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5. Hinduism

(Three people from among the 12 representatives)

1) Shankara

(founder of the Advaita Vedanta)

I am very sorry to have to tell you my reflection on the Unification Principle after having listened to lectures for but a short period of time. I will try to make a worthy statement in the time given. Through this seminar, I newly realized the following: that God is the Parent of humankind, that in order to correct the deviated history, God sent providential central figures, that God sent the great teacher Reverend Sun Myung Moon as the Savior of humankind, and that the Unification Principle has been revealed as the new truth, to teach humankind the correct path. God! Reverend Sun Myung Moon!

Because Hinduism didn't know of the existence of the one God, our religious ceremonies were very complex, and as the ages and environments changed, our religion adopted various local and ethnic religious forms. However, the Hindu mind always desired to find an absolute being. Whether it is expressed through a local religion or a philosophical ideology, is not the desire to find God lodged within the original character of all human beings?

Through listening to the Unification Principle, I, Shankara, have clearly realized that God has been involved in the internal world of human beings. Now, since I know God's fundamental purpose, I have rid myself of all of my previous thoughts. I will organize all my thought patterns centered on Godism. And I will think over Reverend Sun Myung Moon's theory about how to save humanity, God's love, and the dispensational history of restoration. I will invest all that I have to go the way of genuine truth, while thinking carefully about everything I do.

Reverend Moon! Thank you. It is a great honor that you have thought of the religion of Hinduism. As a representative of Hinduism, I pledge to become a pioneer in the unification movement.

2) Madwa

(A pioneer of dualistic philosophy, who built the Temple of Krishna)

After listening to the Unification Principle, I realize that we have been spending much time on things that are pointless. There exists a Creator, a causal being, but as humanity didn't know about the cause, neither could we know about the effect-this world. I, Madwa, am mortified that I spent so much time meditating and reasoning, when that was all pointless. Of what use are arguments over monism or dualism without the guidance originally intended for humankind?

O God! I, Madwa, was been able to find You. I did not even dream that You are the Parent of humankind. Although we lived wrongly, now that we have found the genuine truth in the eternal afterlife, we will be grateful to God and start our lives over. We will absolutely obey the guidance and teachings of Reverend Moon, who is a great leader, a great teacher and the True Parent.

Moreover, I, Madwa, will pour all my energy into completely understanding the Unification Principle. Thank you.

3) Maharishi Gautama

(Founder of the Niyaya philosophy and the philosophy and practice of yoga)

I was severely shocked when I realized that God is the Parent of humankind. Even though there is an ideal place in which God and His children should have lived together from the time we were created, up until now, we have turned our face away from God and have created an unprincipled history. When I realize that we need to discard atheistic philosophy completely, my mind is so troubled, infinitely troubled. What can I do? There is no other way. I cannot explain how I feel. I am filled with regret, lamentation and nausea.

The Unification Principle gives us new hope. It is so clear. God did not create man and woman to be complicated. God gave humankind one correct way. I feel that after having floated in a sky endlessly, I have been rearranged and recreated as a new human being. This is not a time for lament and regret, but rather to have new hope and energy as I attend Reverend Moon, whom God has sent as the Messiah. Therefore, I firmly offer my pledge.

Reverend Moon! Thank you for having called Hinduism. From the moment we encounter this new truth, Hindus will not live quietly. I firmly pledge to be obedient to God.

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