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2. Confucianism


The 120 figures representing Confucianism pledge to accept the Unification Principle as the truth and to believe and attend the Reverend Sun Myung Moon as the Savior and Messiah in the Completed Testament Age. (2001.12.19)

1) Yeom, Baek Woo

(who was outstanding in his virtue)

I give my oath that, centered on my teacher, Confucius, I will accept the Unification Principle as the truth and attend Reverend Sun Myung Moon as the True Parent.

2) Ja Ro

(who developed the traditional Chinese political theory)

I will loyally follow the way of my master, Confucius.

3) Min, Ja Geon

(who was outstanding in his virtue)

As I have followed the great Confucius throughout my life, I will trust and follow the way that he has now taken. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, I will go the same way as my master. This I pledge.

4) Jae A

(along with Ja Gong, this person is renowned for his oratory)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon! The True Parents of humankind! Following my teacher Confucius, I pledge to unite with the will of the True Parents of humankind.

5) Yeom Woo

(who had political capability, along with many other talents)

I cheer the Reverend Sun Myung Moon! I cheer the True Parents of humankind! I cheer the Savior and Messiah! I, Yeom Woo, offer my pledge. I will believe and follow the Savior of the new age, who is the Second Coming of Christ, and proceed along this path with the great Confucius.

6) Chung Gong

(renowned for his benevolence, great generosity and virtue)

I will follow the path that my master, Confucius, has taken.

7) An Yeon

(an able disciple of Confucius' teachings, outstanding in his studiousness and virtue)

Until now, my teacher, Confucius, taught us disciples a way to attain virtue and to follow the true way of a scholar. Witnessing the fact that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon has guided my teacher to the correct way of truth, I, An Yeon, promise to believe and attend Reverend Sun Myung Moon as well.

8) Ja Gong

(a great diplomat and political leader during the No and Wui dynasties of ancient China)

I, Ja Gong, believe that the Unification Principle is a great truth that can shake the soul of all of humanity. Therefore, I shall arm myself with the Unification Principle and guide Confucianists to a new and revolutionary path. And because our master, Confucius, came to save our souls, I resolve to become a part of the advance guard of the movement for unification, along with him.

9) Ja Ha

(renowned for his fighting and literary abilities)

As my master, Confucius, humbly accepted and adopted this as the genuine truth, I, Ja Ha, pledge to be obedient to the way of the will of Reverend Sun Myung Moon as well.

10) Ja Yu Pa

(outstanding in literature, created a powerful school in the age of the civil wars)

Since this is the way that was chosen by my master, Confucius, I, Ja Yu, will also offer my undying passion in going this way.

11) Jeong Ja

(leading theoretician of filial piety, self-cultivation and loving kindness in Confucianism. Compiled "The Great Learning," one of the Seven Chinese Classics)

I believe that the Unification Principle is a theory that can save all humanity, and that it surpasses the teachings, virtues and studies of my master, Confucius. Therefore, along with my master, I determine to receive the teachings of the Unification Principle and the guidance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

12) Ja Yu

(an advocate of filial piety)

I was very moved and inspired by the fact that God, who created the entire universe and human beings, is the Parent of humankind. I respect Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has revealed such a great truth. I am grateful to my master's loyalty and courageous decision. I wish to guide all Confucianists to this truth.

13) Ja Jang

(an advocate of loyalty to and faith in one's king or ruler)

Even though I am a human being, I have found the genuine truth. Therefore, even if that way may be one of suffering and difficulty, I believe that following with an unchanging mind is the way of loyalty. So I pledge to Reverend Sun Myung Moon that I will share the suffering and joy of my teacher through following this path.

14) Mencius

(who taught the divinity of human character)

If our Parent is God, then the natural way is to attend God. Therefore, I pledge that I will live in attendance to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and that I will do this with unending passion. There is no greater truth than this.

15) Sun Ja

(who taught the importance of education and propriety)

I think that the Unification Principle is a truth that can guide people on a clear road through life. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I thank you and respect you. And I promise to dedicate myself to this great truth unconditionally.

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