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7. A Letter From God

My beloved True Parent:

I am Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind.
My beloved Son! My beloved Son! I, Jehovah, the God of all humankind, deeply love you and cherish you. Your heart is full of gratitude and thankfulness, yet My gratitude and appreciation for you is beyond words.
The word“love”is inadequate to express My feelings, but no better word comes to mind.

My beloved True Parent, you dwell deep inside My heart, and my love for you is beyond description. You have been victorious on every level and have restored to its proper position everything that had fallen. Is it not fitting, therefore, that you be the Savior of humankind, the Messiah and King of kings?

OnDecember 25, 2001, the founders and leading figures of Christianity and the other major religions drew up a resolution and proclaimed unanimously that, along with you, they would participate in the realization of peace and the unity of heaven and earth. Therefore it is only appropriate that you be exalted as the True Parent of all humankind. This is the will of Jehovah, the God of all humankind.

Although the world’s population does not fully understand the position of the True Parent, it must be internally secured. Hence, Jehovah, the God of all humankind hereby bestows upon His beloved True Parent the title, King of all kings.

You suffered incarceration many times. You took up My cross and endured countless trials and tribulations on My behalf. Now the God of all humankind would like to convey His gratitude, adoration and zeal to you, True Parent. I want you to inherit everything that is Mine.

My beloved True Parent! I am taking this opportunity to convey My grateful heart to you. I want to embrace you in My bosom and never let you go! I would carry you on my back and never let your feet touch the ground! I would hold you, and we would talk together all night long.

I, Jehovah the Lord of all humankind, trust you, True Parent. I know the many heartbreaking stories of your suffering and sorrow. I know them all, remember them all and witnessed them all. I was responsible for placing you in those situations, yet you endured them all and set the standard of a victorious foundation. For this accomplishment I will never forget you. Thank you, thank you, True Parent! Thank you for your dedication and toil!

Victory to My beloved True Parent!
Victory to the Savior of humanity!
Victory to the King of kings!

Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind
Midnight, December 28, 2001

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