clique" it means "unification" or "house" here. These two concepts are worlds apart.

Until Heaven raises and restores a mother, her sons and daughters, they are educated in the Tongil Dang. It then returns to the Kajeong Dang after they are all completely one and her husband has been gathered up. The owner of this family has to contend with the party that occupies the society and nation of the satanic world. They are divided into two groups. The dang or house is a training ground established when a mother and her children are united with the tribal messiah. Here, the family is established after she has become one with her children and they have restored their husband and father. That man who represents the family in turn has to restore the fallen archangels of the satanic world. They will be restored as long as families are assimilated. What is the hope of the Holy Spirit? It is to meet the bridegroom and enrich a family. Therefore, meeting with the tribal messiah, her groom, the bride has to be taught to lay a new foundation for her family life. Who has to teach her? Being the subject, Adam must educate his wife and children for the purpose of establishing a family.

(244-043, 1993.01.29)

Adam fell at the age of sixteen. Adam became be a father when he grew up. That father has to prune himself and be engrafted by a branch from the perfected Adam. It means unity between a mother and her children, between Eve, Cain and Abel. The father has to serve his wife like God and absolutely obey her. His wife and children also have to be absolutely obedient before Adam. In this way, men have to be pulled out of the fallen world. Women are currently jolting the entire world. They have to liberate men from the archangelic world, teach them, and control masculine power.

(244-334, 1993.03.01)

The dang in Cho Kyoyuk Dang (house of universal education) connotes a house, not a political party. You must beef up the education program in every nation. Like a village school in the old days, you have to build a family that implements home education.

(310-196, 1999.06.14)

The Cho Kyoyuk Dang (house of universal education) in Korea refers to a house that educates and equips people with an ideological weapon in preparation for the general elections in North and South Korea, centering on both the ruling and opposition parties. We have to set up such a house. It is not a political party, but a house. We must initiate a movement for unifying the ruling and opposition parties.

(310-199, 1999.06.14)

6.3 Hoondokhae (gathering for reading and learning) and the education of all humankind

While reading one volume of my sermons every day, parents have to tell their children that the contents are excellent. The collection of my sermons contains teaching materials for your children. You should encourage them to read my words, saying, "True Father shows us the way to be great people and his words are full of hope. As I'm giving you this set of books as a gift, read them whenever you have the time."

(273-177, 1995.10.22)

My words are not spoken by me. Heaven spoke through me. You will be moved by those words wherever and whenever you hear them. They are different from other speeches. I am not alone. Since I have the intention to speak from a position where I tune the vertical with the horizontal, the mind and body becomes a resonant body. Vibration arises. If the body vibrates, the mind reacts likewise because they can become one. If the mind is touched, a great revolutionary change will occur in the body. That kind of energy exists. These are not Rev. Moon's words. The word dok as in hoondokhae has a mae (to sell) next to the eon (word). That means you must sell or give the word away. If you try to keep it, you will be in deep trouble. If you try to store or stack it up, you will receive punishment. A more valuable event than getting money by selling it will take place. Even if you do not sell it, distribute or share it out with others. This is the original meaning of hoondokhae. The word hoon in hoondokhae has a cheon (a stream) next to the eon (word). Water is the element of life in all living organisms. Water creates the green zone, evaporates to form the floating clouds, flows deep and wide, and equalizes the world. Dok means to sell centering on the word. If not sold, it has to be reaped and used. Just like water flows to become a long river and vast sea and has the energy to generate the cosmos, you must understand that these contents are found in the Word.

(289-295, 1998.02.01)

Anybody including politicians can do hoondokhae. Once moved by the word, if you are confident it can teach you to correct your own course of life, go ahead and do hoondokhae by all means. If you do not, you may live to regret it. You must do it. I have started a movement that can break through even myeon, tong and ban (subdivisional administrative units of a town). Making Korea the homeland of our faith, I am initiating this nationwide movement because native Koreans living in the homeland have to become the champions of hoondokhae, more than in any other nation.

(290-158, 1998.02.18)

If only hoondokhae is carried out, that is education. Whenever you eat, your family and relatives should often gather to read and learn the Word. Am I not diligent? Whenever I have a moment to spare, I will read the Word. Just as a bean sprout will keep growing taller if you water it, you will constantly grow bigger [in heart] without your realizing it.

(290-217, 1998.02.27)

In the future, parents will have to do this for blessed children. If a married couple is moved in their hearts by their parents, their children cannot help being moved, too. This is how a stake is driven into the ground. This is what hoondokhae is about.

(290-220, 1998.02.27)

The word hoon in hoondokhae has a cheon (stream) next to the eon (word). A brook signifies flowing water. Hoon symbolizes the "Water of the Word,"so it has to move to survive. If it remains stagnant, it will turn stale. Hoondokhae is "water." If you stagnate the "Water of the Word," it will cease to live. If you tether the Word of the Unification Church, it will decay. It would be better if you did not hear it. The word dok as in hoondokhae has a mae (to sell) next to the eon (word). You must either sell or give the word away. It will not do if the word settles down. You must divide it out.

(291-088, 1998.03.05)

There is no other way for education except through hoondokhae. Do you know everything about the Principle? Are you not even aware of its existence? After reading the book a few times, you should be able to repeat in thirty minutes the important portions of what you have read in one hour. You can do that as much as you like, say, for one hundred minutes. Therefore I repeatedly tell you to educate your heart through hoondokhae. I do not ask you to just skim over the book, but to study it in depth.

(291-142, 1998.03.06)

Hoondokhae is absolutely indispensable to you while on earth. It is already happening in the spirit world. Everything in the invisible world can settle down within one week. You must realize how urgent the things we have to fulfill on earth are. We have entered the age in which families can settle down through hoondokhae. This points to the significance of hoondokhae. Hoondokhae is a program for the liberation of your ancestors in the incorporeal world and your future descendants. The past, present and future is one. When your parents become grandparents there will be three generations, centering on you and your blessed children. Centering on the three generations, you have to create a bridge on earth and go over it. The present second generation are the overall persons-in-charge. The second generation blessed children must walk the correct path. If they have received the blessing, they must carry out hoondokhae wholeheartedly, transcending the mistakes of their parents.

(291-237, 1998.03.15)

My words are not words that merely flow away. They are like testimonies in a court of law. They are like the articles of a nation's constitution. They have to go through court judgement. Unreservedly, you have to love listening to the Word at hoondokhae and cherish hoondokhae in your heart. You are carving out your own realm of liberation. Should you perpetrate anything contrary to the law, how terrible it will be. Hoondokhae has to be more delicious than eating rice and more interesting than playing games.

(292-073, 1998.03.28)

You must not think lightly of hoondokhae, but consider it as more important than your meals. You should get a kick out of it like a hobby or an interest. Ask yourself where you are heading and what kind of life you are living now, and make an evaluation of it by seeing how well you score. You know yourself well. Hoondokhae tastes better than food and more realistic than your present lifestyle. You may forget about your meals, but you cannot forget about hoondokhae. Must you only take breakfast in a day, or must you have lunch and dinner as well? If you have time for dinner, you have to eat four times daily. You should eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and another time before going to bed. Your spirit grows then, otherwise it will be dark as a rainy day, and as suffocating as a foggy day. Hoondokhae must be regarded as more important than prayer, because it is a time when parents perfect their children.

(295-274, 1998.09.08)

The word hoon in hoondokhae is composed of a cheon (stream) and a eon (word). It is likened to the flowing water of a river. The more water moves, the more it vaporizes. It creates the green zone and is cultivating the vital nutrients that all animals live on. When you reflect on this truth, the problem is that nature would become a bleak desert zone if there were no cycles such as that which creates the clouds and rain. Hoondokhae in the Unification Church takes no rest, like the river water which does not cease to flow. The word mae (to sell) in dok (to read) indicates selling something good. Once you know the Word, you have to sell or share it. Villages will take part in hoondokhae competition in the future. I have opened the age of hoondokhae in which individuals, families, churches, communities, nations and the world will hang up the official award certificates for hoondokhae.

(296-217, 1998.11.10)

Now is the ripe time for having an impact on the grassroots level of our activities. As blessed families are all residing in their neighborhoods, we can harvest a big success by carrying out hoondokhae on a large scale. You have to pull out even the root. Will you do it at your own home, or will you just be bystanders? You have to know that I am doing such a thing in order to qualify you to do it at your own home. When you return, you should not just sit and do nothing. You have to pack your personal belongings and move. Anywhere you go in the spirit world together with a trace of tears shed for doing hoondokhae, if you follow the traditions of the True Parents, your children will inherit them. In every village throughout the entire world, every household has to extend the territory on which the True Parents and spirit world can cooperate.

(296-235, 1998.11.10)

The fearful thing about hoondokhae is that I spoke about it fifty years ago in a life-and-death situation. Centering on the Word, I spoke about it with an imploring mind that the whole world would burst open in response. I can feel the heart of Heaven and the cooperation of the spirit world very closely. Once you go to hoondokhae, people like us will be dragged into that kind of circumstances at the time of the speech, for the Word given yesterday or today is forever transcendent of time. That situation is necessary. Even though the morning sunlight is dramatically capricious, it is still that light, that world and that energy at all times. This universe is always grateful for being blessed with sunlight. In the same way, centering on hoondokhae, where can you bind the living, lasting, touching relationships of the eternal Heaven and world which transcend time and space? In the realm of life and death. A person who seeks death will live. Death belongs to me, but life belongs to God. People who have not been in such a grave plight cannot be used by God. They will just pass through history. You must put down your roots.

(296-329, 1998.11.18)

Now is the time to do witnessing with books. When you do hoondokhae, there is no need for teachers or ministers. If you do that day and night, your family will be a heavenly family.

(297-118, 1998.11.19)

When your heart is moved frequently doing hoondokhae, you must say, "I've got to let others feel moved like the way I did, or much more than that." How many times should I do that? A person doing it a thousand times will be far more deeply moved than someone who has done it only a hundred times. True Mother is the same. If I have my manuscript prepared, I will normally read it three to ten times everywhere I go and be engrossed in the Word. I will even tell True Mother to do more than I. After reading it five to ten cycles, I feel deeply moved. If I read it all night, I will be even more moved. If I shed tears while reading it, my audience will be easily moved to tears, too. I therefore encourage you to read these awesome contents that can become wonderful lecture materials everywhere you go. I am more industrious in hoondokhae than anybody else. When you listen to my speech, you have to be grateful that Heaven is standing in a painstaking, righteous position. You do not feel that, though. You always feel burdensome and cover the sunlight with a hat, but you cannot stand in the sun with your hat off. Despite extending and developing your lifeforce completely centering on sunlight, you screen it off. After the 360 million-couple blessing, when you were appointed to be national messiahs, you expressed that you did not know how to educate your members. I gave instructions for you not to teach them, saying, "As you know the words I've spoken and the path I've walked, simply do hoondokhae by directly reading my words." Do you think that hoondokhae itself suffices? Even when lecture competitions are held in Korea centering on hoondokhae, you cannot imagine such things are transpiring in the world. It is the creation of a new world of culture. Doing hoondokhae carries such meaning.

(301-181, 1999.04.26)

I am initiating hoondokhae in order to hand down my traditions. My words do not just drain away. They are contained in all the practical textbooks with which you can settle down on earth. You have to inherit the heavenly traditions, day or night. After knowing the traditions, you have to put them into practice. Through hoondokhae, you are taught to inherit the traditions. Keeping pace with the suffering path that Rev. Moon and Heaven have walked, and acting accordingly, you have to establish your own family and nation. This is of paramount importance. Nobody will interfere. Without becoming a center yourself, even the spirit world cannot cooperate with you. Hoondokhae teaches the traditions True Parents have set up and the traditions that can consummate their Will. After familiarizing yourself with the traditions, you have to realize them yourself. They soon end in smoke, but by firmly laying down the root in your foundation of life, the tree will grow bigger and taller. No matter how occupied with work I am, I have never missed hoondokhae even once. I was busy yesterday morning, so I did hoondokhae in the evening right through until after twelve midnight. Exhaustion is no matter. It is like respiration. The spirit world is encamped in our background and our ancestors are encircling us. Before them, your family has to become an example of family traditions that can fulfill your responsibilities on earth. To do that, you have to surpass blessed families in the spirit world in the area of teaching and practicing the traditions. If not, you will have to pay indemnity.

(302-278, 1999.06.26)

Doing hoondokhae is in a way preparing myself for the next world. Can our long history of thousands of years proceed without me? It is a test. I laughed when you asked me how you should educate the blessed families of the 360 million couples. Will you actually teach them? Within ten years you will pack your bags and run off! Before passing on to the other world I will leave behind my words.

(303-079, 1999.08.08)

So far, there has not been any education of character, but only technical education. Materialistic, technical education totally removed all contents related to human values and God's nature. However, it must link itself to a technology that can pattern after God's model of creation, centering on God's ideal of creation. If not, the result will be the denial of God. Considering this issue in general, character education and then religious education has to be included in the curriculum. Looking at literature, philosophy and technology, character education is based on a materialistic perspective. They say that the material precedes the spiritual. Philosophy and character education have to become one, and be connected to technical education and the scientific world. The question is how to integrate them. As technical education is a field of the relative aspect, we can link it to the concept of God only if the contents of the Principle of Creation - which states that a subject and an object are related centering on love since all things of creation exist in a pair system - are included. They should not be separated. You have to educate young people through hoondokhae and workshops. In the present age of democratic and communist ideologies, only Godism can resurrect them anew. Godism is the Head-wing ideology. To verify whether this is true, we do hoondokhae. Hoondokhae is a training workshop to acknowledge this.

(315-134, 2000.01.28)

Wives have to be assiduous in doing hoondokhae. By doing hoondokhae, women can bring the satanic world under their control and manage everything. Transcending the democratic and communist worlds, they stand in a position to educate people as their own sons and daughters. As the father stands in the bridegroom's position of giving the blessing, that is the textbook. Centering on the family traditions and true love, you have to give birth to true sons and true daughters and raise them up. You have to engraft the sons and daughters of the Cain-type world with those of the Abel-like world. Switching positions, Satan will fall.

(315-230, 2000.02.03)

God is the true parent, true teacher and true owner of all humanity. Your family traditions have to begin in Heaven. As you are taking over God's position in becoming a parent, you have to teach the duty of love. You have to be a teacher who educates on a family of love or the ideal of a nation, and you have to nurture people qualified to be owners. Schools have been implementing technical education. Education on the true nature of man has to be carried out at home. Only then can the original blood lineage be inherited. You have the grave mission of leaving behind a succession generation that resembles your parents through a long blood lineage of thousands of years. This is not fate, but a destined responsibility. Neither parents nor siblings can be exchanged. Can Adam swap his spouse in the Garden of Eden? No. Knowing this principle, by establishing the family tradition before Heaven, you have to purify the blood lineage centering on love, and the fruit of a true parent and true teacher.

Next, you have to bequeath the position of a true owner of a blood lineage of thousands of years. You have to understand its significance. Bearing that in mind, please love and study the Word. When you have reached the stage where you can answer all questions asked of you, you will not try to escape but follow faithfully even though I might test your faith. If God is with me in the heavenly kingdom I am going to and in the direction that I have shown, then He will be with you, too. As God protected me so that I could survive in times of trouble and persecution, I know He will give you divine protection, setting you up in the owner's position where your family can prosper for millions of years and going beyond your descendants and nations, and He will safeguard the unified world. Thus you have to do hoondokhae and study my words seriously. If you possess something remarkable, you have to teach everything to your relatives who share your blood lineage.

(316-171~172, 2000.02.11)

6.4 The future world blessed families must build

It will not be a global village in the future, but rather we will enter the age of a global family. The prime question is how to establish a fundamental ideological principle. We have to establish a supranational educational system. To do this, that ideological keynote has to be connected to the supranational system. We need an ideology by which all nations can think like brothers and all families can think like they are one family member. Otherwise, there will be considerable difficulties in the ongoing course. You have to make a good beginning. If you have to stop midway to make modifications, many hitches will crop up along the way.

(263-290, 1994.10.27)

Just as the white people, the black people and the yellow race become one centering on God, you have to unify your lives by building a condominium where all nations are able to live together, centering on the Abel-like representative of God. You will have your meals together and educate your children together. Four families will live together as one large household. Only if you discipline yourself to live that kind of life and reach the standard will your family be recognized as a new central family of the new heavenly family in the future. If the world population of five billion were aiming to assemble in one place, say, in the land of Korea, not everyone could set foot in this country. Therefore I have earmarked twelve nations that will carry out such a form of training.

(268-317, 1995.04.04)

How can we carry out restoration through indemnity? Since our blood lineage has been stained owing to the human Fall, it has to be cleansed. First, restoration of the blood lineage. Next, restoration of ownership. If ownership is not restored, the realm of heart cannot be restored. There was no foundation for Adam's clan to live. There was shortage of food even though children were born. The next problem was teaching about God. It was the same with the Israelite nations. In the courses to restore Canaan, the Israelite nations put the seven tribes of Canaan at the front. After they had entered the land of Canaan, food and education became a severe problem. As I mentioned the other day, people from the four big nations - the Adam nation, the Eve nation, the Abel nation, and the archangel nation - have to live in one place as one family. Centering on a system of communal living, from now on the four big nations have to establish brotherhood by reestablishing the four position foundation which failed to realize oneness in Adam's family. They should live together harmoniously and educate each other across the boundaries of race and nation.

(269-013, 1995.04.06)

The world was originally created to be beyond the reach of corruption and unrighteousness, wars and crimes. Humankind was created to eliminate the elements of environmental pollution, love and protect all other things of creation as the true owner. All activities and work while living in that world are joyful voluntary services based on the foundation of heart of loving and caring for others. Hence, the living standard of its constituent members is equalized. Utilizing all the facilities of modern civilization, apart from education in knowledge, physical education and technical education, we also have to nurture the chosen people to follow the heavenly way by giving priority to education of heart and norm based on blessed families. We resemble the True Parents if we practice the tradition they have set up. Further, we can build the model of an ideal nation if our lives resemble the lives of True Parents who have loved God, mankind, all things of creation and the land. The New Hope Ranch is just the training ground for realizing that. It is a place for building God's nation by investing and still investing yourself more; loving the land, water and nature; blending with people of all the world's nations and becoming one family. By reaping the fruit here and showing it to all nations, you will teach them how to realize a community of love, transcending skin colors, cultures and national boundaries.

(269-155, 1995.04.17)

You have to expand worldwide the movement for the settlement of the nation that, in my adolescence, I had aspired to see. Knowing the system, I have already created a possible environment for it. I am educating you and handing that down to you. Because of Rev. Moon, tears are watering that land. I am handing over to you the place where Heaven can remember you even if you enter your tomb.

(276-276, 1996.02.24)

What kind of organization does each nation have to establish in the future? The construction of a condominium system. You have to carry out training in a system where four families can become one and live together. They have to eat together, educate their children together, and live together as one large consanguine family. If they cannot harmonize and live together, they will find themselves confined to a more limited environment when they go to the spirit world.

(278-327, 1996.06.23)

You have to boost education and establish the base of core personnel. You have to secure the capacity to inspire people to action, or else you cannot move the nation. If only you can inspire people, I have already created the conditions of the environment that can administer them. I have set up elementary, middle and high schools and universities. The newspaper company and university are gigantic aircraft carriers. This is a way to cultivate a subjective force that can move the cultural sphere of that nation. We can link to a new world of a dimension higher than the present one. If only you have the teaching materials, the literate stratum of society and the whole nation will open their mouths wide and roll out the red carpet for you. Since you have all those materials in your possession, what are you apprehensive of? Do you have to teach, or not? We have passed through the period of teaching by witnessing.

(287-227, 1997.10.04)

Infiltrating the press, the Communist party has sought to destroy the Unification Church. It has opposed our church on the worldwide level through education, in order to make it difficult for us to put down our roots. However, under such adverse circumstances, we have managed to settle down and educate the democratic and communist worlds. Centering on that foundation of education, where do we go now? Going beyond the political world, I connected the economic world to it. By this I mean that I have prepared a global organization that can stimulate the market economy. As I have made this preparation in a supranational and international environment, I established an educational system centered on a full-scale industrial revival. We have now entered the industrial educational system, passing through the age of spiritual education. Combining these contents, you have to link the organization behind the scenes with the realistic contents, and submit a full report.

(290-234, 1998.03.01)

What is the responsibility of a missionary? What must he do? The age of witnessing has passed. What kind of witnessing is needed when all families have received the blessing and all nations have been unified? Now is the age of family. You have to take action for the sake of perfecting the family. Education is therefore mandatory. Mustering the national messiahs of every nation, missionaries have to establish children's educational institutions, kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools in every country, centering on the children of six major nations. This is the job for missionaries. After two decades, those nations will gather around us. In spite of dispatching missionaries on an educational mission, they did not carry out their tasks, but got involved in other activities instead.

Missionaries have gone into the six nations and the various embassies are found there. They can set up schools and educational plans, connecting with the embassies of various nations in their respective assigned countries. The question is how to educate the children of many nations on a single-track course. If we thoroughly educate the children from these six nations on a single-track course from the elementary level till high school level, they will all work with you after ten or twenty years. They should be taught to serve the society through voluntary services, or the like.

A nation is an extension of the family. Mothers have the responsibility to establish the tradition of national education. Embassies of 180 nations may be found in one country. If you work for the education of the children of embassy staff, the embassies will gather to assist you.

In that case, you can do anything. You have to educate them this way. The children's parents are core members of the embassies. In a few years' time, presidential candidates will gather at the embassies. Visas are no longer necessary. Going to the embassy, you teach their children, together with yours, from the kindergarten level with translated books.

(301-269, 1999.05.02)

Universal fraternalism enhances community life and experiences. Your family cannot live by itself. The four families of the four position foundation, the families of four nations, should live together for more than three years in a condominium. Your sons and daughters are not your own children. You must experience loving all children as your own, establishing a close family system that God desires. You have to be ready for communal life from now on.

(310-200, 1999.06.14)

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